Hill's Ideal Balance Dog Food - Review

This post was sponsored by Hill's Ideal Balance dog food as part of a sampling activation for Crowdtap! I received complimentary products to facilitate my review. So I just want to give a HUGE shout out to them and a huge thank you for sponsoring this post!
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WOW-za! I have never been this impressed with a dog food brand. It is packed full of healthy ingredients and the best part.. Maggie LOVES it! Pretty sure I am going to have to start buying this food for her. I try to feed Maggie twice a day, but sometimes I am lucky if she eats one bowl. Well I let her sample this and she gobbled it on up and ate two full bowls! She now prefers this food over her salmon food which she also loves. If you have a picky eater I would give this a try! 
You can find this on Amazon by using the link below: 

Look at her gobbling up this food! If you look in the background you can even find Mr. Ollie looking longingly at her wishing he could have some. (he might of got a piece..) I highly recommend this food to anyone and everyone who loves their puppies and wants what is best for them! 


Faux Calligraphy With Simply Alison

Hey everyone! For today's post I have asked my good friend to share her amazing talent in calligraphy with all of you! We have decided that it would be fun to do a few different posts and she will teach us all how to do certain things in calligraphy. Now, I have talked about this friend before but I have never gave her a proper introduction. So sit back and let me introduce you to.....

Alison Wagner aka Simply Alison
Alison lives in Ohio and has two darling daughters and a wonderful husband. When Alison is not busy keeping up with her kiddos and working her butt off you can find her running her Facebook Freebie Page (Freebie Bird) OR you can most likely find her creating awesome things with her talent in calligraphy.


We here on The Mr & The Mrs blog are so excited to have Alison as our guest blogger and we hope you enjoy today's post! Make sure to give Alison some love. Below are her links, check them out. 

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So, if you’ve ever wanted to learn to do modern calligraphy, this is the place to learn. I know you’re thinking … NO WAY Alison, I cannot do calligraphy! Well, stop thinking that way! You can! You will! If you can write in cursive… or even write, then you can do modern calligraphy. You’ll need a couple supplies, which I’m sure everyone has laying around.


- Pencil or Pen

- Paper (any kind)


Believe it or not, that’s all you will need for this how-to! Besides the supplies, you may want to remember what a down-stroke and an up-stroke is. A down-stroke is when you make a downward motion while writing. An up-stroke is when you go upward while writing. You’ll need to know this!

Let’s start! Write a word, any word, in cursive. If you don’t know cursive, that’s okay, write a word in regular print. While you are writing a word, you’ll want to pay attention to your up-stokes and down-strokes. 

Now, each time you wrote a line downward (down-stroke), you’ll want to add a line that is parallel. If you’re feeling a bit lost check out the video below. Leave the upstrokes alone.

After writing those parallel lines go back and color them in! 

Guess what? You did faux calligraphy! If you have ANY questions leave a comment or come visit me on Instagram HEREBe sure to show me your faux calligraphy on Instagram using the hashtag #mrnmrsfauxcalligraphy


Brazi Bites Review

Have any of you heard of Brazi Bites or had the chance to try them? Maybe you have.. maybe you even saw them when they were on Shark Tank! I received a coupon from Brazi Bites to get a free bag to try, I figured it was only fitting that as a thank you to them that I did an honest review! 

Brazi Bites come in four different flavors! So it was difficult for me to decided. At my store where I purchased them they only offered two of the flavors so it made it a little easier. Brazi Bites come in Garlic Asiago (pictured above), Cheddar & Parmesan, Zesty Pepper Jack and 3 Cheese Pizza (which is the one I am wanting to try next!) The best part about these is that they are GLUTEN FREE! And you know how some things that are gluten free how they taste yucky and you're like why am I eating this? Well, you will not run into that problem here!  

They are the perfect appetizer, snack or even to go with dinner! I love that they are bite sized and packed full of flavor that isn't too over powering. These ones specifically weren't overpowered by garlic or the cheese it was a perfect blend of both. These are going to be in our home for the big game... The Super Bowl because they are perfect for party food.

They are also super easy to cook. They take about 20 minutes and boy do they make your house smell yummy. I mean.. look how cute they are! Out of 5 stars I for sure give them 5. I know in our house we will be purchasing these again and again. The Mr. and I highly recommend these to anyone and everyone. So what are you waiting for? Go out and give them a try! 
Don't know where to find them? That's okay! Click the link below and they'll help you locate them!


