Welcome to the start of the Christmas House Tour the inside.. the part I know you all have been dying to see! Today covers the master bedroom, the bathroom and the front room! The next post will cover the kitchen and dining room! (Should be here tomorrow!!) Hope you all enjoy!
The Master Bedroom:
Last year after Christmas I found the Darth Vader tree skirt and BAM that's how we ended up with a Star Wars tree in our room. It is something we both really like so heck why not! IT also goes great with James Legos! But Obviously we need A LOT more ornaments for this tree.. maybe after Christmas we will score ha ha! The tree topper is a bow my sister made for my last year to go with my Christmas present. (She took us to see Star Wars 7!) This is the only decoration in our room beside some lights that are above our bed but I didn't take a picture of that. SORRY!

The stickers on the door were originally going to be on a wall in our kitchen but they kept falling off so the bathroom door it was.. plus we don't want Santa to have to hold it all night right?! ha ha! I got the stickers this year at Target for $3.00!

Welcome to our Snowman bathroom! I got our shower curtain a few years back at a yardsale for only $1.00! Can't pass that up! And that is when the snowman bathroom was created!  

All the printables I found on Pinterest! Gotta love free printables! This is on the wall as soon as you walk into our bathroom above our light switches. 

This is to the left of our sink! 

Of course we have Twisted Peppermint hand soap.. 'Tis the season. Gotta love Bath and Body Works for sure. 

The towels were gave to me from my mommy! She's so kind. So was all of the decorations (besides printables and shower curtain and garbage can..) Thanks mom!

The Rugs I got from Kohl's a few years ago! I had coupons and money I had earned so I got them for super duper cheap!! 

The garbage can is from James mommy! It was full of popcorn but once it was all gone I used it to store decorations and now it is our bathroom garbage can this year! Thanks momma H!

Oh the thrown! Of course it is decorated too! The stocking is from my Grandma and the Noel blocks (my dad used to put them up and spell Leon all the time..) are from my mom.  

This is my absolute favorite part of our home! It just looks so cozy!! It might just be that we have a working fireplace this year and have been able to stay warm! YAY!! 

Our new rug was meant to go outside.. but Mr. Ollie kitty loved it so much so I left it inside and put it in his favorite spot! Now he can stay nice and toasty ha ha.

The Mr. spoiled me with some Christmas fairy garden things! Yay! It looks so festive and pretty.

I guess I should just say this is my FAVORITE room because it all looks so cozy and pretty! Oh yeah.. remember that wreath I made so I could leave my giraffe up.. well there it be! 

This is also one of my favorite set ups. I love being able to keep Jesus in our mind this holiday season and remembering that it isn't all just about gift giving and receiving and Santa Clause.

Of course I would have a Santa shelf. Because he is fun! ha ha.

And yes.. need to make our movies look pretty right!

Love being able to reuse card boxes as decorations or for wrapping purposes. Do you do this too?

The precious moments nativity is one of my favorites! I got it a lot of years ago from my grandma!

And lastly.. I just kind of threw this together!

Fun fact.. the snowman picture I got brand new at a yardsale for ..... ONE DOLLAR! I also got the felt tree banner from Target for $1.00 when James and I were first married.

This is right next to our front door. Below is all of our Christmas books and a few more of our nativities! The Santa picture lights up but it needs batteries and I just never put them in it.

This nativity we have up all year round but during Christmas it gets a prime spot up on the top shelf. James got this hand made while he was serving his mission in Ghana Africa! It is so pretty!

Yes, we have a musical Charlie Brown clock! And of course.. one of Mary's work of art.

My mom gave James the blanket last year for Christmas it is so cute! Also the pillow was our nativity that we got a few years ago! I absolutely love it!

Ta-Da! Here is our "main" tree! It is full of a lot of memories from all of our ornaments.

The Charlie Brown nativity was the first one James and I ever got together! We love it! This is also our first year with a train around our tree and it is so fun! The cats love to knock it over.. so hey it keeps them out of our tree! ha ha!

I got these two pictures also brand new at a yardsale for .50 cents a piece! I love yardsales! They are GREAT!

This picture also lights up but again no batteries ha! I got this one and the other from Ti-Pan last year for $2.00 a piece! What a steal of a deal. Wish I would of bought more. Oh well!

I didn't feel like putting our lamp away so I "dressed" it up a little bit so it would fit in. Hopefully it looks a okay! The tile coasters are some I made this year! They are fun!

Ah, my FAVORITE tree! My Barbie tree! I love it! All my old fashioned barbies and of course.. a SIGNED picture from Barbie! I met her when I was younger at Target and it was the best experience of my life. I also have a Barbie bear (thanks Crystal!) and an old fashioned Barbie book! MY pink tree is just so fun and pretty. Too bad the lights burned out this year.. so I need to replace them!

And there be our stocking since we don't have a mantle yet! Yes, I have one for each of our animals..what can I say they are our babies ha ha! The Santa is the cats favorite "toy" they like to knock his head off and play with him. Ugh. CATS! Poor Santa Clause!

I decided it would be easier to leave all the picture frames from my gallery wall up and just change the picture out to Christmas ones! 

Say hi to Edwin! That is his spot lately if he isn't in Maggie's bed ha! Fun fact.. James made the tree pillow covers! And I got the Santa in a truck two years ago from Kohl's for only TWO BUCKS! Woo! And the moose my buddy ol' pal Kirstie gave her to me when we were in high school. I love my moose! 

This picture I got a few years ago from my mommy for my birthday! It now hangs next to our couch! It is so pretty and I love it of course! I love everything right? ha ha!

And just so you ALL know.. there is ONLY 5 days left until Christmas! You're welcome.

Hope you enjoy part one of the inside house tour! How is your house decorated?! I would love to see. Leave me a comment below and don't forget to subscribe to the blog so you never miss a post! (To the left by email or google!)

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