Review - Brazi Bites Pizza Flavor

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For this review James and I thought it would be fun to do a taste testing video/review! So please watch the video below and enjoy. Also give the Mr. a shout-out because he hates when I make him jump on camera. Ha ha!

Have you tried Brazi Bites yet? If so what is your opinion of them, if not .. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! 


Guest Blogger - Kindra Black Designs

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Hello friends & readers of The Mr. & Mrs. Blog! I’m quite honored to share a bit of my life with you today. Big shout out to Chelsey. We’ve known each other since Elementary & I’ll be the first to attest to how awesome she is.
My name is Kindra Black & I’m actually not a blogger. I started a blog when I graduated High School & realized it wasn’t for me. I much preferred to read blogs. I am now a Graphic Designer! It’s crazy how life can take you in a million directions to help you find what you are passionate about. SO I’m here to share part of my story with YOU!
I’ve always been an artsy person. When I was little I was always gifted with crayons, markers, pencils, paper, etc. While my Mom would get ready for the day, I’d sit in the bathroom & set up my station & color. One day I was so artsy I stole my Mom’s BRIGHT pink lipstick & my brother helped me apply it ALL over my face. It was a very proud moment for my little self.

Coloring turned to crafting which eventually turned into “coloring” on the computer. I had to make an invite for a party & decided to make it myself because I was poor & knew exactly what I wanted. Later my sister got married & my Mom asked me to make her wedding invite. Over the next few years I would do random projects just because I was capable & didn’t want to have to pay. I would constantly be told by family members that I was “really good at stuff like that.” In my head I always thought in response, “it’s not hard, you just do it.” I truly didn’t think I was doing anything special. I thought everyone was able to do what I did.
Fast forward a couple of years & a Broker that worked in my office asked if I could make him a Marketing Booklet. It took a LONG time. A 16 page booklet of marketing stuff is not easy & here I was with no schooling, no software & no idea how to put this thing together. BUT I said I could do it because it sounded fun & I truly believed I could figure out a way to make it happen & if I couldn’t? No sweat, he’d find someone else that could. Why not give it a try? Well I finished the booklet & he came to me with a SECOND booklet. By this point I kind of knew what I needed to do.
Later that year the company I work for was looking for a new Graphic Designer. I volunteered & said I could fill in until they found an actual designer. They gave me a small project & I think we were both surprised how good the project turned out. They slowly gave me more to “help” with until they straight up said, “We’re not going to hire a Graphic Designer you’ll be our designer.” I was quite thrilled. Being given all these projects was fun & motivating. I realized I truly had a passion for design. From there I started learning Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator on my own. I started taking projects outside of work & have now opened my own freelance business! Kindra Black Designs. (www.kindrablackdesigns.com)
Graduating high school I never would have thought my life would be where it is now but I’m so happy it is. I’m glad I have found what I am passionate about & that life keeps handing me “projects” to help push me & get me out of my own little box.
Always be open to an idea. Experiment with things because you never know how it will affect you down the road.
Be sure to check out my website HERE and/or my Instagram account HERE.


Hello Everyone!

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Well like I have said many times ... I am a TERRIBLE blogger. Ha! I really am trying to do better. Things here have been so crazy and stressful so blogging hasn't been at the top of my list. Whoops! With us preparing to sell our home, going on a vacation next week and working multiple jobs we have felt so overwhelmed but very blessed for sure. So here we are to today ... this will be a look what happened within the last two weeks ha ha. AND like I said next week we're going on vacation so I will not be blogging because we wont be anywhere that has service BUT I can't wait to share all our adventures from our trip and the wonderful pictures. Anyways, with all that being said ... here's the update! Woo-hoo! 

 You all know I am OBSESSED with the dollar store. Well, I've been there A LOT lately. Yes, a haul video is coming very soon, probably on Saturday. They have had so many good things lately that I had to keep going yes, had to ha! Kidding. But it was so nice because I was able to roll out a lot of crafts that I've wanted to do for awhile. 

 Ta-Da! Here is one of the crafts I've wanted to do for awhile. I've wanted some sort of a cute centerpiece but I wanted to make it. So I saw this cute tin planter and was like YES! And then it sat around for a bit because I didn't know what I wanted to put into it then the dollar store brought in some succulents and I went a little crazy. I made another succulent craft .. and that is in my video I think. So be patient if it isn't in the video I'll post a picture on Instagram! 

