Throwback Thursday (a day early..)

Well, I am posting today for "throwback Thursday" since tomorrow is THANKSGIVING!! Woo-hoo! Yummy food and spending time with family. Best. Day. Ever. Ha! I sure hope you enjoy today's old blog post (from a previous blog..) Have a very Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your time with family and friends and the delicious food. 


This post is going to have two stories.. one about how my best friend is a good friend and another on how I'm an even better friend.. so let's get this party started shall we?
Story #1:
As many of you know my best friend is Bina. We've been friends for 17 years.. way to long right? ha ha Okay that was mean, I'm totally kidding. Before I continue this story I should fill you all in.. I DO NOT USE MY CAR HORN FOR ANY REASON. (I don't know why.. I just don't.) Now on to the story. (: One day Bina and I were driving down a very busy road, we were laughing, and talking.. because that's what we do, when all of the sudden some jerk face cuts me off almost hitting my car.. so I slammed on my breaks and Bina looked at me with a shock and just reached over me and honked my horn... we then received a pleasant gesture you know the signal for bird. We started laughing and Bina asks, "Why didn't you honk your horn?! We could of died!" I replied, "Because..... I don't have a reason." So from then on Bina has always been on alert to use my horn. (: For example one time we were waiting to order our food when a giant truck started to back up into my car.. and it didn't stop it just kept going.. I just starred out my window like whoa dude what the h e double hockey sticks are you doing?! While Bina and some others were in the background yelling, "HONK YOUR HORN, HONK YOUR HORN!" All the sudden I feel this hand reach over me.. and who was it? Bina honking my horn.. a little too late though.. BAM.. he ran into my car.. my side.. ha ha. He felt like an idiot once he got out of his car.. but little did he know, it wasn't me that honked my horn. Oh what a good friend that Bina is.
Story #2
One day while Bina and I were out running errands, we soon realized that we were being followed at the store by some creepo wearing a long drench coat with his hood pulled up and his hands in his pockets.. so we decided to hurry and gather our things and check out... so we did so and got in my car and drove away and went to the next store. While walking out of the store I looked up and saw the creep out of the corner of my eye, so I turned to make sure and realized that yep it was him.. so my instinct was to RRUUUNNNNN! So therefore, I took off running to my car, hopped in and locked the doors.. leaving Bina in the dust.. even though I heard her start to say, "Chels..why are you......" I believe she was starting to say running but I was far to quick. Next thing I notice is Bina at my passenger door yelling, "UNLOCK THE DOOOOOOR!" So I did.. oh what a beautiful glare that I got.. I believe she said something around the lines of, "You whore! You just left me out there on my own to DIE!" My reply, "Sorry." Ever since then Bina has made sure to stick with me when we're leaving stores.. to always pay attention and most importantly to NEVER trust me with her life. (: See, I'm such a good friend.. I was just teaching her a lesson or something like that. Doesn't this make you want to become my friend?

Ha ha, I thought this post was hilarious.. Sabrina and I are still best friends don't worry.. and she hasn't died with me yet... (catch onto the yet..) Love you boo! 
I sure hope you all enjoyed this goofy story! Have a VERY Happy Thanksgiving all! 


The Night Before Christmas Giveaway!!

Well, the holidays are pretty much here starting with Thanksgiving, I am so grateful that I get to have this blog and that I have so many of you that support me. Thank you for all of your love! 
Many of you know I am obsessed with Mary Engelbreits work! One of my favorites that she has illustrated has been The Night Before Christmas. So that bring me to today's post, I believe that one of you NEEDS to have this book in your home! (Really I think everyone should own it.. but that would be expensive.. let's be real.)

Here's how to enter: 
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Throw Back Thursday!

Once upon a time, I Chelsey (The Mrs.) had a different blog. It was called "Fancy That!" It has a lot of good memories for me. Some funny, some sad but mostly all happy and fun. On this blog I shared a lot of craft ideas, recipes and some of my favorite things. It was a lot of fun! So I thought it might would be fun to do a little "Throwback Thursday" every Thursday and share some of my old blog posts! Hope you enjoy. Make sure to leave a comment below if you thought this was fun and also  subscribe to the blog on the left! (You can subscribe by email or follow by Google!)


