Family Vacation: Hardware Ranch

For Christmas my parents gave the family a weekend trip to Logan, Utah to visit Hardware Ranch. If you don't know or haven't ever heard of Hardware Ranch it's a place where you take a sleigh ride and see some elk up close. It's a pretty fun and cheap thing to do with your family. Adults (9+) are only $5 and kids (4-8) $3 and 3 and younger and free. You can go here to learn more about what they do there and what exactly it is. 

At Hardware Ranch they have a cute little visitor center that talks all about the wildlife you can see there. It is great for kiddos. They have a bunch of interactive things. Miss Nico was so excited to see if her arms were as long as a bald eagle. She was also very curious as to where the beaver was. They had a fake dam built but no beaver. So she asked one of the workers and they explained to her that they are nocturnal so they were hiding because they were sleeping. She was satisfied with that answer.  

Chloe was excited to look through the "giant" binoculars. She had all of take a peek to see the Elk that were wondering around in the field. We also were able to see them being fed which was fun. And as you can tell from her attire we all bundled on up because it was going to be one cold sleigh ride. 

Seth was very interested in the interactive board with buttons to push that made noise. We were able to hear what all types of animals sounded like. It was pretty neat, It was also nice to hear what the elk sounded like because then we knew what to look out for when we were on our ride.

Of course I got a quick picture of my cute husband. But it also worked out because I could show off how pretty the view was from up there. And they had just a little bit of snow. Ha ha!

As you can tell from this picture we were just in a field surrounded by elk. It was a pretty neat experience because I don't know when that would ever happen. So it was awesome to see them all. And we picked a good day to visit because they had a bunch of bigger elk that had recently came down to visit. And some of them had some huge antlers on them! 

Elk are some beautiful animals. It was a great experience and I am so grateful to my mom and dad for letting us have this wonderful family trip! Besides going to Hardware Ranch we also went bowling, to a few cute little shops, to a yummy taco place called King Tacos and also a yummy pizza place called Firehouse. It was such a fun trip and I was so excited to be able to see my family and have some fun quality time with them. 


New Year, Not New Me But Hey Come Get To Know Me!

So I figured it's a new year and there might be a few new people to the blog that probably have no idea who I am. I decided it would be fun to do the common blogger 25 question get to know yous. I hope you enjoy this! Feel free to copy and answer in the comments below because I'd love to get to know you as well.

1. What is your middle name?: 
Lynne. Most people have a hard time spelling my name first and middle because my parents chose the not so common ways to spell both. Chelsey Lynne most common ways are: Chelsea or Chelsie and then of course Lynn. But hey it means I'm different. I love it when I meet someone who spells their name the same way. And it always throws people off when I have to spell my name out for them. Most the time they get it wrong still and do an A instead of a Y but that's okay because Chelsey means Chelsea ha ha. **FUN FACT!** I used to always hate my middle name because my grandmother, mother and older sister all had the same middle name and I felt left out so I used to always say my name was Chelsey Jean. But then we got our cute dog Toby and my parents let me give him Lynne as the middle name. I was content after that. 

2. What was favorite subject at school?: 
My favorite subject was probably History or Journalism. When I was in 10th grade I loved my History teacher. She knew how to get you interested and she really knew her stuff and made learning fun. I even for awhile thought that I might want to become a History teacher. I loved Journalism also because of the teacher and it was an easy English class ha ha. I wasn't too big into English I actually found it rather boring. Due to the part where you had to do a lot of reading. If you know me, you know I'm not a big reader. BUT props to me I read and finished 3 books last year!

3. What is your favorite drink?: 
I have two favorite drinks. The first is obviously Hot Chocolate. Oh my, I love all the different flavors and how it keeps you warm. It is the worlds greatest drink ever, But my favorite flavor of Hot 
Chocolate is probably French Vanilla! I love Vanilla anything though. Such a wonderful taste and scent! Yummy! The second drink is Vanilla Coke. Oh how that makes me happy. I don't like to have this drink all the time but on the occasion oh it is just wonderful! Talk about quenching my thirst.

4. What is your favorite song at the moment?: 
Three songs are currently my favorite but my all time favorite is, "I Love You Too Much" by: Adriana Figueroa. If you have not heard this song look it up on YouTube right now! OR just follow this link: I LOVE YOU TOO MUCH It is so catchy and a beautiful peaceful song. The second song I am loving right now is, "How Could I Want More" by: Jamie Lynne Spears. Go listen here: HOW COULD I WANT MORE It is so pretty! She has such a soothing voice. And the third some I am into is,"Sparks" by: Hilary Duff. Listen Here: SPARKS It is such a fun upbeat song. It is a great workout song FYI. But if you're ever in a bad mood this song will get you cheered right up. I'm actually really into Hilary Duff's newest album. I am a big fan of hers.

