Hot Date!

On Saturday my hunk of burning love (name the song..) took me out on one hot date! Ha ha! We went to play black-light mini golfing and then out to dinner at Noodles & Company. Oh boy was that place delicious! The mini golf course was so much fun; they have it split up into three rooms. The jungle, the ocean and then the prehistoric era.. yup, we met some dinosaurs. 

Welcome to the jungle! I was amazed at how detailed everything was it made it that much more fun. This is a smaller course and you can get through it pretty quickly but thankfully they let you play twice! And it is a mixture of easy and not so easy which is awesome.

Ta-Da! We are going to get ate by a shark now and enter the ocean ha!

This is probably my favorite room! It is so cute. They have a wrecked ship, sharks, fishies and even mermaids! 

Here is James mocking the shark.. I think it's his spirit animal! Ha ha. Look how much detail they have!! There is something on every wall it is truly spectacular! 

And now to meet the friendly and not so friendly dinosaurs! Isn't this dino soo cute?! I wish I had a pet dinosaur.. too bad they are dead. I wonder what it would be like to ride one... hmm..

Dinosaurs cover the walls along with the plants and volcanoes! 

I took this picture for my niece because she LOVES dinosaurs!

Once we were all done mini golfing we went to fill up on some good food! We recently got Noodles & Company so we decided to go and give it a whirl. 

I got the Pad Thai and James got Spaghetti and Meatballs! I think he misses that because we rarely ever eat it because I am allergic to spaghetti sauce. Fun huh? Ha ha! 

I am pretty spoiled to have such an awesome husband who will still take me out on dates! I sure do love him and often wonder how I got so lucky! Hope you enjoyed going on our date with us!

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