Give A Little Update

First things first, I am not sorry at all for not blogging in over a month. Life here has been super stressful and an emotional roller coaster for multiple reasons. 

-We currently bought our first home together, which came with a lot of it's own problems. Yes, I knew there would be problems with owning a home because it's natural. But I didn't think day one we'd have all these crazy problems.. but we will get into the details later.

-We have been traveling to Utah a ton.. which can drain the bank account a little bit. Not complaining because I have loved every second of it. I mean come on I get to see my family and they are all awesome. So that has been a bright side of it.

-The Mr. & I have been struggling with some health problems that have resulted in us not being able to have a baby. But we aren't giving up just yet. This has been an eye opening experience. And I personally don't like to talk about it. So thus that is why you haven't really heard anything about it and this is probably the only little piece you will hear.

-The Mr. has recently had a little scare with some of his health problems which we are still waiting to make sure there is nothing wrong. But in the meantime we have been dealing with a few not very professional people and things have been taking a lot longer than they really should be. So that has been super frustrating. 

Now this isn't a feel bad for me post. Trust me we are doing fine, it's just this is my excuse why I haven't been blogging lately. I have been running or driving around with my head off. It has just been very, very busy. And I'm sure if you've ever moved or bought your own home you will understand this ha ha. But yeah, anyways.. I'm hoping that either I will get back to blogging or after the holidays I will for sure be back to blogging. So when that time comes you can expect a lot of back dated posts that should of happened months ago. My apologies. But yes, a house "tour" will be coming and probably will be one of the first posts I do. But until then here is our little update. We are still here and alive and doing well.