Faux Calligraphy With Simply Alison

Hey everyone! For today's post I have asked my good friend to share her amazing talent in calligraphy with all of you! We have decided that it would be fun to do a few different posts and she will teach us all how to do certain things in calligraphy. Now, I have talked about this friend before but I have never gave her a proper introduction. So sit back and let me introduce you to.....

Alison Wagner aka Simply Alison
Alison lives in Ohio and has two darling daughters and a wonderful husband. When Alison is not busy keeping up with her kiddos and working her butt off you can find her running her Facebook Freebie Page (Freebie Bird) OR you can most likely find her creating awesome things with her talent in calligraphy.


We here on The Mr & The Mrs blog are so excited to have Alison as our guest blogger and we hope you enjoy today's post! Make sure to give Alison some love. Below are her links, check them out. 

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So, if you’ve ever wanted to learn to do modern calligraphy, this is the place to learn. I know you’re thinking … NO WAY Alison, I cannot do calligraphy! Well, stop thinking that way! You can! You will! If you can write in cursive… or even write, then you can do modern calligraphy. You’ll need a couple supplies, which I’m sure everyone has laying around.


- Pencil or Pen

- Paper (any kind)


Believe it or not, that’s all you will need for this how-to! Besides the supplies, you may want to remember what a down-stroke and an up-stroke is. A down-stroke is when you make a downward motion while writing. An up-stroke is when you go upward while writing. You’ll need to know this!

Let’s start! Write a word, any word, in cursive. If you don’t know cursive, that’s okay, write a word in regular print. While you are writing a word, you’ll want to pay attention to your up-stokes and down-strokes. 

Now, each time you wrote a line downward (down-stroke), you’ll want to add a line that is parallel. If you’re feeling a bit lost check out the video below. Leave the upstrokes alone.

After writing those parallel lines go back and color them in! 

Guess what? You did faux calligraphy! If you have ANY questions leave a comment or come visit me on Instagram HEREBe sure to show me your faux calligraphy on Instagram using the hashtag #mrnmrsfauxcalligraphy

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