Surprise! I had surgery ...

(This was after waiting for almost 3 hours to get the surgery done ha ha! I was hangry.)

It's true, I really had surgery! As you all know James and I have been trying for a baby for about four years now. It has been a long drawn out heartbreaking process.  And part of this process I have been waiting to do an exploratory surgery. Which FINALLY happened last week. But I'll back up a bit and explain how we got to that point.

A few months back after much thought, prayers and conversation we decided to not listen to the advice aka next step that our fertility doctor suggested. We know, CRAZY. But something felt off. Our last visit with him didn't go well and like I said above something just didn't seem right. So we put it off and took a very small break from trying and even caring (if you can really do that last part ..) about me getting pregnant. Along with the decision of taking a small break and ignoring the Doctors instructions I decided to wait until my yearly check-up with my gynecologist. It was only about a month or two away and things were going to get crazy with us getting a new roof and a few other things. ANYWAYS that's besides the point. Well in October I attended my appointment. We discussed what had been going on and my last visit with our fertility doctor. That is when my gynecologist asked me if he had done an exploratory surgery. When I told him no he was SHOCKED and a little ticked. With symptoms I had been having and family history it should of been one of the first things that the fertility doctor did, but he neglected to do that ... EVEN after I did a few (painful) tests that showed signs of me needing the surgery. So he explained to me what they surgery would be and told me to think about it and let him know if I wanted to move forward with it. 
Well, I thought about it for a couple weeks and talked to James about it and it felt like the right thing to do. So I made the call and set up an appointment. 

Now we are back to last week. In the surgery they cut me open (very small) in three places so they could put a scope in and check for endometriosis along with cysts. Then through my vagina he placed another camera and shot dye through my tubes. (Yes I did this once before and we found my left tube to be blocked, and it was super painful! Thankfully I was asleep this time ha ha) So with doing that he found that my tube was still blocked (Which the fertility doctor told us it would go away in a couple of weeks. HA!) so he went ahead and flushed it and got the block out. Now both tubes would accept the dye completely through and they are working as they should. WOO-HOO! 
Now back to checking for endometriosis. At first he didn't see any signs of endometriosis until he reached my ovaries. There he found "flecks" of endometriosis along with 8 cysts on each ovary. Yikes! 16 cysts .. no wonder why I hurt. He then burned off all the endometriosis and removed the cysts. Now I am good as new. Well, sort of .. I still have some resting and healing to do. Ha ha.

On Monday I had my check-up and there we found that the surgery was successful. My fertility has hopefully increased. (Doc thinks it has!) And I am healing very well. Woo! Here's to fingers crossed and lots of praying for a baby in 2018. More updates coming in 2018 (hopefully good ones!)