Baby It's Cold Outside.....

'Tis the season for snow! Today it has been snowing like crazy all day, but that is A-OKAY in my book because it is oh so pretty! Maggie isn't complaining either because she LOVES snow. Eating it and of course playing in it. Snow is great isn't it? Well of course besides the driving in it part.. but HEY! Like I said at least it looks pretty ha! But now onto today's blog post! It is PART TWO of the Christmas House Tour! Welcome to...

Lookie here.. It's our cute wee little house! Isn't it just so precious. Ha ha! The lights on the roof dance (to non exciting music..) they are so much fun! I got them when we first got our home at yard sale they were brand new for only $2.00! Woo-hoo! Isn't our home so cute at night all lit up? We sure think so. 

And wa-la here is our casa during the day! (I took this picture today when it first started snowing.. we have a lot more now!) I love that you can see our bench and penguins so well! They are my favorite ha ha.

Oh look.. our penguins!! Meet Rufus & Wallis. The Mr's grandparents gave them to us last year as a house warming gift. They are so much fun! Everyone loves penguins right?

On our bench I just have our normal green pillow but also put a pillow with Santa Clause and a reindeer on it next to it. It just made it look more festive! Rufus is keeping them great company.

For the banner I decided to wrap it with green garland and LED lights that my daddio gave us last year! They are fun and it helps our home look more Christmasy, cute and cozy!

And of course, we had to welcome all our friends! I got this the first year James and I were married at a yardsale for only $1.00! Woo-hoo! PS. I get most of our stuff at yardsales. #noshame

This cute little Rudolph was given to me this year by my mommy. He is just adorable and helps keep guard of our front door. 

But don't fret! We have a tin soldier who is really keeping guard while wishing everyone some Happy Holidays! (Thanks mom!) 

AND lastly.. the cute wreath I made this year! It helps tie everything together and make the outside of our home look complete! If you want to make your own you can go here and see the post! 

That's all folks! Our cute cozy home (well the outside..) How are you homes decorated on the outside? Do you have a wreath on your door? Lights put up? Let me know in the comments below and also make sure to subscribe to the blog so you never miss a post! You can subscribe to the left via email or google! Thanks for stopping by, hope you are all enjoying our house tour so far!

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