Catching Up: Part 3 - Visitors

After we visited Utah we got to take home with us a little visitor. Otis puppy who is my parents dog came home with us. I'm pretty sure Maggie is still upset with us from doing so though.. OH WELL!
He was extremely hyper that he wore himself out all the time! He was so much fun to play with. I think he might love me a little bit more now ha ha! He got spoiled rotten with a lot of play time loves and of course treats. Poor Maggie just can't seem to get along with him (jealousy) so I guess we will keep trying on getting her to be nice! ha ha! It was so much fun having little Otis for a week.

Although Otis wasn't the only visitor to come! My sister and her family came up for the weekend. It was a lot of fun. We went to the Idaho Natural History Museum, the pool over in Lava Hot Springs and we even visited Malad and got some ice cream. It was so much fun to have them up visiting for awhile. I love when my family comes for a visit it's a wonderful time. I also love being able to show them around Idaho and some of the cool fun things that we have here. 

Needless to say when everyone left (especially Otis) my poor animals were worn right out! They slept for hours and hours ha ha. They are so cute. We sure do love our visitors they are a lot of fun! Thanks mom and dad for letting me play with Otis for a week and a big thank you to my sister and her sweet family for coming up for a fun weekend! I love you all!!

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