Product Review: Silk Nutchello

This post was sponsored by Silk Nutchello as part of a sampling activation for Crowdtap! I received complimentary products to facilitate my review. So I just want to give a HUGE shout out to them and a huge thank you for sponsoring this post!

First things first. This was a PAIN to find! So I highly recommend using their site store locator before you head out. You can find it here. They are also offering up a .75 cents off coupon! So win, win! And with that said, onto the review! 

The first time I tried this I lightly shook it up and tasted it.. to be honest I was not impressed. I thought it tasted like water with chunks in it. Ha! Well, I decided to give it a second try but this time I shook it up A LOT more. After doing this it tasted SO much better. So if you do buy this shake it up super, super good! 

I actually enjoyed this product after I did it the correct way. It doesn't taste too bad. They have three different flavors: Caramel, Almond & Cashews, Rich Dark Chocolate & Walnuts, Toasted Coconut & Cashews. As you can tell I chose to try the Caramel, Almond & Cashew flavor. I kind of wish I would of chose Coconut & Cashews so I will be buying that in the near future and I will let you know how that one tastes. It is so nice to have more non dairy healthier drink options. I like this drink and would probably purchase it again. It is definitely worth the try!! 


Doggy Ice Cream!!

Maggie & I are SO excited to share with you all today's recipe! Doggy Ice Cream! I have created two different flavors which have been tasted by the one the ONLY Miss Maggie girl. Both of these are super easy to make and they are well worth it because your pup will never look at you the same. You will be the best human out there! Trust me, or trust Maggie, you decide. 

The Things You Will Need:
3/4 cups chopped or shredded lettuce (NOT Iceberg brand!)
3/4 cups peanut butter smooth (DO NOT get chunky!)
1/2 cup Silk Almond Milk 
2 frozen bananas 
In a blender add the bananas, peanut butter and lettuce. 
Blend until completely blended with barley any chunks. Scrape down the sides with a spoon or spatula, add almond milk and blend until smooth.
Once blended all together pour mixture into a dish that can be froze! (I used paper ice cream dishes that I got at Target.) Place in freezer and freeze until fully frozen which is about 3 hours. Once frozen give your furry friend a scoop.. the whole dish or a few licks! 
I like to put the dish out and let Maggie enjoy, get a few licks and bites then I put it away so she can save some for later!

The Things You Will Need:
1/2 cup pumpkin
1/4 cup peanut butter
1 cup Silk Almond Milk
2 frozen bananas 
In a blender add bananas, pumpkin, peanut butter and almond milk.
Blend all ingredients until smooth. Scrape down the sides with a spoon or spatula and blend again. Once blended well place mixture into dish that can be froze! (I used paper ice cream dishes that I got at Target.) Place in freezer and freeze until fully frozen which is about 3 hours. Once frozen let your puppy dig in and enjoy!
This is Maggie's FAVORITE flavor! Although she does love both she is just a big pumpkin fan.

And there you have it! Two fantastic doggy ice cream flavors! Go ahead give them a try. If you do or would like to PLEASE leave a comment below. Also make sure to pin this o Pinterest to save for later! Find the pin here


A Hollywood Love Story

A few weekends ago James and I were lucky enough to be able to go to Washington to help celebrate fifty wonderful years of marriage for his grandparents. There was a wonderful Hollywood themed party in their honor that their children had provided for them. It was very well thought out and turn out to be one pretty darn amazing party! They went all out! From photo booths to wonderful movie themed food. This celebration also was as a make up for them not being able to have a wedding reception due to them getting married quickly before James' grandfather was deployed. They were able to have their "firsts" (dance & cutting the cake) at this fantastic party. It was amazing to be able to attend and see how truly loved they are by all they come in touch with. It was also wonderful to be able to learn more about their life and to see old pictures. On this trip I grew to love them even more than before and I felt like I had learned a whole lot more about them! Grandma & Grandpa Asher you two are some of the most amazing people I have ever met; I am so lucky that I now get to consider you both as my own grandparents!! I love you both. Here's to fifty more wonderful years. 

I have decided to take you all on a little adventure of what the party looked liked and some of my favorite pictures/memories from the night. I sure hope you enjoy looking at all these pictures! 
Isn't this balloon "popcorn" arch AMAZING?! Great idea to my Mother-in-law and James' aunt! And well done to those who put this together you did a fabulous job.

Hey, hey.. walk of fame stars.. we're basically famous ha!

Rolled out the red carpet (or paper in this case..) for a wonderful celebration! PS. look at all those stars.. Don't worry.. I had one! 

