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Lamar "Pete" - My Grandpa

Today 08/12/2017 my sweet grandfather passed away. It is a bitter sweet feeling. He sure will be missed here on earth but I know we are so excited for him to be reunited with his wonderful wife again. It has been a long time apart for them so I am sure it was a wonderful reunion with her and the rest of his family. My grandpa was a wonderful man and a great role model for me. I have many great memories with him and I am so grateful for them. I want to honor my grandpa and one way I know how is to do a blog post. So for today's post I want to remember the wonderful man my grandpa was and share with you all some funny memories and my favorite memories I have of him. I love you grandpa, until we meet again! 

(PS. The pictures used don't necessarily go with the story.)

Once upon a time ... my grandpa thought it would be a good idea to go inside his house and come outside with some really old Roman Candles. (This wasn't in July .. FYI) He came out and said hey do you think these still work? Meanwhile my family, myself and my friend Sabrina were all sitting around. Sabrina and I were sitting on a bench when my grandpa starts lighting them off. ... He then decided to point them at Sabrina and I. We moved so quickly seeing as how my grandpa almost killed us. This is one of my most favorite memories ... he was such a goober.  

My family went on vacation with Grandpa to Colorado. We stopped in this cute little town to explore and spend the night. Well gramps got tired and said, "I am going to head back to the hotel I will see you there!" So we wondered around a little more and as we were walking up the street all the sudden we heard, "Clair! I found the ice cream! Come on over and I'll buy you some!" Meanwhile we were across the street and a block away ha ha! It was worth the trip back.

One day my grandpa made a day trip up to Idaho with my dad to come and visit us and to see where James and I were living. He told us he really liked the place but he hated how damn cold the floors were. Ha ha! 

Grandpa LOVED to eat his tomatoes. One day my family was over visiting and he decided to go get a tomato from his garden and eat it like an apple. Well, a bee decided to start bothering him and he just kept getting more and more irritated. Finally he swatted at it and yelled YOU BITCH! 

My grandpa was notorious for swearing. I guess since he was a sailor it was only fitting. He also made up some funny swear words. Mine and James personal favorite is shitass. You're welcome.

A couple years ago my Aunt Debbie, her daughter and my grandpa came up to Idaho and stopped by to visit me and James. While James was at work they took me to lunch with them. After we ate in Lava Hot Springs at the Chuckwagon my grandpa left and was telling everyone that, that was the best damn sandwich he had ever had. That same trip we went to get square ice cream, he said I don't want any and I will just stay here ... as we started walking away he yelled if they have any pecan ice cream get me some! Once we brought it back he was so excited that it was square. Later that night James and I met them all back at the hot pools in Lava. My grandpa and James decided to check out the hot tubs that they had there. That did NOT go over very well for my grandpa. He couldn't figure out why the hell he kept floating up. And once James explained the jets he said let's get out of here and go to the other pool.

Grandpa loved to tell stories. Too many for me to share. But some of his favorites and mine were his "scary" stories. In this video is just one of his scary stories he told just two weeks ago. I'm glad that I recorded it so I can have this with me for forever! Hope you all enjoy this story as much as I do. Make sure to watch to the end! (It's the best part!)

I'm so glad that I was able to have so many good times with my grandpa and that I have all these memories. I will miss you lots grandpa but I know you aren't very far away. I love you! Please give grandma a huge hug for me. 


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