Throw Back Thursday!

Once upon a time, I Chelsey (The Mrs.) had a different blog. It was called "Fancy That!" It has a lot of good memories for me. Some funny, some sad but mostly all happy and fun. On this blog I shared a lot of craft ideas, recipes and some of my favorite things. It was a lot of fun! So I thought it might would be fun to do a little "Throwback Thursday" every Thursday and share some of my old blog posts! Hope you enjoy. Make sure to leave a comment below if you thought this was fun and also  subscribe to the blog on the left! (You can subscribe by email or follow by Google!)


Story time.. Right!?
Okay, here is goes...
(okay, my dog doesn't really look like this.. but he sure acts like a girl...and a princess..!)
Once upon a time.. I was sitting in my bedroom minding my own business.. you know just skyping with my best friend. When all of the sudden my dog jumps off my bed and starts acting like a nut. He walks around in a circle like five billion times then lays down so I'm like okay whatever.. and continue to skype with my buddy. Then out of nowhere he gets up walks over by my lovely dresser and decides it's a good spot to let out what he last ate. YUCK! I then JUMPout of my bed pick him up and run him downstairs and let him out the back door... not thinking anything of it.. you know it's only 1:00 AM. No biggy. So I go upstairs and begin to clean up the oh so nice present that my darling puppy left for me. I went downstairs again to see if he was at the back door yet. Nothing. I then thought to myself.. oh okay and went to the laundry room to put the rags. I then hear talking outside of the laundry room.. I get a bit nervous.. but think oh it's probably just the neighbors. BUT THEN!! The outside light pops on.. NOW I'M THINKING HEEELLLLP! I just stood there in the laundry room frozen.. I then heard what sounded like the gate open and then a loud BOOM!
(I for sure thought I was going to see this!)
I then run upstairs to my room.. shaking and I tell my friend what's happening.. and I tell her that I'm afraid to go outside and get my dog... alone.. I don't want to die.. I tell her that everyone is asleep and I don't want to wake them for multiple reasons. I then hear car doors slam shut.. and a car speed off.. my dog still hasn't came to the back door and everything is silent. So I begin to tell her that. She then tells me to grab my pepper spray and bring her with me to go and get my dog.. I decided I'd wait a bit and finished to clean up the mess. All of the sudden my dog starts barking a bark I've never heard before and he's going crazy.. I run downstairs grab the pepper spray in my purse and then the barking stops.. so I wait by the back door for just a bit then the barking starts again and it's getting worse.. I then got the worst butterflies of my life. I peeked out the window and saw my dog standing in the middle of the lawn looking around the corner at something.. he begins to bark again and run back and forth. In my head I'm thinking are all the doors locked? There is NO WAY I'm going out there to get him.. so I check all the doors, windows and stand by the back door.. pepper spray in hand just waiting for silence or something.
(this was totally me.. ready to kick some serious bum bum!)
. when I all the sudden see the upstairs light flip on and hear my mom coming down the stairs. She sees me and asks what's going on then says get him before he wakes everyone up.. I tell her I'm too frightened but I do as she says.. so I open the door.. my puppy sees me and runs to me in a hurry.. he hasn't left my side since. After I brought him in my mother and I heard car doors slam and a car hurry and speed off.. I went up to my room with my dog.. and heard another car I looked out my window and saw a car parked in front of my house.. this is a car I've never seen before.. it then left and now.. it just keeps coming back. I think it's waiting for my bedroom light to be turned off. 
Well, good luck.. I'll be sleeping with the lights on for the next year! 
Why? Because I for sure don't want to see this or have this happen! ha ha!
I'll also be sleeping with this by my bed now!

AND there you have it, I hope you enjoyed this little Throw Back Thursday! Remember to leave a comment below if you'd like to see more of these. Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday! 

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