5. What is your favorite food?:
My favorite food is Potato Soup. Actually, I really like anything Potato. But mostly Potato Soup, oh I can eat like 30,000 bowls of it and want more. It's one of the best foods ever ha ha. My favorite food type though is Chinese. Gotta love me some Orange Chicken! Oh man, I am hungry now.

6. What is the last thing you bought?: 
The last thing I bought was a present for the Mr's birthday.. so I can't really answer this question! By the way his birthday isn't until June but I like to shop ahead, like really ahead ha ha. But the thing I bought before then was I can't even remember to tell you the truth. Hmm, now there will be something keeping me up at night. 

7. Favorite book of all time?: 
Well, this is a tough question. My favorite book of all time currents is probably "Catch" by Michelle D Argyle. Here is a link to the book CATCH PS. It's FREE for kindle! Also it is a quick easy read but a very fun one at that. The other book that I really enjoyed is by Lauren Conrad and it's called "The Fame Game" it is a book out of a series which I started with the second series so I will technically be reading these books backwards but oh well they still made sense. Here's the link to this book: THE FAME GAME This book was really fun and interesting. But not everyone will be into this type of book just so you know. But I really like Lauren Conrad so.. there's that.

8. Favorite Color?:
I have four that are all tied for my favorite colors and they are: Yellow. Not pee yellow or gross yellow but the pretty pastel yellow. Purple, I like a lot of different shades of purple but there is this one that I LOVE. I don't know how to explain. I will post pictures below to explain my favorite colors ha ha. I also really like baby pink right now! Yep, I'm a girly girl. Oh and I of course really dig bright blue. You should see my house, it is very bright. Ha ha!

9. Do you have any pets?: 
Why yes, yes I do. I have 12 fish (WAY TOO MANY!) Two cats, Ollie and Edwin. And of course my Maggie puppy! I love all my animals. They make me so happy. They are all so cute even when they can be big pains in the butt. I am so glad that they are all in my life.
10. Favorite Perfume?: 
Although I don't own this perfume and never have but I WOULD love to because it is my favorite one that I have ever smelt. (Hint, Hint Mr. Hatch my birthday is coming up!) It is Ari by Ariana Grande. Oh it smells so heavenly. It's not over powering just a nice scent. You can check it out or buy it here: ARI Perfume

11. Favorite Holiday?: 
Christmas!!!!!!! It is the BEST. HOLIDAY. EVER. Everyone is usually pretty happy and there is lights and merriness everywhere. It is just wonderful. I love Christmas like really LOVE Christmas. Thanks mom..! My mom has always gone all out on Christmas and it has passed down to me.

12. Are you married?: 
Of course I'm married. Why else would this blog be called The Mr. & The Mrs.? I am very happily married. Love my Mr! He's so cute.

13. Have you ever been out of the country, if so how many times?: 
Me, no. James yes! He went to Ghana Africa for his mission and was gone for two year there. Lucky duck.. Although I probably wouldn't survive there. So Props to him!

14. Do you speak any other language?:
I just speak good ol' English. I'm actually pretty fluent in it. Ha ha! The Mr. knows a little bit of Twi from serving in Africa but other than that, we both just speak English. I wouldn't mind learning another language although I don't think I have the patience for it.

15. How many siblings do you have?: 
I have one older sister and one older brother. I love them both very much. They are both some of my best friends! Especially my sister because well, she's a girl and we can talk about girly things and do girly things. My brother and I can talk food and eat food but it's a great thing to have in common. Then of course I have my brother in law and my sister in law! They count as siblings sort of right?
Awe aren't we all so cute. Ha ha! Then James has 3 younger brothers and 3 younger sisters. Yup! He's the oldest.. and I'm the baby. It's like we were meant to be? 
There is one missing here.. and that's because he's on his mission. Shout out to Brandon! 

16. What is your favorite shop?: 
Target. No question there. My favorite grocery store though is Winco or Fred Myers! I also really like Tj Max and Ross. But Target is for sure my favorite for everything. Man I miss Target, wish we had one closer. Hey.. I think I need to take a vacation down to Utah for awhile. 

17. Favorite restaurant?:
I have two! One is a local place here called, The Chuckwagon. It is so yummy and fairly cheap. It is like a good home cooked meal. They have a little bit of everything. So glad that we found this place. Oh yummy. Maybe this will be dinner tonight? Ha! The other place is Chili's. Oh I love this place. I always order the same thing. Honey Chipotle Chicken Crispers. They are to die for!