See You Soon Natalie

Well, Sister Hatch is off to the MTC (Missionary Training Center) she got there Wednesday afternoon. It was hard to see her go but James and I know that she is going to learn and grow so much from serving the people of Texas. She is going to be a good missionary! We will miss her but we are so very proud of her and her decision to serve the Lord.

Before we all went to drop her off at the MTC we stopped for a quick bite to eat. We all got stuffed with some delicious breakfast! It was nice to sit and visit for a little bit before we had to say our goodbyes. *Just in case you don't know the men that decide to go on missions go for 2 years while the sisters go for 18 months.

Once we were full and it was time we headed to say our goodbyes. Of course we had to get some last minute cheesy pictures! Once we were done giving our hugs and saying goodbye we all piled into one car and rode over to the MTC *which was just across the street, to drop Sister Hatch off! Basically you just dump them off.. with another missionary. Ha ha! So we yelled goodbye and watched her walk away. 

We can't wait to hear about the amazing experiences she is going to have. We are so happy for her. We love you Natalie and we will see you soon!


Welcome To The World Baby Girl

Everyone! Our new niece is here! She is so little and just super duper cute. She was about a month early. (Dec. 31st was when she was born) She weighed 4 pounds 5 ounces and was 18 inches long. Yes I said weighed.. she is a little oinker and has gained 1 pound already! Good job little baby. She was born healthy which was awesome. Last weekend James and I finally got to meet her. She makes the cutest noises and has the sweetest facial expressions. ESPECIALLY her cute wee little smile. Phillip and Crystal sure made one cute baby!

Look how TINY she is! Yup, I am one happy auntie! I love her soooo much. And I'm pretty sure I am one of her many favorite. ha ha. She might like James too but shh.. don't tell him. 

We are so glad that you are here baby girl! Welcome to the crazy family. We love you so much and can't wait to watch you grow up. 


Must Have Beauty Products For 2017

2017 is going to be a great year I just know it! I wanted to share with you all my secret as to why! It is all in these beauty products. They are going to help me rock 2017 by feeling great about myself. I hope they can help you too. These are my must have beauty products for 2017! Enjoy! 

ARI by Ariana Grande Eau de Parfum Spray

The perfume is amazing! It has such a light "girly" fruity smell. I really enjoy this perfume because like I said it is a light scent not overpowering. The first time I wore it I got soo many compliments. You won't regret spending the money on this. AND it LASTS forever! Because you don't need to use tons. You can get it at any beauty store for about $49.00. Here is the link to it at Ulta. Ari By Ariana Grande

This Big Fat Yummy from Perfectly Posh hand cream is simply amazing. It dries fast so it doesn't leave that lotion feel that most lotions do. Right after I apply I am able to open doors and go about my day as normal. I don't have to wait or have the "oh crap" moment when I can't open the door. It smells amazing! The Oh, Snap! scent smells like grapefruits and it is amazing! Perfectly Posh has A LOT of different scents to choose from, you can view them all here: PERFECTLY POSH they are ONLY $9.00 and they also last for forever because you don't have to use a ton. 

If you want your hair to smell wonderful and look full with volume and feel silky smooth then I have found your product! Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition shampoo and conditioner are fantastic. They don't leave the nasty film that some shampoo's and conditioners do. It helps you hair feel super clean. The Garnier Fructis Marvelous Oil helps keep your frizzy fly-a-ways down and it makes your hair smell like the bomb dot com! You can find these products at most stores (etc. Target, Walmart, Walgreen..) These products run from $2.49-$6.99 here is a link for them at Target, Garnier Fructis

You know I can't forget about the pearly whites! I'm sure a lot of you have heard about this tooth paste. And if you haven't tried it yet, you haven't lived! It works wonders. My teeth always feel much cleaner and yes, I believe they have gotten whiter! It is incredible. You can find this tooth paste at most stores (etc. Target, Walmart, Walgreens) here is the link for the Colgate Optic White Platinum tooth paste at Target. It is priced right around $3.50

Obviously I wouldn't leave out my favorite must have face products for 2017! The first thing I will start with is the Erase Paste Brightening Concealer from Benefit. You can find this at Ulta for $26.00 follow the link here. I have had this product for about 3 years and I am just now running out! It works wonder for the dark circles under your eyes along with the puffiness. It truly gets rid of is. Hence the name. 

The second product is the Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream. This is a little bit of a harder product to find. But if you do find it and in your shade, BUY IT! It is nice for a simple coverage if you don't want to wear too much make up but want something on for the day. It is also great as a base for the rest of your make-up! You won't go wrong buying this product. You can find is on Ebay and Amazon for about $10.00 here is a link for 3 of them on Ebay.

