The More The Merrier!

Friday night The Mr. and I got a nice surprise! Brandon (James brother) and his cute girlfriend Carly. They were only here a short while but it was nice to get to know Carly and to hang out with Brandon! Too bad weekends don't last longer ha ha. It is always hard when family leaves!

On Friday we went over to Lava Hot Springs and enjoyed some delicious food at the Chuckwagon and then we headed over to the hot baths! Although I didn't take any pictures.. it still happened. Ha! Carly at first didn't know what to think about them but I think eventually she enjoyed them. Maybe it is just and Idaho thing? 

On Saturday it was date day! And we brought the selfie stick along. So of course we had to get a cute car selfie of us on our way to Pocatello where we were going to enjoy some mini golf and delicious food.

Mini golf was a blast! Grandma got A HOLE IN ONE! On one of the hardest holes there! We were all impressed and celebrated. On the pirate ship I got my ball in the hole that shoots it out and is supposed to hopefully give you a hole in one. If I remember correctly James also got a hole in one but I can't remember for sure. There was a lot of helping each other out aka cheating going on so who knows what really happened ha!

After golf we were all pretty hungry! Brandon decided it would be a good idea for us to go to this Filipino Cuisine and try some food from his mission. It was pretty good! I would recommend trying it if you are ever in Pocatello. It was a neat experience to hear Brandon speak the language and bond with the workers and everyone eating there. After we left we got hugs and come again from the workers! They were soo nice! 

Sunday was the day Carly and Brandon headed home! We were sad to see them go but we can't wait until they come visit again (hopefully soon!) and we go and visit them. 

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