Surprise! I had surgery ...

(This was after waiting for almost 3 hours to get the surgery done ha ha! I was hangry.)

It's true, I really had surgery! As you all know James and I have been trying for a baby for about four years now. It has been a long drawn out heartbreaking process.  And part of this process I have been waiting to do an exploratory surgery. Which FINALLY happened last week. But I'll back up a bit and explain how we got to that point.

A few months back after much thought, prayers and conversation we decided to not listen to the advice aka next step that our fertility doctor suggested. We know, CRAZY. But something felt off. Our last visit with him didn't go well and like I said above something just didn't seem right. So we put it off and took a very small break from trying and even caring (if you can really do that last part ..) about me getting pregnant. Along with the decision of taking a small break and ignoring the Doctors instructions I decided to wait until my yearly check-up with my gynecologist. It was only about a month or two away and things were going to get crazy with us getting a new roof and a few other things. ANYWAYS that's besides the point. Well in October I attended my appointment. We discussed what had been going on and my last visit with our fertility doctor. That is when my gynecologist asked me if he had done an exploratory surgery. When I told him no he was SHOCKED and a little ticked. With symptoms I had been having and family history it should of been one of the first things that the fertility doctor did, but he neglected to do that ... EVEN after I did a few (painful) tests that showed signs of me needing the surgery. So he explained to me what they surgery would be and told me to think about it and let him know if I wanted to move forward with it. 
Well, I thought about it for a couple weeks and talked to James about it and it felt like the right thing to do. So I made the call and set up an appointment. 

Now we are back to last week. In the surgery they cut me open (very small) in three places so they could put a scope in and check for endometriosis along with cysts. Then through my vagina he placed another camera and shot dye through my tubes. (Yes I did this once before and we found my left tube to be blocked, and it was super painful! Thankfully I was asleep this time ha ha) So with doing that he found that my tube was still blocked (Which the fertility doctor told us it would go away in a couple of weeks. HA!) so he went ahead and flushed it and got the block out. Now both tubes would accept the dye completely through and they are working as they should. WOO-HOO! 
Now back to checking for endometriosis. At first he didn't see any signs of endometriosis until he reached my ovaries. There he found "flecks" of endometriosis along with 8 cysts on each ovary. Yikes! 16 cysts .. no wonder why I hurt. He then burned off all the endometriosis and removed the cysts. Now I am good as new. Well, sort of .. I still have some resting and healing to do. Ha ha.

On Monday I had my check-up and there we found that the surgery was successful. My fertility has hopefully increased. (Doc thinks it has!) And I am healing very well. Woo! Here's to fingers crossed and lots of praying for a baby in 2018. More updates coming in 2018 (hopefully good ones!)  


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Shopping Haul!

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Lamar "Pete" - My Grandpa

Today 08/12/2017 my sweet grandfather passed away. It is a bitter sweet feeling. He sure will be missed here on earth but I know we are so excited for him to be reunited with his wonderful wife again. It has been a long time apart for them so I am sure it was a wonderful reunion with her and the rest of his family. My grandpa was a wonderful man and a great role model for me. I have many great memories with him and I am so grateful for them. I want to honor my grandpa and one way I know how is to do a blog post. So for today's post I want to remember the wonderful man my grandpa was and share with you all some funny memories and my favorite memories I have of him. I love you grandpa, until we meet again! 

(PS. The pictures used don't necessarily go with the story.)

Once upon a time ... my grandpa thought it would be a good idea to go inside his house and come outside with some really old Roman Candles. (This wasn't in July .. FYI) He came out and said hey do you think these still work? Meanwhile my family, myself and my friend Sabrina were all sitting around. Sabrina and I were sitting on a bench when my grandpa starts lighting them off. ... He then decided to point them at Sabrina and I. We moved so quickly seeing as how my grandpa almost killed us. This is one of my most favorite memories ... he was such a goober.  

