Brazi Bites Review

Have any of you heard of Brazi Bites or had the chance to try them? Maybe you have.. maybe you even saw them when they were on Shark Tank! I received a coupon from Brazi Bites to get a free bag to try, I figured it was only fitting that as a thank you to them that I did an honest review! 

Brazi Bites come in four different flavors! So it was difficult for me to decided. At my store where I purchased them they only offered two of the flavors so it made it a little easier. Brazi Bites come in Garlic Asiago (pictured above), Cheddar & Parmesan, Zesty Pepper Jack and 3 Cheese Pizza (which is the one I am wanting to try next!) The best part about these is that they are GLUTEN FREE! And you know how some things that are gluten free how they taste yucky and you're like why am I eating this? Well, you will not run into that problem here!  

They are the perfect appetizer, snack or even to go with dinner! I love that they are bite sized and packed full of flavor that isn't too over powering. These ones specifically weren't overpowered by garlic or the cheese it was a perfect blend of both. These are going to be in our home for the big game... The Super Bowl because they are perfect for party food.

They are also super easy to cook. They take about 20 minutes and boy do they make your house smell yummy. I mean.. look how cute they are! Out of 5 stars I for sure give them 5. I know in our house we will be purchasing these again and again. The Mr. and I highly recommend these to anyone and everyone. So what are you waiting for? Go out and give them a try! 
Don't know where to find them? That's okay! Click the link below and they'll help you locate them!

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