Playing Catch Up

WOW! These last few months have been super busy and packed full of activities and crazy unexpected things. From birthdays, basketball games and adulting! So I guess it is time to play a little catch up and update you all on what happen last month and this month so far ha ha. So sit back, grab a snack and enjoy.

Well we had a pretty normal month for the most part. We celebrated Valentines day at home with a nice steak dinner. It was very yummy. And we did go on a mini vacation down to Utah to use the last of James Christmas present to a BYU game. So that was fun. Most of  these pictures come from that trip.

On Saturday we got up and went to Daylight Donuts (YUMMY!) so that I could have The Mr. try out their blueberry donuts. We are huge doughnut fans so it wasn't surprising for us to go there and get some. A bakers dozen to be correct.. ha ha. After that we headed over to watch the nephew in his basketball game that he invited us to the night before! He did such a good job! He made a bunch of baskets and played defense very well. We are so proud of him. 

 After the game we just hung out for a bit, went and did a little shopping and to get our windshield fixed. (But it actually ended up not needing to be fixed woo!) We also ate at this really yummy sandwich place called the Italian Place. After our little adventures we headed on over to James parents house so we could help celebrate his mommy's birthday! She also share her birthday with her son Ryan! But he was on vacation so we only texted to tell him happy birthday. 

After the celebrations we headed on over to the Marriott Center to enjoy ourselves a BYU game. Well at least we thought that is what we were going to do. They played HORRIBLY and it was one of the most boring games we have ever been to. We both left very dissapointed. But if anything good came out of it.. we got a $7.00 collectors cup (ha ha...) and I was able to record James favorite song. He hasn't been able to find it anywhere so he was pretty pumped for that. You can go ahead and give it a listen if you'd like below. You're welcome. HA!

Sunday morning James woke up not feeling very well. We thought at first he had the flu.. but then the pain hit! Woo-hoo... he had kidney stones! He tried his hardest to fight off the pain but couldn't take it any longer so we ended up in the emergency room. Too bad you can't just call and say hey I have kidney stones can you send me some medicine. But the important part is we got him taken care of! And he is feeling much, much better now. Oh and he had a kidney stone on each side, lucky guy!

Due to James having kidney stones we didn't end up going home on Sunday like planned. So we got to stay an extra night! Yay! More family time was nice. Well that night they had a huge hail storm! Look at the size of those suckers. It didn't last very long but it sure frightened Maggie.. Otis on the other hand was excited because it was lots of ice for him to eat ha ha. Silly dog he is. 

One of the best parts of that trip was being able to hold our new niece. She is so cute! I think she likes me.. a little bit. I miss her so much and can't wait to see her again! She is the best! I love being surrounded by family especially my siblings kiddos they are so much fun and all have the best personalities. Love them bunches and miss them all! Okay, I miss all my family not just the kiddos..

On the last day of the month I headed to a quilt show with James' grandmother. It was so much fun! It made me want to begin quilting. Who would of known that I would have a desire to quilt. It just seems so relaxing and fun. It also seems like a great way to show off your personality! So be expecting a quilt coming from me soon.

Well we are still in March but we are two weeks in so I figured why not update you on what has happened so far. Because again it has been pretty darn busy!

Lately we have been going over to James, Grandparents house a lot to play games. Well Maggie like to just make herself comfy on the couch. She is such a silly dog.. She really enjoys millions of pillows and cover herself with them or let others cover her with them or she will lay on like twelve of them. I mean she LOOOVESS pillows. And this happened the other night so I thought it would be cute to share. 

Last week I went into town with the Grandparents to do a little grocery shopping and we decided to stop on by at JC Pennys! Well they were handing out coupons. I scratched off mine and got lucky and got $20 off of $20! Woo! I was able to score three shirts completely free! Happy early birthday to me. I was pretty excited. James Grandpa also got two shirts free he scored a $10 off $10 along with James Grandma but she got her shirts for $2.00! So happy shopping day to us all.

Last Saturday it was my birthday! Woo, the big 25. It was a really good day. My mommy came and surprised me! I was so excited to see her and that was one of the best presents ever. I love my mom she is my best friend so it was great to be able to spend my birthday with her! Thanks James for being such a great husband and helping surprise me. I also did a birthday UN-boxing you can see it here if you'd like!

Ah and now to this week.... Well we have been having some problems with our drains. So we decided to cal and have the Septic people come out and take a look and get our tank pumped. Well when they opened it on up they found out it was only half full. Oh no! That usually means that there is a problem somewhere else. Well after a little investigation they found out whoever put in our septic system put it in backwards! Oh dear... now we are suck with a problem! Thankfully we have good people who are going to help us fix the problem.. hopefully. Wouldn't it be nice if people did their jobs correctly? Oh well! This means James and I will be out of the house for about a week! Thankfully we have a place to stay.. but not a fun way to start off the week. Oh well we got it pumped and it solves the problem for a little until we can get it fixed ha ha.

And LASTLY! Today marks two years since we got our Miss Maggie! I'm so glad she is apart of our family. She has brightened up my day many, many times. I love her so much! Also since we weren't sure of when her birthday was we have marked today as her birthday.. so HAPPY BIRTHDAY PUPPY DOG!!!! That means Maggie girl is officially 7 years old today! WOW! 

Well, thanks for traveling back a month with me and enjoying these last two weeks with us. Hope you enjoyed today's post. Don't forget to subscribe to our blog so you never miss and update!! 

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