Story time.. Right!?
Okay, here is goes...
(okay, my dog doesn't really look like this.. but he sure acts like a girl...and a princess..!)
Once upon a time.. I was sitting in my bedroom minding my own business.. you know just skyping with my best friend. When all of the sudden my dog jumps off my bed and starts acting like a nut. He walks around in a circle like five billion times then lays down so I'm like okay whatever.. and continue to skype with my buddy. Then out of nowhere he gets up walks over by my lovely dresser and decides it's a good spot to let out what he last ate. YUCK! I then JUMPout of my bed pick him up and run him downstairs and let him out the back door... not thinking anything of it.. you know it's only 1:00 AM. No biggy. So I go upstairs and begin to clean up the oh so nice present that my darling puppy left for me. I went downstairs again to see if he was at the back door yet. Nothing. I then thought to myself.. oh okay and went to the laundry room to put the rags. I then hear talking outside of the laundry room.. I get a bit nervous.. but think oh it's probably just the neighbors. BUT THEN!! The outside light pops on.. NOW I'M THINKING HEEELLLLP! I just stood there in the laundry room frozen.. I then heard what sounded like the gate open and then a loud BOOM!
(I for sure thought I was going to see this!)
I then run upstairs to my room.. shaking and I tell my friend what's happening.. and I tell her that I'm afraid to go outside and get my dog... alone.. I don't want to die.. I tell her that everyone is asleep and I don't want to wake them for multiple reasons. I then hear car doors slam shut.. and a car speed off.. my dog still hasn't came to the back door and everything is silent. So I begin to tell her that. She then tells me to grab my pepper spray and bring her with me to go and get my dog.. I decided I'd wait a bit and finished to clean up the mess. All of the sudden my dog starts barking a bark I've never heard before and he's going crazy.. I run downstairs grab the pepper spray in my purse and then the barking stops.. so I wait by the back door for just a bit then the barking starts again and it's getting worse.. I then got the worst butterflies of my life. I peeked out the window and saw my dog standing in the middle of the lawn looking around the corner at something.. he begins to bark again and run back and forth. In my head I'm thinking are all the doors locked? There is NO WAY I'm going out there to get him.. so I check all the doors, windows and stand by the back door.. pepper spray in hand just waiting for silence or something.
(this was totally me.. ready to kick some serious bum bum!)
. when I all the sudden see the upstairs light flip on and hear my mom coming down the stairs. She sees me and asks what's going on then says get him before he wakes everyone up.. I tell her I'm too frightened but I do as she says.. so I open the door.. my puppy sees me and runs to me in a hurry.. he hasn't left my side since. After I brought him in my mother and I heard car doors slam and a car hurry and speed off.. I went up to my room with my dog.. and heard another car I looked out my window and saw a car parked in front of my house.. this is a car I've never seen before.. it then left and now.. it just keeps coming back. I think it's waiting for my bedroom light to be turned off. 
Well, good luck.. I'll be sleeping with the lights on for the next year! 
Why? Because I for sure don't want to see this or have this happen! ha ha!
I'll also be sleeping with this by my bed now!

AND there you have it, I hope you enjoyed this little Throw Back Thursday! Remember to leave a comment below if you'd like to see more of these. Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday! 


How To Make Some Extra Money For Christmas!!

Some of you may know that this year I decided I was really going to try my hardest to bring in some money! I did A LOT of research and found a ton of new ways to bring in money OR completely FREE products! So I thought that it might would be fun to share with you my tips and tricks. Before we get started with the real reason you're here.. ha ha! I would like to start out with a HUGE tip. Make a "junk" email (I used gmail) so that you aren't getting a billion emails to your normal email. This is great for the survey sites and for the freebies you will be requesting. 

