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Product Review - Garnier Fructis

This post was sponsored by Garnier Fructis as part of a sampling activation for Crowdtap! I received complimentary products to facilitate my review. So I just want to give a HUGE shout out to them and a huge thank you for sponsoring this post!

I already was a BIG fan of Garnier but oh my.. after trying this shampoo and conditioner I feel conflicted on which type of their shampoos and conditioners I like best of all! This shampoo and conditioner made my hair smell AMAZING! It also made it look more full with volume which was fantastic because who doesn't love more volume in their hair right?! And to top it off I also was able to try their sheer set hairspray and holy cow that stuff is wonderful. It wasn't sticky like most hairsprays are and it truly did hold my hair all day long! I will be purchasing the hairspray in the future for sure. I recommend both of these products because they smell great and work amazingly! You will NOT regret spending the money I promise.  

I mean.. look at my hair. HA HA! It made it look super shiny and more full. LOVE this stuff.


Catching Up: Part 3 - Visitors

After we visited Utah we got to take home with us a little visitor. Otis puppy who is my parents dog came home with us. I'm pretty sure Maggie is still upset with us from doing so though.. OH WELL!
He was extremely hyper that he wore himself out all the time! He was so much fun to play with. I think he might love me a little bit more now ha ha! He got spoiled rotten with a lot of play time loves and of course treats. Poor Maggie just can't seem to get along with him (jealousy) so I guess we will keep trying on getting her to be nice! ha ha! It was so much fun having little Otis for a week.

Although Otis wasn't the only visitor to come! My sister and her family came up for the weekend. It was a lot of fun. We went to the Idaho Natural History Museum, the pool over in Lava Hot Springs and we even visited Malad and got some ice cream. It was so much fun to have them up visiting for awhile. I love when my family comes for a visit it's a wonderful time. I also love being able to show them around Idaho and some of the cool fun things that we have here. 

Needless to say when everyone left (especially Otis) my poor animals were worn right out! They slept for hours and hours ha ha. They are so cute. We sure do love our visitors they are a lot of fun! Thanks mom and dad for letting me play with Otis for a week and a big thank you to my sister and her sweet family for coming up for a fun weekend! I love you all!!


Catching Up: Part 2 - Meeting Alex Boye'

While James and I were down in Utah for Garens wedding we had also gotten tickets to go see General Conference. If you don't know what that is it's when all the LDS people gather around their TV's all over the world or come from all over the world to the conference center in Salt Lake to hear our Prophet Thomas S. Monson and others speak to us and give us guidance. You can go here to learn more about my religion if you would like. 
Instead of driving up there and trying to find a parking spot we decided to take the train! BEST. DECISION. EVER. It went so smoothly and we go there right on time.. and we didn't have to worry about all the crowds and such which was nice! It was a nice ride and we just enjoyed each others company. And on the way back we met a nice gentleman who was sick and needed us to wake him up once we reached our stop ha ha. Poor guy!

Conference was so peaceful. I love being in the conference center I feel like the spirit is so much stronger there because you're more willing to pay attention and less distractions. I decided to make my focus on less distraction and make my home more like the conference center so I can feel the spirit more and truly listen to the Prophets words. It was a great experience James and I were super lucky to be able to have tickets and experience it. 

After the first session on Saturday was over we decided to stick around for a bit and get some lunch and just wonder around. Well thank goodness we did! We went into Deseret Book and heard Mr. Alex Boye' singing! We got our own little concert which was fantastic. I love his music style so much, it is a lot of fun and beautiful. He is just a kind person and filled with so much love! And of course.. I was already emotional so when I met him I started crying ha ha. No shame. I got extra hugs because of it and he cracked some jokes. He also told me that it made his day to know how much he's appreciated. He also asked if I would send some pictures so I did and he even wrote me back! 

If you have never heard him before give a little listen below! I promise you won't regret it. Also just go on YouTube and type in Alex Boye' and you can listen to all of his wonderful music. AND go here and purchase his newest CD and his older one too!


Catching Up: Part 1 - Garens Wedding

On April 1st one of James really good friends go married, we traveled down to Utah to go and witness his sealing to his beautiful wife Emily. It was a lovely sealing. And of course it was a beautiful day! 
They got married in the new Provo temple! Which is GORGEOUS. 

The luncheon and reception were beautiful and a lot of fun. We are so happy for Garen and Emily!! They are such a cute couple. Congratulations you two. 


Catching Up: Easter

For Easter this year James and I went down to Utah to visit our families and have a small party with my family! (It's tradition..) So we decided to celebrate a week early and do our own thing. 

Our baskets have been made by my dad.. mine is super old and when I got married I wanted one to match mine so me and dad built it up and then I painted it and put on a cute little wooden turtle. I love my Easter baskets! I got my animals at Target in the dollar section! I thought they were adorable. And of course.. my animals need their own baskets ha ha. Needless to say they were content with their new toys and delicious treats! 

Aren't my nieces and nephew the cutest?! This is them getting ready to do the egg hunt! Which their grandma spoiled them rotten!! But hey they are worth it ha ha. 

Before the hunt us girls decided to have a bunny drawing contest. And of course.. I way lost!! Chloe and Nico were the winners. Aren't the bunnies super cute? 

Easter was so much fun and I am grateful we were able to go down and spend time with our families. I love my family so much and I love spending time with them!!


Product Review: Johnsonville Grillers

This post was sponsored by Johnsonville Grillers as part of a sampling activation for Crowdtap! I received complimentary products to facilitate my review. So I just want to give a HUGE shout out to them and a huge thank you for sponsoring this post!

I am not going to lie.. I was so skeptical about trying this when I was selected to participate because they aren't normal hamburgers and I am a hamburger girl. These are made of pork and not beef! But I will get to more of that later. These grilled up super nicely and did not take too long to cook thankfully! I was starving when we decided to grill these bad boys up ha ha. 

As you can tell.. I made the Mr. be the grill master. I don't do the grilling in this house too much work. Just kidding! James said that they cooked super quick (a few even got burned.. but shh that's our secret!) 

Now like I said before.. these are made of pork! They tasted kind of like a fancy hot dog but in hamburger form. They were not bad tasting at all. The Mr. really liked him and would like me to purchase them in the future. I would recommend these if you are looking for something new to try! They are worth at least trying. 


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Product Review: Arm & Hammer

This post was sponsored by Arm & Hammer as part of a sampling activation for Crowdtap! I received complimentary products to facilitate my review. So I just want to give a HUGE shout out to them and a huge thank you for sponsoring this post!

I was super excited when I got accepted into this mission to try our Arm & Hammers new Truly Radiant Spin brush and Truly Radiant toothpaste. I have been using this for about a week now and I can honestly say I love both of these products! After every brush I feel like I have just got a deep clean from the dentist. My teeth look and feel great! I have noticed a difference from when I started using Arm & Hammer Truly Radiant tooth paste to now. They are gradually getting whiter and whiter. It is amazing! I highly recommend both of these products! They will not disappoint you.  

And just to make your day a little better... here is a lovely picture of me brushing my teeth. With style of course. Ha ha!