Our Infertility Journey - Update

Well hello everyone! James and I finally have more news on our baby update.
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Last month James and I went through a series of tests. James did a semen analysis and some blood work, I did a baseline ultrasound and an HSG test. By doing this we were able to get a lot of answers to our baby problems. Woo-hoo finally!

James semen test came back great! He has perfect little swimmers ha ha! (Too much info? Sorry!)
His blood work was still a little off but not as bad as it has been so that was a huge improvement!
As for the tumor on his pituitary, it is still too small to do anything with and he hasn't had anymore problems because of it, so they aren't worried about it at all and are just letting it be. So yay! James is "fixed" ha, and he is good ready to go. Which means .... yup ... the problems are with me.

First things first, in order to get my testing done I had to be on my period. Well funny thing is I don't have a regular period in fact I hadn't had a period in over a year. Whoops that is a problem. So I had to take some medicine to get things rolling. The first time was a fail .. my body rejected the medicine and then decided to work over the weekend when non of my testing could be done. Sooo I had to do it all over again but of course I had to wait a month ha ha. But we got that all situated and I was able to do my test. YAY!
I first had my baseline ultrasound. They went in and check to see how my ovaries were. My right ovary had 6 little cysts on it which weren't a big deal. But it also had barely any eggs on it. Oh dear. On the other hand my left ovary had over 50 little cysts on it which were a mixture of eggs and cysts. So my left ovary is working wonderfully with the eggs if only we could get my body to allow them to drop.
Next I went in and had my HSG testing which is where they went up and blew up a balloon and shot some dye up me. I was told it was uncomfortable and to expect "period cramps." Ha! They were wrong when they shot the dye up it hurt so bad. I am not being dramatic I promise. My left tube was completely blocked off and nothing would get through. And by shooting the dye in me it activated some of the cysts on my ovaries. Whoop - whoop ... ha ha! So therefore I was in a lot of pain and the doctor knew I would be and he did feel bad for me. Yes, I enjoyed the sympathy from the doctor ha ha.
Well now we are to what are our options. Our current doctor would like to leave my tube as is and the cysts as is. He wants me to take a few medicines and then start on the IUI process along with a semen insemination. The IUI process is where I take some pills and then inject myself with a few shots then I go into the office and they take James sperm and insert it up by my ovaries and hope we get a baby. They want me to try this for up to three months. If it doesn't work then the doctor would like to check my tubes again and see if the left is still blocked, and I will do another ultrasound. And most likely we will begin our journey with doing IVF. But let's not jump ahead.

James and I aren't sure how we feel about our current doctor so we are going to get a second opinion. This is due to how our meeting went with the doctors not necessarily with the results that he gave us. So once we get our second opinion I will update you all again. If you know a good fertility doctor please let us know! And as always we really do appreciate all of you and the love and support you have shown us. You all are wonderful! We are so grateful to you all and love you all so much!

PS. Our awesome friend Shikira started a Go Fund Me fundraiser for us. If you'd like to donate or share please visit the link below. 

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