Sneak Peek Continued!

Well here are the updated pictures! Taken today! Hope you enjoy the continued tour of the outside of our home.. and you get to see what it currently looks like! Hip, hip hooray! 
Like I said I keep adding things to our flowerbed. I want it to eventually be filled to the brim with flowers!! I love them and they make me happy.. AND I hate weeding soo.. I found hopefully a better solution ha ha!

This cute little guy was just added to our flower bed thanks to James grandpa! He's so cute. And of course Miss Nico (my niece) loves him too ha ha.

So this is how we started before we finished taking down the ramp. It was nice for when we moved in because we could just walk straight in BUT, it was not our taste and it closed things up too much!

This is in the process of taking it down and getting ready to build some steps. It was already looking so much better and we were getting more and more excited! Thanks to the family for coming up and helping!! I made everything go much faster!!

And TA DA! And now we have stairs!! They look so much better and I love them!! It's funny when you get older the things that you get excited about and love ha!

Doesn't our cute little home look a lot better now? We are sill getting there but it is a work in progress and with every little thing we do it gets looking better. It's a fantastic feeling!! I love our home and I can't wait to continue making it pretty!

And even our porch is getting pretty! Thanks mom and dad for our cute little bench! Eventually (hopefully soon..) I am going to be painting it Pineapple Yellow. I am so excited. It's nice to be able to sit out on our porch at night when it's cooled down. 

Well, there you have it! The progress of our home. Hope you enjoyed it and love it as much as we do! Thanks again for coming on this journey with us. 

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