Oh Boy! It's time for Fall!

Lets start today's post with a little bio about me. I do not like scary things, therefore, I do NOT like Halloween all that much. I don't enjoy haunted housed nor scary movies. I especially do not like being scared. Thus I have become very cautious around Halloween time. But, I do like the cute things that can come with Halloween like some decorations and all the cute costumes. So I think that's enough of a bi and will explain why my house is decorated the way it is. I have decided to only show you the outside this time around but the inside of our home is also decorated and maybe later I will show bits and pieces of it. So for now I hope you enjoy my little tour of our Halloween and fall decorations on the outside of our lovely home.

This is in our front flowerbed and I think he is just so cute. I don't normally like spiders but this one is okay to stay! I got him after Halloween a few years ago for like a quarter. Best money I have ever spent! He has traveled with us and has been a great decoration for awhile. I love him!

I spent a little bit of money this year so I could make our home look warm and welcoming. Especially because James' grandparents came home this month. The mason jars I had leftover after we finished up some bottled fruit that my parents had made for us and I decided to add some fall flowers to help brighten things up. I got them at the Dollar Store and they work perfectly especially since they are outside and will be in some of the nasty weather. The black and orange pumpkin garland is also from the dollar store, I thought it would look cute wrapped around the banners so I placed one on each side going up the stairs. The welcome pumpkin is a hand me down from my mom. I believe she made it herself. She is very talented! I love it a lot and feel like it helps people feel like they are more at home. 

I got this mat last year after Halloween at Lowe's for only $1.99! I was so excited because I didn't have a Halloween rug yet and boy oh boy you can't beat $1.99. This rug is way cute and it matches my personality wonderfully! Cute Halloween and it makes me happy.

I got the Trick or Treat Witches feet also at the Dollar Store. I originally bought it to put in my wreath but it ended up being way to big but I think it looks just dandy right where it is now next to our front door. 

This is the first year I have had this Halloween wreath. My mom bought me the berry wreath last year after Halloween for I think $2.99? Maybe? And I decided to fix it up a little bit so I went to the Dollar store and got the bow and then the spiders. I think it looks great and very much like Halloween.

And last of all the "big" display! I went a little crazy with pumpkins this year but I didn't feel bad because I was hoping that I can freeze the pumpkin and be able to use it when I do all my fall baking. You know what I mean? Pumpkin bar season is back! YES!! Four of the pumpkins will be getting carved in a couple of weeks and I can't wait for that. The two pictures are just some frames I had sitting around and I found the printables on Pinterest. They are from the classic movie Hocus Pocus. The wreath is my fall/thanksgiving wreath that will hang on my door next month. The small scarecrow is normally in my flowerbed but I thought it would look cute stuck in the hay. Every time I see the front porch I always get so happy. I love the way it looks! 

I hope you enjoyed the small tour of our home! Thanks for letting me have a little show and tell.  

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