Have You Heard The Word On The Street?

Have any of you heard of LipSense? I am sure you have since it is all the rage right now! At first I couldn't wrap my mind around it and why would anyone spend that kind of money?! But then I gave in and gave it a try. WOW, yup, I can see WHY people spend that kind of money. Thank you Fab Lips With Jackie for introducing me to such a wonderful product! You can check her page out here to see more and to purchase your own set! 

What exactly is LipSense?
It is long lasting, smudge proof, kiss proof, water proof cosmetics that are moisturizing and anti aging! Basically it is lipstick & gloss that stays on ALL DAY LONG! (4 to 12 hours to be exact..) Want to know how it works? Go here and read all about it! 

What is included when you buy LipSense and how much does it really cost?

Well first things obviously.. you want to buy a color! They have about 50 different colors for you to choose from. So good luck there. Ha ha! 

The second thing you will want to purchase is the gloss which goes on top of the color! It helps it so your lips don't dry out. It also helps the color look more pretty.

(Isn't it soo pretty? And it matched my shirt soo well!!)
Together it costs $55.00. The color is $25.00 and the gloss is $20.00. Trust me, it is worth your investment if you love dolling up and have been looking for a lipstick that will stay on all day! 
Don't forget if you want to give it a try check out Jackie's Facebook Page where she has a lot of great deals going on right now AND awesome tips and tricks. Of course she is there to help you out so feel free to message her. You can find her page once again here. HAPPY SHOPPING!!
PS. These would make GREAT Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers!! 

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