Family Vacation: Hardware Ranch

For Christmas my parents gave the family a weekend trip to Logan, Utah to visit Hardware Ranch. If you don't know or haven't ever heard of Hardware Ranch it's a place where you take a sleigh ride and see some elk up close. It's a pretty fun and cheap thing to do with your family. Adults (9+) are only $5 and kids (4-8) $3 and 3 and younger and free. You can go here to learn more about what they do there and what exactly it is. 

At Hardware Ranch they have a cute little visitor center that talks all about the wildlife you can see there. It is great for kiddos. They have a bunch of interactive things. Miss Nico was so excited to see if her arms were as long as a bald eagle. She was also very curious as to where the beaver was. They had a fake dam built but no beaver. So she asked one of the workers and they explained to her that they are nocturnal so they were hiding because they were sleeping. She was satisfied with that answer.  

Chloe was excited to look through the "giant" binoculars. She had all of take a peek to see the Elk that were wondering around in the field. We also were able to see them being fed which was fun. And as you can tell from her attire we all bundled on up because it was going to be one cold sleigh ride. 

Seth was very interested in the interactive board with buttons to push that made noise. We were able to hear what all types of animals sounded like. It was pretty neat, It was also nice to hear what the elk sounded like because then we knew what to look out for when we were on our ride.

Of course I got a quick picture of my cute husband. But it also worked out because I could show off how pretty the view was from up there. And they had just a little bit of snow. Ha ha!

As you can tell from this picture we were just in a field surrounded by elk. It was a pretty neat experience because I don't know when that would ever happen. So it was awesome to see them all. And we picked a good day to visit because they had a bunch of bigger elk that had recently came down to visit. And some of them had some huge antlers on them! 

Elk are some beautiful animals. It was a great experience and I am so grateful to my mom and dad for letting us have this wonderful family trip! Besides going to Hardware Ranch we also went bowling, to a few cute little shops, to a yummy taco place called King Tacos and also a yummy pizza place called Firehouse. It was such a fun trip and I was so excited to be able to see my family and have some fun quality time with them. 

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