My family went on vacation with Grandpa to Colorado. We stopped in this cute little town to explore and spend the night. Well gramps got tired and said, "I am going to head back to the hotel I will see you there!" So we wondered around a little more and as we were walking up the street all the sudden we heard, "Clair! I found the ice cream! Come on over and I'll buy you some!" Meanwhile we were across the street and a block away ha ha! It was worth the trip back.

One day my grandpa made a day trip up to Idaho with my dad to come and visit us and to see where James and I were living. He told us he really liked the place but he hated how damn cold the floors were. Ha ha! 

Grandpa LOVED to eat his tomatoes. One day my family was over visiting and he decided to go get a tomato from his garden and eat it like an apple. Well, a bee decided to start bothering him and he just kept getting more and more irritated. Finally he swatted at it and yelled YOU BITCH! 

My grandpa was notorious for swearing. I guess since he was a sailor it was only fitting. He also made up some funny swear words. Mine and James personal favorite is shitass. You're welcome.

A couple years ago my Aunt Debbie, her daughter and my grandpa came up to Idaho and stopped by to visit me and James. While James was at work they took me to lunch with them. After we ate in Lava Hot Springs at the Chuckwagon my grandpa left and was telling everyone that, that was the best damn sandwich he had ever had. That same trip we went to get square ice cream, he said I don't want any and I will just stay here ... as we started walking away he yelled if they have any pecan ice cream get me some! Once we brought it back he was so excited that it was square. Later that night James and I met them all back at the hot pools in Lava. My grandpa and James decided to check out the hot tubs that they had there. That did NOT go over very well for my grandpa. He couldn't figure out why the hell he kept floating up. And once James explained the jets he said let's get out of here and go to the other pool.

Grandpa loved to tell stories. Too many for me to share. But some of his favorites and mine were his "scary" stories. In this video is just one of his scary stories he told just two weeks ago. I'm glad that I recorded it so I can have this with me for forever! Hope you all enjoy this story as much as I do. Make sure to watch to the end! (It's the best part!)

I'm so glad that I was able to have so many good times with my grandpa and that I have all these memories. I will miss you lots grandpa but I know you aren't very far away. I love you! Please give grandma a huge hug for me. 


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Freebie & Sample Video!

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Our Infertility Journey - Update

Well hello everyone! James and I finally have more news on our baby update.
If you missed the other updated please click the two links to read those updates so you are all caught up.
Click Here! & Click Here Too! 

Last month James and I went through a series of tests. James did a semen analysis and some blood work, I did a baseline ultrasound and an HSG test. By doing this we were able to get a lot of answers to our baby problems. Woo-hoo finally!

James semen test came back great! He has perfect little swimmers ha ha! (Too much info? Sorry!)
His blood work was still a little off but not as bad as it has been so that was a huge improvement!
As for the tumor on his pituitary, it is still too small to do anything with and he hasn't had anymore problems because of it, so they aren't worried about it at all and are just letting it be. So yay! James is "fixed" ha, and he is good ready to go. Which means .... yup ... the problems are with me.

First things first, in order to get my testing done I had to be on my period. Well funny thing is I don't have a regular period in fact I hadn't had a period in over a year. Whoops that is a problem. So I had to take some medicine to get things rolling. The first time was a fail .. my body rejected the medicine and then decided to work over the weekend when non of my testing could be done. Sooo I had to do it all over again but of course I had to wait a month ha ha. But we got that all situated and I was able to do my test. YAY!
I first had my baseline ultrasound. They went in and check to see how my ovaries were. My right ovary had 6 little cysts on it which weren't a big deal. But it also had barely any eggs on it. Oh dear. On the other hand my left ovary had over 50 little cysts on it which were a mixture of eggs and cysts. So my left ovary is working wonderfully with the eggs if only we could get my body to allow them to drop.
Next I went in and had my HSG testing which is where they went up and blew up a balloon and shot some dye up me. I was told it was uncomfortable and to expect "period cramps." Ha! They were wrong when they shot the dye up it hurt so bad. I am not being dramatic I promise. My left tube was completely blocked off and nothing would get through. And by shooting the dye in me it activated some of the cysts on my ovaries. Whoop - whoop ... ha ha! So therefore I was in a lot of pain and the doctor knew I would be and he did feel bad for me. Yes, I enjoyed the sympathy from the doctor ha ha.
Well now we are to what are our options. Our current doctor would like to leave my tube as is and the cysts as is. He wants me to take a few medicines and then start on the IUI process along with a semen insemination. The IUI process is where I take some pills and then inject myself with a few shots then I go into the office and they take James sperm and insert it up by my ovaries and hope we get a baby. They want me to try this for up to three months. If it doesn't work then the doctor would like to check my tubes again and see if the left is still blocked, and I will do another ultrasound. And most likely we will begin our journey with doing IVF. But let's not jump ahead.