Movie posters for days! How fun are these? There were so many different kinds!

Entering into the grand party room are you ready?!

Hey look.. something I decorated ha! Good idea on the props whoever got them all (I think my second mommy did..) Isn't this sign in table the cutest? I loved the Disney autograph book idea!

YUP! There was a "Hollywood" photo booth! A lot of fun props too.

Their "wedding cake" table! Also look at that drawing of the two of them.. isn't it AMAZING?! Shout out to Artist Paul Snyder who drew that for them! He is such a talented man!

Here's a close up of their "wedding cake" isn't it so pretty? It tasted delicious too!

The tables were decorated so pretty with these little gold stars all over and..

Balloons, tea lights and of course awesome pictures of Grandma & Grandpa from all of their adventures over the years!

Welcome to where the delicious movie themed food was! But first.. isn't this such a cute idea? Ha ha.

Look at all that food! Soft Pretzels with cheese, GIANT pickles, candy galore & water with cute tickets wrapped around them & of course POPCORN! Um, YUM! This is where I was ALL night. Just kidding.. I wish this is where I was.. 

The backdrop of the food table! 

MMMMM Pretzels.. I might of had like 3 or 4.. no biggie..

Aren't these the cutest popcorn bags?! They sure went all out for this party!

Meet the paparazzi! (Their badges say: "Press Pass") aren't they the best looking paparazzi out there? 

They did a fantastic job taking a BILLION pictures of the most famous people ever! Well done, you all have a nice future. Ha ha!

They finally arrived! They could not stop smiling from all the excitement. 

This is their look from the first time they saw the main party room! They were in shock and "wowed" (ha ha get it family?) by all the awesomeness! They loved it!

And yes, they stopped on by the photo booth! (They had to!)

Awe, isn't James and Nick just so cute? They put those props to work! And so did a lot of other people.. Thank everyone who let me take their picture. 

This is Terri (James mom) she gave their life sketch and did a fabulous job!

She even shared some funny stories that got these too a laughing. Well done!

Awe, their first dance was just precious! They danced to the song, "Could I Have This Dance?" by: Anne Murray. They were so cute dancing. So precious. 

Time to cut the cake! Woohoo! Aren't they just adorable? I just love them so so much.

Mm, mm.. feeding the cake to each other. Awe, they finally had their moment!

At the end the grandchildren had a special message to the grandparents. They all filmed a 30 second video saying their favorite memories that they have with them. It was touching.

This was a wonderful party! Thank you everyone who helped put it all together and to all who came and made it such a special night! 


Fourth of July Fun!

This Fourth of July my parents and my brother and his wife came up to spend the holiday with us. Holidays are always better when they are spent with family! We did a mixture of things this year. We attended the local parade and BBQ, floated the river and of course enjoyed the wonderful firework show! It was a ball and I am glad we had some great company for the weekend. 

On Saturday the guys went to play a round of golf and us girls went and did what we do best.. we got pampered with some awesome pedicures! Shout out to the lady who pampered me she did an awesome job and was so personable! My mom and Crystal got a design on their toes and I went with sparkles because you know, I love be sparkly ha!

Every time we go to Lava and float the river there is always a floating beer. And once time my cousin Riley went through and caught one and then drank it down the river it was hilarious. So this time I caught one for him and took a picture for him because of our families inside joke! So to many of you this picture makes no sense ha ha!

On Monday we attended the 4th of July parade! It is such a cute little parade everyone decorate what they have from cars, lawn mowers, and golf carts. This is James cousin and great uncle in their oh so cutely decorated gold cart. They did a great job on the decor! Well done on their part! They also had two pups along for the ride during the parade and they were all dressed up. It was super adorable.

After the parade we loaded up in the truck and went shooting! I didn't shoot anything because I'm not into the whole shooting thing but I will go along for the company and to watch others. My brother was super excited because he got a new gun that he just couldn't wait to shoot it ha ha. We also invited James' grandparents to go with us. They had a good time shooting and trying out some new guns.

Shooting and being busy really wore my dad and Otis puppy right out! They sure are the life of the party ha ha. I love this picture because it is my typical dad and it is so freaking cute. I sure do love my daddy very much!

At the end of the day and their trip we ended with the Lava famous firework show! It was different than normal but I think it was because it was so windy so they did them slower than normal.. BUT the finale was FANTASTIC!! I did enjoy the show and I hope my family did as well. I am so so glad that they came up and joined James and I in the wonderful 4th celebrations! It was a ball.

What did you all do for the Fourth of July? Leave a comment below!