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Hello friends & readers of The Mr. & Mrs. Blog! I’m quite honored to share a bit of my life with you today. Big shout out to Chelsey. We’ve known each other since Elementary & I’ll be the first to attest to how awesome she is.
My name is Kindra Black & I’m actually not a blogger. I started a blog when I graduated High School & realized it wasn’t for me. I much preferred to read blogs. I am now a Graphic Designer! It’s crazy how life can take you in a million directions to help you find what you are passionate about. SO I’m here to share part of my story with YOU!
I’ve always been an artsy person. When I was little I was always gifted with crayons, markers, pencils, paper, etc. While my Mom would get ready for the day, I’d sit in the bathroom & set up my station & color. One day I was so artsy I stole my Mom’s BRIGHT pink lipstick & my brother helped me apply it ALL over my face. It was a very proud moment for my little self.

Coloring turned to crafting which eventually turned into “coloring” on the computer. I had to make an invite for a party & decided to make it myself because I was poor & knew exactly what I wanted. Later my sister got married & my Mom asked me to make her wedding invite. Over the next few years I would do random projects just because I was capable & didn’t want to have to pay. I would constantly be told by family members that I was “really good at stuff like that.” In my head I always thought in response, “it’s not hard, you just do it.” I truly didn’t think I was doing anything special. I thought everyone was able to do what I did.
Fast forward a couple of years & a Broker that worked in my office asked if I could make him a Marketing Booklet. It took a LONG time. A 16 page booklet of marketing stuff is not easy & here I was with no schooling, no software & no idea how to put this thing together. BUT I said I could do it because it sounded fun & I truly believed I could figure out a way to make it happen & if I couldn’t? No sweat, he’d find someone else that could. Why not give it a try? Well I finished the booklet & he came to me with a SECOND booklet. By this point I kind of knew what I needed to do.
Later that year the company I work for was looking for a new Graphic Designer. I volunteered & said I could fill in until they found an actual designer. They gave me a small project & I think we were both surprised how good the project turned out. They slowly gave me more to “help” with until they straight up said, “We’re not going to hire a Graphic Designer you’ll be our designer.” I was quite thrilled. Being given all these projects was fun & motivating. I realized I truly had a passion for design. From there I started learning Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator on my own. I started taking projects outside of work & have now opened my own freelance business! Kindra Black Designs. (www.kindrablackdesigns.com)
Graduating high school I never would have thought my life would be where it is now but I’m so happy it is. I’m glad I have found what I am passionate about & that life keeps handing me “projects” to help push me & get me out of my own little box.
Always be open to an idea. Experiment with things because you never know how it will affect you down the road.
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