Soda Hot Springs Adventures!

This last week my friend Shikira came up for a visit! We had a packed full of adventure week that was a total blast. My favorite day though was when we went to Soda Springs to do a little exploring. And of course I just had to show Shikira around and introduce her to the soda water and the geyser!

Our first stop was to see the lava flow. Sadly we had juts missed it so we weren't able to see it. But we for sure got a picture with the bucket and orange flowers so we will count it. Ha! It is such a pretty place because of all the beautiful flowers. I was super bummed that we missed it and Shikira wasn't able to experience it. Oh well, maybe next time. 

The second stop was to Hooper Springs to taste the soda water from the spring! Thankfully there was a nice gentleman who was willing to take a picture for us. The soda water is in a little enclosed part with benches as you can tell so that people can go and collect the water or just sit and listen to the soothing sound of the water rolling in. 

It is like the cleanest water ever! It is so pretty ha ha. When Shikira first tried the water I told her to try it plain because the water tastes a little like blood because there is so much iron in it. Some people really like it (like my niece Nico..) and some don't like it at all (which would be me). When she tried it her response was, "this is interesting.." then I added a raspberry lemonade powdered mix and she loved it! It is always kind of fun to make your own soda. So if you are ever in the Soda Springs area make sure to bring an empty water bottle and a Kool-Aid packet to make your own soda! You're welcome. Ha ha.

After making our own soda we hit up the geyser! We got there just in time. There was a light breeze so we ended up getting pretty wet and walked away smelling like rotten eggs. The fun thing about this geyser if you don't know it is cold water! So a lot of people go there and play in them. 

It is always a good time being able to explore Soda Springs! But, it is even more fun when you get to show your friend around and introduce her to all the fun things that there is. 

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