Hola Nacho!

 This last weekend we had one special visitor at our house! James' brother Brandon came up to visit us or should I say... visit James. Ha ha just kidding! He hung out with me and the grandparents a little bit too. He wasn't here very long but we tried our best to pack in a full weekend of fun and relaxation.

On Friday is when Brandon arrived. We went down to the grandparents and had ourselves a meat and taters dinner and visited for a little while. After supper and visiting we headed up to our house to show Brandon around. After the tour we hit up the wonderful hot baths over in Lava Hot Springs! It was so delightful!

On Saturday we went over to the grandparents house again to visit for awhile before we headed into Pocatello to do a little pre game day grocery shopping and to also check out our new sports store in the mall! Woo-hoo! Once we were done we came back to watch the BYU game. Good thing they won so that the boys were in a good mood ha ha. Once that was done The Mr. made his famous Jollof Rice. This is a recipe that he brought back with him from his Mission to Ghana. IT IS DELICIOUS! Maybe next time he makes it I will take pictures and have him blog the recipe for you all to try. 

On Sunday we went to church, ate some Roast and Brandon went to visit our horse friends and feed them a little treat! He was in heaven. I think he has missed seeing the country and horses.

Once we were done with that Brandon and James learned from Grandpa how to lasso. So... it was only fitting that Brandon lassoed some chickens and Maggie. He didn't catch any chickens but he did catch Maggie and she was such a good sport about it. I sure do love my puppy ha ha.

It was such fun having Brandon come on up for a visit! We sure did miss him so it was nice having his company. We both sure do hope he comes back to visit again soon. Like I have said many times we love our family and love when they come up to visit! We always have a blast with them.

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