A Hollywood Love Story

A few weekends ago James and I were lucky enough to be able to go to Washington to help celebrate fifty wonderful years of marriage for his grandparents. There was a wonderful Hollywood themed party in their honor that their children had provided for them. It was very well thought out and turn out to be one pretty darn amazing party! They went all out! From photo booths to wonderful movie themed food. This celebration also was as a make up for them not being able to have a wedding reception due to them getting married quickly before James' grandfather was deployed. They were able to have their "firsts" (dance & cutting the cake) at this fantastic party. It was amazing to be able to attend and see how truly loved they are by all they come in touch with. It was also wonderful to be able to learn more about their life and to see old pictures. On this trip I grew to love them even more than before and I felt like I had learned a whole lot more about them! Grandma & Grandpa Asher you two are some of the most amazing people I have ever met; I am so lucky that I now get to consider you both as my own grandparents!! I love you both. Here's to fifty more wonderful years. 

I have decided to take you all on a little adventure of what the party looked liked and some of my favorite pictures/memories from the night. I sure hope you enjoy looking at all these pictures! 
Isn't this balloon "popcorn" arch AMAZING?! Great idea to my Mother-in-law and James' aunt! And well done to those who put this together you did a fabulous job.

Hey, hey.. walk of fame stars.. we're basically famous ha!

Rolled out the red carpet (or paper in this case..) for a wonderful celebration! PS. look at all those stars.. Don't worry.. I had one! 

Movie posters for days! How fun are these? There were so many different kinds!

Entering into the grand party room are you ready?!

Hey look.. something I decorated ha! Good idea on the props whoever got them all (I think my second mommy did..) Isn't this sign in table the cutest? I loved the Disney autograph book idea!

YUP! There was a "Hollywood" photo booth! A lot of fun props too.

Their "wedding cake" table! Also look at that drawing of the two of them.. isn't it AMAZING?! Shout out to Artist Paul Snyder who drew that for them! He is such a talented man!

Here's a close up of their "wedding cake" isn't it so pretty? It tasted delicious too!

The tables were decorated so pretty with these little gold stars all over and..

Balloons, tea lights and of course awesome pictures of Grandma & Grandpa from all of their adventures over the years!

Welcome to where the delicious movie themed food was! But first.. isn't this such a cute idea? Ha ha.

Look at all that food! Soft Pretzels with cheese, GIANT pickles, candy galore & water with cute tickets wrapped around them & of course POPCORN! Um, YUM! This is where I was ALL night. Just kidding.. I wish this is where I was.. 

The backdrop of the food table! 

MMMMM Pretzels.. I might of had like 3 or 4.. no biggie..

Aren't these the cutest popcorn bags?! They sure went all out for this party!

Meet the paparazzi! (Their badges say: "Press Pass") aren't they the best looking paparazzi out there? 

They did a fantastic job taking a BILLION pictures of the most famous people ever! Well done, you all have a nice future. Ha ha!

They finally arrived! They could not stop smiling from all the excitement. 

This is their look from the first time they saw the main party room! They were in shock and "wowed" (ha ha get it family?) by all the awesomeness! They loved it!

And yes, they stopped on by the photo booth! (They had to!)

Awe, isn't James and Nick just so cute? They put those props to work! And so did a lot of other people.. Thank everyone who let me take their picture. 

This is Terri (James mom) she gave their life sketch and did a fabulous job!

She even shared some funny stories that got these too a laughing. Well done!

Awe, their first dance was just precious! They danced to the song, "Could I Have This Dance?" by: Anne Murray. They were so cute dancing. So precious. 

Time to cut the cake! Woohoo! Aren't they just adorable? I just love them so so much.

Mm, mm.. feeding the cake to each other. Awe, they finally had their moment!

At the end the grandchildren had a special message to the grandparents. They all filmed a 30 second video saying their favorite memories that they have with them. It was touching.

This was a wonderful party! Thank you everyone who helped put it all together and to all who came and made it such a special night! 

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  1. What a great party! I am sure they loved it! What a blessing to be in love and together for fifty years! Thanks for taking all the pictures! So much fun! Love it!
    Roseane Barber