First things first, I started doing a lot more surveys for companies. Since I got married I started doing surveys but I didn't do it too seriously, I would make some money here and there but not regularly. In January I found some of the BEST survey sites out there. For each of these when you "cash-out" there are a few different ways you can do so. Some you get your reward aka money through gift cards. (Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks, ETC)  Now when doing surveys you have to Redeemer that in order to "make money" you are going to have to put in some time. I set aside each day to do about an hour of surveys OR I would save them all up and then set aside one day where I did nothing but the surveys that day. I can tell you that this year by doing this I have made well over $500.00 and I was able to completely buy Christmas for James, his family and my family. Along with also being able to buy birthday gifts for everyone. This has helped James and I out A LOT because it left us money to save, go on dates, visit our families more often and do the things we want to do without the extra stress. Also by doing this if we wanted something from online (I mostly cashed out with Amazon gift cards) we had the "funds" to do so thankfully to the gift cards.
The BEST survey sites I have found are

Crowdtap: http://crowdtap.com/ (YOU CAN ALSO GET FREE SAMPLES!)
My Survey: www.mysurvey.com

Secondly, I decided that I wanted to reverie more free things in the mail. So once again I did my research and found some of the best ways to get free things. I personally follow four different "freebies" groups on Facebook that will alert me to free samples (full sized and sample size) so that I can be on top of it. I also joined a survey site that will also open up missions for you to receive samples again full sized and sample size. I also joined a few other companies and I continued to stick with the few I was already doing. This has also helped out our family with gifts or for our blog for some fun giveaways. And I mean who doesn't love getting mail?! I do have to say that once you start it does take about 4-8 weeks to receive your first sample BUT if you are requesting stuff everyday eventually you should be receiving something in your mail box about everyday if not everyday! 
Follow these awesome sites and join these awesome companies to recieve completely free stuff to YOUR mailbox
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And lastly I have found since I was receiving gift cards as my cash out that it would be a good time to check out some money back sites. These are where you shop through them and they give you back a percentage of money back! The best site I have found for this personally is TopCashBack! They offer the most bank for your buck! And they are all the time doing these awesome games where you can earn FREE money or FREE things! I have gotten from them FOUR FREE MOVIES! My recent FREE movie was Finding Dory! So this site is awesome and completely free to join! They also currently have a game going on where you can earn some money. 
Get money back for online shopping!

There you go! My tips for getting extra money for Christmas and how to get FREE things! Hope you enjoyed this post. If you did make sure to leave a comment below and subscribe to the blog to the right. (you can follow by google or by email!) Also let me know if you would like more posts like this! Thanks for all your love and support!


The More The Merrier!

Friday night The Mr. and I got a nice surprise! Brandon (James brother) and his cute girlfriend Carly. They were only here a short while but it was nice to get to know Carly and to hang out with Brandon! Too bad weekends don't last longer ha ha. It is always hard when family leaves!

On Friday we went over to Lava Hot Springs and enjoyed some delicious food at the Chuckwagon and then we headed over to the hot baths! Although I didn't take any pictures.. it still happened. Ha! Carly at first didn't know what to think about them but I think eventually she enjoyed them. Maybe it is just and Idaho thing? 

On Saturday it was date day! And we brought the selfie stick along. So of course we had to get a cute car selfie of us on our way to Pocatello where we were going to enjoy some mini golf and delicious food.

Mini golf was a blast! Grandma got A HOLE IN ONE! On one of the hardest holes there! We were all impressed and celebrated. On the pirate ship I got my ball in the hole that shoots it out and is supposed to hopefully give you a hole in one. If I remember correctly James also got a hole in one but I can't remember for sure. There was a lot of helping each other out aka cheating going on so who knows what really happened ha!

After golf we were all pretty hungry! Brandon decided it would be a good idea for us to go to this Filipino Cuisine and try some food from his mission. It was pretty good! I would recommend trying it if you are ever in Pocatello. It was a neat experience to hear Brandon speak the language and bond with the workers and everyone eating there. After we left we got hugs and come again from the workers! They were soo nice! 

Sunday was the day Carly and Brandon headed home! We were sad to see them go but we can't wait until they come visit again (hopefully soon!) and we go and visit them. 


Veterans Day.

