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Wow, I feel like we really didn't do anything this last week. It was mostly filled with getting things ready for our Etsy shop. Getting orders out, adding things to the shop & creating patterns. Things have been going really well which is very exciting! If you haven't checked out our Etsy shop go here.
This little cutie will be added to our shop tomorrow! He was a custom order and he turned out so adorable. Dale and I make a pretty great team if I do say so myself.

This last week we had fairly good weather. It has been very nice to go outside with the animals and enjoy the fresh air. Except we recently had a huge wind storm that tore up our town pretty good. But thankfully James and I stayed safe and we didn't have too much damage. Just a few branches off of our trees. But now we are ready again for the beautiful spring weather. 

 Something exciting happened! I won a giveaway! WOO HOO! I got an adorable shirt once it arrives I will of course show you all. ha! I was pretty thrilled because I never really win anything. SO yeah it was a huge shock. 

The other night I went to climb into bed and this is what I found. It was adorable, but .. I wasn't sure where I was going to sleep because Miss Maggie would not move ha ha. Good ol' James had tucked her right in and she had settled for the night. I love them all. And can you spot Ollie? Yeah all we were missing was Edwin but don't worry he joined us shortly. HA!

Yes, we didn't do anything too exciting this week but we were busy. We were ale to pack more of our home and to take a lot of garbage to the dump! Woo! So I'd say we had a pretty successful week.

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