Building stuff, my seester, & a fair oh my!

Last week my sister came up from Utah for a nice visit! I was so exited to be able to spend some time with her and her cute kiddos, I love them so much and have missed them very much. Our week together was packed full of a lot of adventures! From building stuff, seeing fake monkeys, real elephants and oh so much more. It was a total blast having them here and enjoying all the fun things the County Fair had. 

Seth was so adorable! He asked James grandpa if he would help him make an airplane to give to his dad for his birthday. And of course Grandpa was thrilled to help him out. I think it made Seth's entire day/week! He was even so excited that once he got home he couldn't wait until his dad's birthday so he went ahead and gave it to him early ha ha! 

Since Chloe and Seth were able to make a bird house with James grandpa the last time they were visiting Nico felt pretty left out so of course Grandpa was kind enough to help her create her own! She decided to fix it up and paint it a light green color. She also decided to give it to her dad for his birthday. Once again, she couldn't wait until his birthday so she gave it to him early ha ha. I told you.. they are some cute kiddos! 

My sister brought me up a selfie stick so we decided to give it out a try! It worked pretty good to help capture us celebrating International book lovers day. Woo-hoo! We went to my local library and checked out about 30 books that included mostly look and find books! ha ha. It was so much fun.

On Monday night we went to see the horse pulls. Whitney, her kids and I got bored after we were done eating and it got super chilly so we decided to head home and play some games. 

On Wednesday the kiddos got the chance to ride the elephant! Talk about a memory to last a lifetime. The elephants name was Patty and she was ADORABLE! After the elephant they got to meet Iron Man. How lucky are they? They even got a sweet picture with him ha ha. And at the end of the day we all enjoyed our time at the parade! Check out the loot we got! We had enough candy to last a lifetime ha. And I even got a sweet hat!! Thanks Piney! 

Also on Wednesday after they kiddos rode the elephant we sat back and enjoyed the very cute show! They did all sorts of tricks. Such talented elephants. I wish I could have a pet elephant they are adorable ha ha. 

On Thursday before my sissy headed home we were able to see the Utah Reptile Show! They had so many different reptiles it was neat. My sisters kids were able to pet a tortuous, get licked by a lizard and they also got to pet a giant snake! 

At the end of the show the kids were able to feed an alligator! It was kind of neat to see how they fed them and to watch how excited the alligator got. 

I am so thankful that my sister and her kids came up for the week to come visit and enjoy the fair with me! The days were packed full and so much fun. I love them so much. Thanks sissy for coming to visit.. and now you know where I live... ha  ha. 

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