In today's post I just want to take a moment to say thank you to all of our veterans. Thank you for your service and sacrifice. You may or may not know who I am but I am eternally grateful to you. You have blessed my life by being so willing to fight for my rights. If it weren't for some of you I probably would not be here today, so I thank you for that. I personally know many people who have served in the past and who are currently serving and each one of you has had an influence on my life. I love you all and I am so thankful for your service for myself, my family and my country.

I would like to personally thank the men in my life who have served and blessed my life by doing so. And I just want to apologize I know I left a lot of people out but know I am still thinking of you and am grateful for you! 

(Papa Mars)
First off, I would like to thank my 94 year old grandpa who served many years ago with his brother Clyde. My grandpa is one of the people who has touched my life the most. He is my hero and I am so thankful for his service to my family and his country. He is a very brave, strong and great man. I love you Grandpa "Pete" you are incredible. 

(Grandpa Larry)
Secondly I would like to also thank my mom's dad aka my grandpa for his service. I might not know much about what you did but I am so thankful for you and serving our country. You were a great grandpa to me and I feel you close to me everyday. I wish I could of gotten to know you a little better. But again, thank you for your service to your family and your country! You are a great man.

(Grandpa "Pete" on the left, Great Uncle Clyde on the right)
I would like to thank my Great Uncle Clyde. Thank you for your service. I know you were and example to my grandfather which makes you an example to me. Thank you for your love to this country and for all your service it means the world to me. You were a great man!

(Grandma Vonnie & Grandpa Mike)
I would also like to take a moment to thank Grandpa Mike (James' grandfather) for his service. From some stories I have heard I know at times your service was hard on you and your family but you stuck with it and loved it. I am grateful to you and your service for this country. You are a great man and have blessed my life. Thank you for loving and accepting me into the family. You are one of my heroes! Thank you again for your service and for being so amazing.

(Uncle Vince)
And last but of course not least! I want to thank one of my best friends who also happens to be my uncle.. I'm pretty lucky here. Thanks for your service and being such an inspiration to me. You are incredible and have blessed my life so much! I am very honored that I get to be your little elf! (NOBODY ELSE CALL ME THIS OR I WILL HURT YOU.) You are wonderful for serving your country! Thank you for everything you have done. I love you! 

Again, I want to say thank you so much to everyone who has or is serving out country you all are incredible! 


Happy Halloween! (A lot bit late..)

We had a fantastic Halloween this year! We went to Idaho Falls for a doctors appointment an then went on a double date with the grandparents. And although James and I didn't dress up we did get Maggie to dress up. 

Miss Maggie had herself two different costumes! Her alligator costume which she loves but this year she got herself some Yoda ears and doesn't she pull them off just right? Ha ha. she is such a good sport. She also went trick or treating and got way spoiled by her puppy friends! 

When James and I carved pumpkins mine and Maggie's were frozen! It was super neat ha ha. Made pulling out the guts somewhat easy.. surprisingly. 

Yes, we did indeed carve Miss Maggie her very own pumpkin. And YES she sat there watching James waiting patiently for her pumpkin to be ready. I'm pretty sure Maggie thinks she is human. We have created a monster ha ha! 

And here it is! James tried out the whole shaving thing. Not too shabby for his first time and it being 10:30 pm. 

James decided to go Star Wars this year and went ahead and carved himself Boba Fett! He did a good job and he looked super neato! 

I went with the classic Peter Pan movie and carved myself a Captain Hook! He was such a pain in the butt to carve.. but in the end it was worth it because I personally think he looks spectacular! Ha ha! 

We sure hope you all had a very Happy Halloween! Did you dress up? If so as what?! Leave a comment below.  


October Freebie & Sample Video!

Woo-hoo! It is that time again! Watch below to see what awesome freebies I got in the mail this last month! Hope you all enjoy! Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel and to the Blog!

Thanks for watching I sure hope you enjoy! Don't forget to give this video a thumbs up & to subscribe for more videos!

Daily Goodie Box Opening: https://youtu.be/Cel7TCEBh3s

Daily Goodie Box: https://dailygoodiebox.com

Disney Movie Rewards Opening: https://youtu.be/eTLQK8EhoKM

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