James and I aren't sure how we feel about our current doctor so we are going to get a second opinion. This is due to how our meeting went with the doctors not necessarily with the results that he gave us. So once we get our second opinion I will update you all again. If you know a good fertility doctor please let us know! And as always we really do appreciate all of you and the love and support you have shown us. You all are wonderful! We are so grateful to you all and love you all so much!

PS. Our awesome friend Shikira started a Go Fund Me fundraiser for us. If you'd like to donate or share please visit the link below. 


Washington Part 2

For part two of our Washington trip we went to stay with my best friend Sabrina and her husband Andrew. But, before we headed there we made a wonderful stop to see James aunt and her sweet family! It was a great time and sadly I didn't take one picture while there ... what the heck is wrong with me?! But that is okay we still had a wonderful time visiting. We sat outside and visited for awhile, got a tour of her new home and then ate a delicious dinner that she cooked up for us! Of course her cute little boy helped her cook. We are looking forward to going back to visit very soon!

After we ate we said our goodbyes and were on our way to see Sabrina. It is always a pretty drive going from Vancouver to the Seattle area! I was glad this time we were just passing through Seattle because it looked very busy .. like always! But it is such a beautiful city and so much fun to explore. (Don't worry we did go to Seattle one day ...)

We arrived to Sabrina's house kind of late so we took a quick picture, got comfy and hung out! It was amazing to see her again, I sure did miss her. (And now I do again ...) It is hard sometimes living so far away from your best friend, but hey at least we can visit each other!

On Thursday we headed into Seattle. We made James dreams come true. Aren't we such good sports? Ha ha!

We went and toured Safeco field! It was pretty neat to see everything but, the best part was watching James face light up! He is a cutie pie. Ha!

After Safeco we headed back towards Sabrina's home but first made a pit stop at the delicious restaurant Bob's. This place is soo yummy! And James had heard us all talk about it but had never been so we decided it would be fun to show him Bob's!

Friday was our girls shopping day! Woo-hoo! First things first we headed off to TARGET! And of course since it's the Washington way we made a pit stop at the Starbucks (inside Target ..) Sabrina introduced me to a yummy drink the Smores Frapp! You might be thinking .. they look different .. well they are the same drink just one has milk and coffee and one is dairy free / coffee free haha! It was very good!

Of course it wouldn't be a successful shopping trip without us trying on goofy pants and taking a picture. Although those pants were pretty comfortable too bad they were a mile long!

Saturday was our last day with Sabrina and Andrew. So we made it our official Sims date day .. minus when we stopped to get food and go play mini golf! It was such a fun little course and kind of difficult. Plus Andrew and I kept trying to get our balls over rocks.

So with that being said ... we lost our balls a lot! ha ha! Especially this one ... I kept hitting it into bushes and clear out in the grass. Although Andrew did almost hit a few people in the head with his golf ball so I will take that as a win for me. Ha ha!

After golfing we headed home to try out some face masks which were a total fail .. so we switched to the blackhead strips. GROSS results but amazing at the same time ha ha. Then we were off to playing more sims, chatting, eating candy and staying up late just like old times! 

On Sunday we got up pretty early so we could head home back to Idaho! It was sad to say goodbye and we sure did hate having to leave but a little part of us was ready to got home and see our puppy dog and cats and to sleep in our own bed!