18. When was the last time you cried?: 
Today. For a certain reason that I am unwilling to talk about. Thanks.

19. Favorite Blog?: 
There are a lot of really great blogs out there but my two favorites are of course my best friend Sabrina's she blogs over at, Because I Love You which she stopped blogging and needs to start again. So MAYBE if you all go over there and harass her she will start again. She has a lot of fun stories she needs to tell and her life is very exciting. So hey Sabrina.. start blogging again so my life isn't as boring. Thanks love yooou. My second favorite blogger is Kristyn Cole she blogs over at Contrast Of Effect and her blog is filled with stories, recipes, crafts etc. It is such a beautifully well put together blog. She has the most amazing house that she always posts about and it give me hope that I to can have a wonderful home like hers ha ha. She is so crafty she even painted her own couch like what? She is super women ha ha. It's like we were meant to be bff's but aren't and probably never will be seeing as how I'm in Idaho and she's in Texas.. but hey a girl can dream right? Kristyn Cole has also put together this amazing group on Facebook that is all things crafts and home decor and what not come on and check it out you will not be disappointed: AT HOME FACEBOOK PAGE

20. Favorite Movie?: 
Disney's live action Cinderella or the animated one. I love Cinderella! The story is wonderful. I even have a Cinderella printable in my home. I also really like The Book of Life. It is such a cute movie and has such good music. Also my favorite song is from this movie. 

21. Favorite TV shows?: 
So glad you asked! I have a few shows that I love to watch and they are: Born.This.Way which follows a group of friends who all have down syndrome. It is such a touching show and it is so cute to watch them. I want them all to become my friend! I really love the show I Love Kellie Pickler. She is a hoot and a half. This show is super funny! The last show I've been really into lately is Younger and that's due to the fact that Hilary Duff is in it. Some might think it's a very trashy show but, oh well. I still enjoy it.

22. PC or Mac?: 
PC. I'm not a Mac fan. Sorry to offend anyone.

23. What phone do you have?: 
I have a Galaxy S4.. but come March or April I am upgrading. Yippee. 

24. How tall are you?: 
I am 5'4" and a half. Yes I add the half because it really does count.. it makes me taller. But I realize that in reality the half doesn't help me at all because I still need a stool to do pretty much anything in my house. Oh well, guess that comes with not being very tall!

25. Can you cook?:
Yes. Well I sure hope I can seeing as how I cook every night.. and I also share my recipes on this blog. So I hope they taste well and I'm not poising everyone.

Well there you have a it. Hopefully now you know a little bit more about me! If you already knew all this you must be my family, or my friend.. but you also might of learned something new because I don't think you'll ever know everything about me. I'm a complicated person. I change my mind all the time.. and I'm a girl.. and supposedly girls are complicated ha ha! But anyways, I hope you had fun and don't forget to copy and either post on your own blog (leave your link below so we can become blogging buddies) or if you comment below with the answers.


Time To Rewind: Back To November

Back in November my mom planned a fun girls/one boy trip to go to Salt Lake City and see Disney on Ice and to stay in a fancy hotel and of course do some shopping. We hit up the Disney Store, (of course!) and a few other places and we even ended up eating at Johnny Rockets. This was such a fun tripped filled with memories that will last a lifetime!

The girls dressed up as Disney Princesses.. Chloe was Elsa of course and Miss Nico was Ana! I don't think my mom and I got the memo to dress up as a Disney Princess or I think we would of. Ha ha! It was so fun to sit in between my two nieces and see their reaction to the show. They LOVED it.

Our favorite act and Disney Princess was Tangled! It was so neat to see everything and they did some amazing tricks. The characters were so cute. They even had the horse! The music was so much fun it got everyone to sing along and clap along even. They also did The Princess and The Frog, Cinderella and Snow White. They were also very good and well put together. My top two favorites were like I said Tangled and of course Cinderella! I'm a big Cinderella fan. The skaters that were apart of the show were totally talented and simply amazing!

At the end of the show they had everyone come out. By everyone I mean all the Disney Princesses. It was so cute and fun. It made me wish I knew how to ice skate. Maybe I could of been on Disney on Ice. Ha ha! Just kidding. The show was amazing and so much fun. If you have never been I highly recommend it! And there really isn't a bad set in the house. How the show is set up is so everyone can see from where they are sitting. It was wonderful.


Sneak Peek: Our New Home!

As promised, I told a lot of you that I would show you our new home. Right now we are still living out of some boxes.. in fact one room is completely filled with boxes so filled that you can't even move in there ha ha. And the truth is, we moved in and just set up Christmas right away because we figured that would be the easiest thing to do. So here is a little sneak peek into our home! Ps. These were taken the first time we toured the home. It sure has changed a lot and I can't wait to get my house all unpacked so that I can show you all how cute it really is. But until then.. enjoy!

Here is part of our front room aka the living room. The whole house used to be just a cream color.. and I like color so of course we have painted this room! We figured why not paint before we move in it just made sense. This is probably one of my favorite rooms and that's because of the fireplace. What would make it better right now though would be having the fireplace hooked up so we could actually use it ha ha. But oh well, that is another story for another time.

And the last peek into our home is the kitchen and dining area! Like I said, everything was a blah cream color everywhere and I like color so we painted part of the dining room. I LOVE it! Some people might wouldn't like it but I love color thus I have a lot of colors going on in my home ha ha. 

Well, I hope you liked the little peak into our home. I can't wait to show you all of the updates we did and the new furniture that my dad made us which looks fabulous! Don't worry, I will hurry and set my house up so I can give you all a little tour.