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Hey everyone I’m Shikira ReNae Savage and I’m so excited to be today's guest blogger. I’m currently working on the third draft of my very first novel called The Rose, a story of four teenagers sucked into a fantasy world by a simple mistake, and discover that they are part of a prophecy, and must destroy an entity called darkness who is trying to take over the magical kingdom of  Everland. I've decided to share with you about how I decided at twelve years old that I wanted to be an author.

Just for fun, I wanted to give you ten random facts about me.
1. I’m the second child. The youngest, and only girl.
2. I hated English class as a kid. As a writer that’s a strange one I know!
3. I love performing. Singing, acting, etc.
4. I’m the only social butterfly in my immediate family so I’m just odd.
5. I know a lot of  movie and book trivia, more then most.
6. I am afraid of the dark, spiders, clowns, and heights.
7. I hated horror movies when I was younger but now I live to scare myself.
8.  As ironic as it is, I have actually had eight surgeries in my life. Six knee surgeries, my gallbladder and appendix removed. 
9. I am a very messy unorganized person, but my older brother is a clean freak.
10. I am such an animal and baby person. If you hand me a baby don’t expect them back for at least a half an hour. Ha ha.

Now that you all know a little bit about me, let’s get started on what lead me to wanting to becoming a author.
My mom tells me that from a young age she knew I was going to be a storyteller of some kind. I would write stories on our old school computer, but being a child I didn’t really know what an author was; I always thought books just kind of appeared. I guess I thought it was magic or something it didn’t even connect with me that there were names at the bottom of books. I then went and saw Bridge To Terrabithia starring Josh Hutcherson and AnnaSophia Robb and I loved it but hated the ending ... not going to spoil it even though it’s been out for a long time. I always wanted to act and decided I would write a story like that but with actual fantasy because one of my other favorite movies was The Chronicles of Narnia. That is when I started my first book called Wandbat Land. The title makes me cringe but I thought it was so clever. The book changed drastically from the characters being friends to being romantic after I read Twilight then I eventually scrapped the whole thing. More books came and went and a couple of them I’m revisiting and going to try to write with my better knowledge of writing. 

Now I’m finally on a third draft of The Rose and couldn’t be more excited. I have overcome many challenges like, dyslexia and my computer deleting my books. When that happened I went into such a depression that I stopped writing all together, but now I am going to be done soon. I also wanted to add that I tend to put a lot of mental illness references in my books such as depression, anxiety, PTSD and so on, because if I could sneak those into books aimed toward young adults and help anyone then it would be a dream come true. I am so excited and I hope that when it is finally out that you all give my book a chance and enjoy. Before I say goodbye, here is a sneak peak of The Rose! The final edit isn’t done so it may change a bit but not too much.

The Rose!
Harmony, a gift of peace one second it was there then it was gone. The castle of light turned dark, it’s angels wings spiking and horns growing turning them to demons. From good to evil. The creatures dived in the Everland relm didn’t know what to do or whom to trust. He made promises lost of promises but those who were smart shied away and didn’t believe a word, others however did they followed and cheered like a crusade for the winning, a crown for the taking. He sat on his throne both of lies and of precious gold. So many would do anything he wanted out of fear of him. Was there anything he was afraid of the way he struck terror into those in the lands below? Well not exactly there were only one thing that changed the beat of his cold black heart something he couldn’t be positive was true but if it were it would ruin him forever. The Prophecy, The children of Creator. The Creator’s sons and daughters would be his undoing. Mortals with less power in their entire body then he had in the nail on his smallest finger were the ones who struck him with fear. He hated that it was mortals of all things stupid pathetic mortals, he guarded the Everland portal from the magic world to the human one with many creatures waiting for the day inevitably coming. Waiting, planning agonizing waiting for the day where he would carry out their painful indimit deaths. Not leaving one to spare no loose end not tied. He would never allow them to kill him to take away all he had worked for so instead he would kill them, he would win and he would rule forever. Nothing would stop him not when he worked hundreds of years to be where he was to destroy and steal all that he wanted all he deserved. 

He was Evil.

He was Malevolent. 

He was Darkness.

Thanks so much for getting to know me! I hope you will be able to join me on my journey and enjoy my work. To keep up on my release date of my book  and for more information follow me on Facebook here! You can also find me on Instagram! Click here. Check out my blog too here!

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