And lastly, we all need our cheeks to have a pretty rose color ever once in awhile. I highly recommend the NYX Powder Blush. It is easy to use and it leaves a nice touch to finish off your make-up look for the day. The best part is it only costs $2.00! You can find it at Hollar.com  

Ah, now onto the eyes! I couldn't decide on just one eye shadow! If you saw my Freebies & Sample video (if you didn't go here!) you saw that in my free Ipsy bag I got the NYX eye shadow to sample. It is a GORGEOUS gold color that will work for every day! I have found this so far at Ulta for $4.49.

The next eye shadow set it called FLOWER by Drew Barrymore. You can only find this online at her store OR at Walmart. It cost only $9.98 at Walmart and comes in many colors. It is long lasting and doesn't get yucky after wearing all day. You can find it here: FLOWER

The last thing I recommend getting for 2017 is the Covergirl Katy Kat Eye mascara. It helps make your eyelashes look thicker, longer and gorgeous. IT doesn't clump like most mascaras that I have tried and it is on the cheaper side of things. I found mine at Walmart but I know it can be found at most stores (etc. Target, Walmart, Walgreens...) for around $6.50 Find it here: KATY KAT EYE MASCARA

Of course, we won't be forgetting the lips. I think once you put on lipstick, gloss or chap stick it just really finishes your look for the day. 

For chap stick I have really been enjoying the CARMEX Moisture Plus! It has helped my lips stay smooth and non chapped during these cold winter days & nights. It glides on easily and smells very yummy! The one I have is vanilla because you can never go wrong with vanilla! You can find this at most stores (etc. Target, Walmart, Walgreens..) I got mine from my grandma for Christmas but I have found some for you at Walgreens! They cost only $2.69.

The gloss I like to get is from Victoria Secret. They have a few options from colored gloss, sparkly gloss and of course just clear gloss. My favorite brand from them is The Beauty Rush and it costs $10.00 but most the time it is on sale. You can find it in store or online here! Ps. they totally smell delicious! 

And lastly Marc Jacobs lipstick has been one of my favorites! It will be your best friend in 2017! It is so moisturizing and long lasting. It comes in so many beautiful colors. It costs $30.00 and can be found at Sephora to view all color options go here

Ah, the final touch and final beauty must of. OF COURSE nail polish! Essie Nail Polish has been my go to! It is long lasting and doesn't chip as easily as some. Trust me I have a janitor job and I am hard on my nails! It comes in a variety of colors and you can often find it on a super discounted price at Ulta! If you don't find it on sale it costs around $9.00 but it totally worth every penny! Like I said you can find it at Ulta and I promise you won't regret it! The two colors posted above are: 929 Soft As Sand (light pink) & 758 Absolutely Shore (light green)

And there you have it! MY must haves for 2017. Have you tried any of these products? Is there anything you would add to the list? Leave a comment below! Make sure you subscribe to the blog and our YouTube channel! Thanks for stopping by.


Snow Day!

Today has been nuts! The snow keeps falling and it is getting worse and worse but still so much fun. Snow is SOO pretty and very needed. Needless to say, James and I chose the right year to plant grass. Ha ha! 

I love seeing the snow sitting on all the tree's it is super pretty! Look how much is sitting on there! It is nuts!

I shoveled this when I first got up this morning around 8:00 AM and it is completely covered again! I should of taken another picture of it. I can't believe how much snow is falling!! It is intense! 

Remember my cute porch Christmas decorations? Well one penguin is completely covered and disappeared in the snow along with my cute pillows ha ha!

Miss Maggie girl has way been enjoying all the snow! She loves to run around in it (more hop around) and of course eat it! She is having the best day ever ha ha. Isn't she so cute?! I love that all you can  basically see is her head! HA! She loves it.
(PS. ignore my annoying voice in this video ha ha!)

This is super fun but also very scary! If you are in this crazy storm that is hitting all over please stay warm and safe. Let me know in the comments below how much snow you have gotten! As always don't forget to subscribe to the blog to the left (email or google) AND don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel. You can find it here!


Freebie Haul Video!

Woo! The FIRST video of the year is here! Last month was filled with a lot of fun freebies! A LOT OF FULL SIZED!! Check out the video and all links to see where I get everything so you too can get fun mail! Thanks for watching and as always, DON'T forget to subscribe to the blog and our YouTube channel so you never miss an update! 