The drive home was so pretty! If you follow me on Instagram then you already know how pretty it truly was. One of our pit stops was in Eden, Idaho and they have the coolest eating area! I love to stop there because it is so pretty on the inside. If you're ever there make sure to stop at The Garden of Eden!

We feel so blessed to be able to go on such a fun trip and have friends and family to visit and stay with. Until next time ... we will miss you all but we look forward to our next visit very soon!


Washington Trip Part One

Last month James and I had the opportunity to go on a vacation! We decided to go to Washington to visit James grandparents, also to visit his aunt and of course my best friend. It was such a fun time and we were able to do so much in the week and a bit we were there.

We left Idaho very early on Saturday morning (June 10th) so we could get to Washington somewhat early. And we would of made good time if I didn't have to pee all the time. HA HA! 

And of course .. no road-trip is complete unless you listen to a little Wynonna Judd, "No One Else On Earth" aka my favorite song of all times! James is such a good sport and lets me listen to this song a lot. Thanks hubs! 

The drive to Washington is absolutely gorgeous.  (Ps. this picture and the next are from the Dalles in Oregon!)

I love the views! It makes the ride so much more relaxing and enjoyable. Thank goodness or this could be a very long and dreadful ride ha ha.

We finally made it to James grandparents about 6:30-7:00. We were so excited to finally be there and to see them! As always I had to walk around their backyard and explore their pretty flower garden. IT is PURE heaven back there. It bring me inspiration on how I want to fix up our own home! 

On Sunday we just relaxed, visited family and of course played some games. It's not Sunday unless you play some games right?! It was nice to just have some time to relax and enjoy James grandparents company along with his aunt and her family. 

On Monday we headed off to the Oregon Coast! It was my first time going there and it did not disappoint. It was absolutely breath taking. I took millions of pictures and I will be sharing them on my photography page so if you want to see them go HERE or HERE

Thankfully on pebble beach there were some nice people to take a few pictures of James and I so they weren't all selfies. And a bonus .. I loved the cooler weather. Sure was a bummer to come home to hot, hot, hot weather! YUCK! ALSO, this is one of my most favorite pictures of James and I.

Pebble beach is so beautiful! It was a shame we didn't get to see any whales though. Sadly enough they were there the next day! BUT, we did see A LOT of seals and those are fun! 

There was also this awesome Light House (which are some of my favorite things to take pictures of ..)  it was beautiful. Wish I would of figured out that we could of gone all the way to the top ... but didn't figure that out until they closed. Oh well maybe next time! 

If you are ever on the coast make sure to stop by the Christmas store! It is filled with millions of ornaments and Christmas gadgets. Completely awesome. This store is HUGE and lots of fun!

On Tuesday it was James birthday! So we headed into Portland just the two of us to celebrate him. We went and did a tour at the USS Blueback submarine. It was so neat to see everything and how tight it was in there. We also were able to see and touch a real torpedo! It was sweet.  

Afterwards we hit up the food trucks in downtown! After walking around in a circle five billion times we finally decided on getting some delicious pizza from Verona. Both James and I got the BBQ chicken pizza and oh my .. it was divine. 

Afterwards we hit up the famous Voodoo Doughnuts. And oh boy ... is that place fun! They have a millions of different doughnuts including dirty named ones. Ha ha! The sad part is they are pretty pricey for well ... they tasted like doughnuts but that is okay! It was a fun experience. 

Later that night Grandma cooked a delicious birthday dinner for James that filled us up but don't worry we saved room for the wonderful cake she baked! After we were stuffed we headed to the movies to see Wonder Women! Fantastic movie, I highly recommend it to you all! 

On Wednesday it was time for us to head to our next adventure. It was hard to say goodbye, but we were excited for our next adventure. It was a lot of fun to be with them and all the adventures we were able to have! It was a blast and we can't wait to go back soon. Don't worry ... part two is coming to the blog soon! (Best friends ... Safeco Field, and much more!)