Maggie's Treasure

Today I decided to tell a cute little story about our dog Maggie that happened on Wednesday. Everyday I let Maggie out on the chain because we don't have a fence yet and she tends to leave our yard and go exploring. Well this was no different day, I put her on the chain and let her be. She normally will bark happily at the birds that fly by or the horses that live next door and she will also bark really loudly at the back door when she is ready to come in. Well on this particular day I was in the front room working out when all the sudden Maggie started barking with a high pitch bark that I had never heard before. So I ran outback and looked over our back porch to see what was going on and to make sure that she was okay! When I looked over I saw Miss Maggie licking her chops and wagging her butt! (She is really wagging her tail but it's just a little nub so it makes her entire behind wag like crazy.. it's so cute!) And next to her was a hole that she had dug. Thankfully we don't have that good of a yard yet so I wasn't too mad.. so I went down to unchain her and as I got down the steps I noticed she had something else in front of her. She had found herself a horseshoe! (I knew this house was lucky!!) I finally caught on to why she was so proud of herself, she had found a treasure and wanted to share it with me. I mean come on.. how can you be mad at that?! It was the cutest thing ever and I was proud of her too. Now we will have something to always remember Maggie by. So I took the horseshoe in and cleaned it up while Maggie sat next to me and watched. And once The Mr. got home I told him the story and showed him and Maggie was still so proud of herself. In fact anytime I move the horseshoe or touch it her whole bum gets a wagging and she knows that it's hers.

The horseshoe now sits pretty on some shelves that James and I recently built. Eventually when I have real decorations on those shelves that is where it's home will be permanently. I couldn't be mad at Maggie for digging a hole because she found something that was pretty darn cool and will now have meaning in our home and will be a great decoration in our kitchen! Thanks good girl. 

PS. The shelves are made from 100 year old barn wood! Talk about adding character in our kitchen. Also thanks gramps for letting us have some wood, you're the best!! Now our kitchen looks complete. Because before there was just this random space there. It's nice to be able to have that extra storage. PPS. I put the stuff on the shelves just so you could see what they looked like with stuff on it. It isn't what they'll really be decorated with ha ha. 


  1. Just a note... make sure you don't hang the horseshoe facing down. It needs to facing up. Old wise tale states if it is facing down.. it is bad luck. Your letting all the luck fall out of the horseshoe. Hey it's a southern thing!

    1. Of course! That's why I have it sitting up on our shelf!! :)