Thankful Thursday.

I am thankful for is my Heavenly Father. Without him I would not be here today, or where I am. I am grateful that he was willing to send his son down here for me. I love him so much. I can't wait until I am reunited with him. I know he is with me always, and he has my back. He's the best kind of father anyone can have. I'm glad that he loves us all so dearly. He must have a really big heart. He's amazing and strong. And I'm thankful to him for trusting me enough to send me down to earth.
I am also thankful for his son Jesus Christ. Again, without him I would not be here today. I'm so grateful for what he did for me. I'm glad that he made it possible for my sins to be forgiven. I'm grateful for his strength. I'm also very thankful that he is always here for me. When I'm at my best and when I'm at my worst. I'm glad that he will carry me when I get weak and hold my hand when I am strong. I'm glad that because of him I will one day be reunited with my loved ones. I again can not wait until I get to be with him again. He is my brother. The best kind of brother you can get. I love him dearly and he is and will always be special to me.
I am SO thankful and blessed for my AMAZING husband. He is my best friend, my entire world. I'm so lucky to be his for eternity. I love him so much. He's incredible. I can't express how much love I have for him. I'm thankful for him everyday. I'm thankful for all he does for me and for others. He truly is one special dude. I often wonder, "How did I get so lucky?!" I'm blessed that he is my husband. I wouldn't want it any other way. I'm grateful that he went on a mission. That he is a worthy priesthood holder and that he is so willing to use it. I don't know what I would do without him. He has helped me through some pretty tough times. I'm one lucky little lady! I'm thankful that I was able to be sealed to him. And I'm grateful to of been able to spend these last ten months as his wifey pooh. I can not wait for him to be the father of my children. He's going to be an amazing daddy. I'm so lucky to have him to father our children. I'm thankful for his testimony in the church. He has blessed my life in so many ways and he continues to do so everyday! I love him very much. I always have since we first met and I always will. 
I'm thankful for my best friend Kirstie. She is always there for me when I need to vent. She is also a great shoulder to cry on. She has been in my life for many years now which is such a blessing to me. She is also my temple buddy. I'm so grateful that she is willing and able to go with me. It has been such a blessing in my life. I'm very proud of her and her accomplishments she has made in her life. I look up to her. We've had our ups and downs but in the end she has ALWAYS been there for me which I am eternally grateful for. I couldn't of asked for a better best friend. It's comforting to know that she is only a phone call away. I know I can count on her. Thank you for all you've done and helped me with. You're an awesome bestie! LOOOOVEEE YOU!
I am VERY thankful to my bestie Sabrina. She has been there since we were three. I know she's not going anywhere. It sucks that she lives so far away. But it's good to know that no matter how far away we are that she is still there and I can count on her. I'm grateful that she was my maid of honor. I wouldn't of asked for it to be anyone else. She is like my sister and I would do anything for her. I know I can depend on her and that she will always have my back. She's an amazing friend and can give me the comfort that I need at times. I'm thankful that she has been in my life for so many years. Love you lots Bina Boo!
I am also eternially grateful to my great siblings, Whitney and Phillip. We may have our differences at time and fight but hey we're related. ;) But, in the end you both are my best friends. Some of the best friends I've ever had. I know that either of you are ever going to go anywhere. I know I can count on both of you. You both have gave me a lot of useful advice. I look up to both of you. I love you two so much. I couldn't of asked for a better brother or a better sister. You two both mean SO much to me. Thank you for blessing my life in many different ways. And thank you for always being someone I can count on and for ALWAYS being there for me. Love you both tons!
I am SO SO SO grateful for my parents. They are the best parents a girl could ask for. They've been there through all the tough trials I have had in my life. They are my best friends. I can go to them with anything. I know they are always there for me and will comfort me when needed. They've been there good and bad. I don't know what I would do if they weren't my parents. I couldn't of asked for anyone better. I'm thankful that I get to call them mom and dad. They mean the world to me. They have blessed my life so much. Thank you both SO much for all the love and support you always give me. I love you both so much.
I'm so thankful for my little nieces and nephew who have one of the biggest blessings of my life! They have helped me through a lot with their big hearts full of love. I love them so much. I'm grateful that I get to be their Auntie Chelsey. I'm glad I get to be their best friend and I hope that never changes because they are also my best friends. I love those little munchkins more than words can describe. They are truly blessed my life and they continue to do so more and more every day.
I am also VERY thankful for my new family. Chris, Terri, Ryan, Brandon, Natalie, Nick, Halee and Kate. Each and every one of them have blessed my life in a different way. They are all really great friends. I am glad that they are now my family. I've always wanted younger siblings and I have been blessed to finally get some. I wouldn't want them to be anyone else! They are an amazing family. I'm glad that I can count on them. Especially my mommy-in-law. She's an incredible lady. Same with my daddy-in-law. I'm grateful to have them as my second parents. I will be eternally grateful to the Hatch family. 
I'm SO very thankful to my grandparents. They're the best grandparents that there are. I'm glad they are mine. I know I am loved whenever I am around them. They are the BEST. I was glad that they were able to come to my wedding and make that day even more special. I am especially grateful for all my Grandpa Lamar has done for me. He has been a great example to me. I love him so much. My Grandma Jean is also an example to me. She has taught me a whole lot. Along with my Grandpa Jerry. He's been my best friend, and he has been through a lot and we can relate. I love my grandparents so much. They are all very amazing.
Needless to say, my life has been touched by many great people. I am truly blessed. I love my life and I wouldn't want any other life. I love who I am and I especially love who is in my life. Thank you to everyone who has come and gone, you've all touched my life and blessed it a little bit. Also a BIG thank you to everyone who is in my life. You bless my life every day and I am SO thankful that all of you are apart of my life. I look forward to all the many more memories we have to make. Thank you and I love each and every one of you more than you will ever know and I am eternally grateful for you.
(& everyday!)