Thank you all so much for making 2016 a great year for The Mr. & The Mrs. blog! ALSO, don't mind my stuttering and craziness in this video.. I currently have a cold I am trying to get over. Don't forget to subscribe for lots more videos (I mean A LOT more!) also don't forget to subscribe to our blog so you never miss an update!








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HAPPY NEW YEAR! Wow, I can't believe another year has come and gone. Talk about crazy! This year for my "New Years Goals" I decided to be practical about them and set goals that I know I can achieve because I have before and they are things I am already doing so I would just like to continue doing them! Did any of you set New Years goals? If so what are yours? For the first blog post of the year I thought it would only be fitting to share with you all my goals for 2017! Here's to a new year, new goals and the best of luck to all with accomplishing all of your goals! Sure do hope 2017 is the best year yet for all of you!

2017 GOALS:

 Continue Reading Scriptures
About two months ago I decided I needed to start reading my Scriptures again. Well, more so listen to them. I don't enjoy reading too much but I am trying to get into it more. So thankfully I can listen to my Scriptures thanks to the app on my phone. I would really like to keep up with this because it has helped me in so many ways! So here is to continuing doing what I already am for the New Year!

Workout At Least Once A Week

Working out once a week doesn't seem too hard right? And at least it is a place to start. I know everyone puts working out on their New Years goals.. but I really want to try and do this so it can help me feel better physically and mentally! So I have found a few ways that interest me and yes, they all have to do with dancing! First James gave me a Zumba Wii game or Christmas, YAY! Second I found this YouTube work out guy called The Fitness Marshall and he does hilarious and fun workout videos! Thanks Suzie for introducing me to him! *See video above of The Fitness Marshall!* Hey anyone want to be my weekly work out buddy??

Blog At Least Three Times A Week

Hey! I'm already off to a good start with this goal. But, lets be real.. how long is this one really going to last? I am going to try my hardest to really make it happen! Blogging makes me happy and it has helped me gain so many new friends so I really want to stick with this goal the most! 

Cook More Home Cooked Meals

Hey if I do this goal that will mean (most likely..) more recipes for the blog! Weather they are my own or some I found online or cookbooks I really want to cook more home cooked meals. Again, it makes me happy so I should do it. (Are you starting to catch a theme for my goals? If not.. it's things that make me happy!) PLUS home cooked meals are usually a lot healthier for you and it tends to be on the cheaper side. Sorry James.. not more eating out as much. PS. I think he would prefer home cooked meals..

Write In A Journal

Now.. this is a goal I set EVERY year. I do really good the first day. THAT is the ONLY day I write in my journal. I am pathetic. But that is why I started a blog so I could have something for my children to look back at and laugh at me for. You're welcome future kiddos. BUT I did buy a new journal (not that I needed it!) I think it has more of a chance of me writing in it because it is a little bit easier to write in for me. *Side Note* Every time I write I grip the pen or pencil so hard it hurts my hands and makes it so uncomfortable to write and I get blisters and sores so thus I believe this is why I don't write in a journal ha! I have some weird problems but that is another story..

Clean At Least Once A Week

I have been dealing with just a tiny bit of depression (okay maybe a lot..) so cleaning hasn't necessarily (along with a list of other things.. like blogging) been on the top of my list. So this year I really want to push myself to at least clean once a week. I think I can handle that! Whether it is just one spot, one room, doing laundry or even just cleaning the toilet I want to do it. And I know I can stick with this goal as long as I just push myself. Heck I can do them all if I just push myself.

Coupon More Often

When James and I were first married I was couponing like crazy! I could do it so well that I was able to buy food for 3 months for only $90.00! I personally understand that couponing is just getting harder and harder and I probably won't ever be that good again but I would like to get back into it and save us some more money. I'm not sure why I even stopped! Silly me..! 

Request At Least One Freebie/Sample A Day

This year was a GREAT freebie & sample year! I got so much great stuff (A LOT FULL SIZED!) That I couldn't pick just one favorite. Believe I tried.. ha ha! So I would like to keep up with this because it is always fun getting mail, especially packaged! Would any of you be interested in a blog post of how I get all my freebies and samples? Did any of you get samples or freebies? If so what did you get? Do you have a favorite?! 

Well and there you have it! All my goals for the New Year! I'd love to hear what your goals are for the New Year so go ahead leave a comment below and share with me your goals! And as always, don't forget to subscribe to the blog on the left (via email or google!) so you never miss a post! Once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! May 2017 be the best year ever!