 Miss Maggie was sent this car seat cover .. and for some reason it made her so sad once we put it in the car. But James and I really like it because our seats are as gross and muddy anymore. Hallelujah! Maggie has now gotten used to and James and I have flipped it around so it is the right way ha ha. We just threw it in to test it out and put it upside down whoops. But yay for clean cars!

We've been hanging out with James aunt Andrea lately and her cute little dogs! They are so friendly. James is holding Daisy May in the picture above and she is the MOST loving dog I have ever met. She loves cuddles and being pet. You pet her once and you will be here bestie for life. Ha!

And this is Leo! He's my buddy. He has really taken a liking to me. Whenever we are over there he always follows me and sits by me and wants some loves from me. It's adorable, I like him!

I found this adorable hat at Walmart and it will be perfect for our upcoming trip so I had to get it! *Hint now you know ... we're going somewhere warm. Also side note .. I HATE wearing hats because I think I look too much like a boy so I tend to not wear them. But this one grew on me and I needed some protection from the sun because you know I don't need to be getting anymore melanoma. 

On top of everything being busy, fun and stressful ... I had to get a root canal. Ugh. Ha! I had a filling done last year and it wasn't sealed right so I got a cavity under it. Fun fact, I never had any pain or anything but my filling was loose so they took an x-ray found a bunch of inflammation and infection and BAM I needed a root canal. Thankfully I was able to get the root canal and crown all in the same day so I am a-okay for our upcoming vacation. WHEW.

The last two night James and I have been going to the hot baths over in Lava Hot Springs. It's been super cold and windy here so they have felt super nice. AND they haven't been crowded so win-win. It's be a lot of fun and we don't go that often even though we aren't that far from them. 

Today the weather has been AMAZING. So Maggie and I ventured outdoors to work in the yard and get it cleaned up. Also I was able to get my fairy garden back up and in a new pot. This pot I got after my grandpa passed away so it is special to me. I thought it would be great for my fairy garden! Below my fairy garden sits my gnome garden. It makes our porch look so springy and ready for summer. 

Well that is it, doesn't seem like much but I feel like we have hardly been home. Also I'm just not good with taking pictures when we're doing things ha ha. This vacation will hopefully be a good reminder why I should document since I do use this blog as my journal. Hope you're all doing well! What's the weather like where you live? Leave a comment below!


Mini Road Trip - Logan Utah

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Yes! James and I finally took a bit of time out of our busy schedules to take a trip down to Logan to go to the Temple! It has been ages since we had been and it was nice to get out and relax. Besides going to the temple went out to dinner and enjoyed a little bit of shopping to the stores we don't have near us in Idaho. It was nice to take a break and to get out of the house! Hallelujah.

One of the best parts (besides the Temple of course ...) was seeing that the Starbucks in Logan had brought back my all time favorite frappe for a limited time! My brother introduced me to the blueberry frappe about 10 years ago and I only had it once and wasn't able to find it anywhere anymore. It was the best day ever! It is seriously my favorite. YUM! If yours brought it back you need to try it!

 On our way home from Logan we finally stopped at one of the many historical sites. Every time we drove by this landmark we always talked about stopping but never did. Of course the day we decided to stop it was rainy and super windy. BRR! But it was nice to hike up the side of a hill and look over Red Rock (that's what it's called) and read up on the history about it. This area in the picture used to be a huge lake that fed into the snake river! WHAT! Crazy.

Like I said ... it was super cold and windy. Ha ha! Yes, not the most flattering picture ever but I was FREEZING and this really nice lady offered to take one for us since we took a picture for her and her family. 

It was nice to have a more relaxed week last week. It was spring break here so I didn't have to work! WOO, I was able to relax and get a lot done so that way when James had his days off we could spend some time together and actually do something fun other then yard work, packing or cleaning ha.

What did you do last week? We'd love to hear all about your adventures! Leave a comment below.

