A New Week Already?!

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Wow here we are another week! I feel as if time is just flying on by now-a-days. It's super crazy. Things here have still been pretty busy. And now that the cats out of the bag ... yes, we are getting ready to sell our home. It's bitter-sweet. We have loved having our home but we are ready for a new adventure. To where, that part is still unknown. Wish us luck ha ha. So with that being said, I can explain the next picture ha! 

Mr. Ollie has been super nervous since I started packing up one of our rooms. So he has been following me everywhere and being super cuddly. The other night he decided to hang out in my Barbie house (that my parents built me!) and just watch me as I taped shut a few boxes. But can I just say moving is super stressful but at the same time kind of nice because of how much stuff I have already been able to get rid of! Who knew we had so much crap. Ha ha. 

Lately the weather here in Idaho has been crazy. We've had sunshine and in the 50's to snow on the grown and of course a bunch of rain! I'm okay with this rain because I love the sound of it and the smell is amazing. Well the other day I remembered why I love the rain even more. We were blessed with a double rainbow. It was so beautiful. 

Miss Maggie has been enjoying the warmer weather when we get is. She loves sunbathing in our backyard and running around. It's so cute. I love being able to have a backyard for her! It's also been nice to be able to go on so many walks. Ah, I've missed the sunshine. Sure lifts my spirits.

And since the weather has been nicer the last few days I decided to finally display my birthday gift I got from James family. It looks so pretty! Thanks family, I love it. What do you all think?!

How's the weather where you are from? Are any of you experiencing Spring yet? I know I am ready for it! Well here's to another week .. ha ha! Also don't forget I have an Etsy shop now and we are having a sale! Check it out here.

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