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Guest Blogger - Becky Squire

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Meet Becky from Beck Squire:
Becky is a wife, mother of 4, writer, dreamer, and cheesecake maker. She enjoys writing about marriage, motherhood, family, and faith. In her spare time she enjoys running up and down the mountains of northern Utah. Becky is the founder of the Happy Husband and Wife marriage summit, a free online event open for registration now! You can find more here:
Website: beckysquire.com

10 goals that will transform your marriage
by Becky Squire

A healthy marriage involves two people who are consistently working on improving themselves as well as their relationship.  Creating goals together is a perfect way to accomplish that.  Here are 10 goals you can start working on now to strengthen your marriage.

1. Consistent date night
Every couple can do this. Money is no excuse! Little children are no excuse! Find a way, whether it's a walk around the block, a babysitting-swap or an at-home-date after all the kids are in bed. Make it special, and make it consistent.

2. Speak his/her love language
Speaking another language is hard! Speaking another love language might be even harder. My husband's love language is acts of service. Mine is quality time.
For years, I showed my husband that I loved him by being with him. That made me feel great, but him not so much. But when I clean out his office or make his favorite dinner, he feels loved. Make a conscious effort to speak your spouse's love language.

3. Pray together daily
This is a simple yet effective way to strengthen a marriage. Make a priority to share this sacred time together every single day.

4. Thank him for something specific each day
Feeling appreciated goes a long way, but just saying "thank you" in general can get old. Tell you spouse exactly why you appreciate them.

5. Have a new adventure together
Going through new experiences strengthens any relationship. You might learn some lessons, make each other laugh and you'll definitely make memories!

6. Get away for at least one night together
It doesn't need to be extravagant or expensive. Reserve a room in the city, or find someone to take your kids for a night while you enjoy your home in peace!

7. Let go of one of your pet peeves about him
We all do annoying things that drive our spouses crazy. Habits die hard. Is it really worth it to obsess about something so insignificant? If you do, it could potentially ruin your relationship.

8. Cultivate a new hobby together
My husband and I are complete opposites in almost every way, including our hobbies. We have always encouraged each other to pursue our own passions, but lately we have put extra effort into creating new interests together. This has strengthened our marriage even more!

9. Grow your personal relationship with God
When growing your personal relationship with God, your marriage will naturally strengthen.

10. Only speak positively about him
Confession: During the first year of our marriage, I wasn't the best at this. Venturing into marriage is a brand new territory for most of us. Dealing with everything that goes along with it can be hard. You want to vent to your mom or to your girlfriends so you don't feel alone. Before you do that, make sure your husband is the first to know about your concerns. Then, if you need a third-party opinion, ask in a neutral way giving your husband the benefit of the doubt.

How will you make your marriage better this year, this week, or even today?


Make A Boxed Cake Taste Homemade

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The things you will need:
1 cake mix 
4 eggs
1 stick of butter
1 cup of milk
Preheat oven to 350
In a mixing bowl add cake mix, eggs, melted butter & milk
(melt butter in microwavable bowl)
Mix on low for 45 seconds & then continue to mix on medium for 2-3 minutes
Grease cake pan using cooking spray
Pour cake batter into pan & cook for 25 minutes
Let cake cool for 20-25 minutes before frosting



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Wow, I feel like we really didn't do anything this last week. It was mostly filled with getting things ready for our Etsy shop. Getting orders out, adding things to the shop & creating patterns. Things have been going really well which is very exciting! If you haven't checked out our Etsy shop go here.
This little cutie will be added to our shop tomorrow! He was a custom order and he turned out so adorable. Dale and I make a pretty great team if I do say so myself.

This last week we had fairly good weather. It has been very nice to go outside with the animals and enjoy the fresh air. Except we recently had a huge wind storm that tore up our town pretty good. But thankfully James and I stayed safe and we didn't have too much damage. Just a few branches off of our trees. But now we are ready again for the beautiful spring weather. 

 Something exciting happened! I won a giveaway! WOO HOO! I got an adorable shirt once it arrives I will of course show you all. ha! I was pretty thrilled because I never really win anything. SO yeah it was a huge shock. 

The other night I went to climb into bed and this is what I found. It was adorable, but .. I wasn't sure where I was going to sleep because Miss Maggie would not move ha ha. Good ol' James had tucked her right in and she had settled for the night. I love them all. And can you spot Ollie? Yeah all we were missing was Edwin but don't worry he joined us shortly. HA!

Yes, we didn't do anything too exciting this week but we were busy. We were ale to pack more of our home and to take a lot of garbage to the dump! Woo! So I'd say we had a pretty successful week.