New & Exciting Things!

Miss Maggie finally had surgery! If you didn't know she had melanoma under her eye. A lot of people thought it was just a mole. But hey what do you know it was cancer. We got her about 6 months ago and many of you are probably like why did you wait so long to get it taken off? No it wasn't the cost. Ha ha! Our vet actually told us that she wanted Maggie to get used to us first and there were a few things she needed to get comfortable with. We didn't want to traumatize her. I was so excited for her to finally be able to get it off. It was getting bigger and was starting to finally bother her. She looks so much better and now we don't have to answer the question we always got asked which was what is that on her eye? And the follow up question, why haven't you gotten it taken off? Ha ha. I'm happy for my pup and I think she feels so much better now. Although she is really taking it in that she had surgery and is being a boob. But hey, I'll let her be a boob all she wants.. more puppy cuddles and loves for me!

More exciting news.. I finally took a BIG step in my life and decided to adventure into the world of Etsy and opened up my very own shop. My shop is going to have a little bit of everything. Handmade cards, Scroll Saw Art, Ornaments, (scroll saw, wood & others!) Coasters & Trivets, Banners, Pioneer games and other fun games, (pegs & jokers for example) Hand Scrubs, Body Scrubs and hopefully face masks! Like I said a little bit of everything. I had the hardest time coming up with a name but finally decided on Simply Chelsey Lynne. Why? Well, I like simple things and I am Chelsey Lynne ha ha. If you'd like to check out my shop here is the link: Simply Chelsey Lynne 

Here is an example of a few of the cards that I am selling on my shop so you get an idea. Each card is handmade and one of a kind, they even will come with their own envelope and will be packed carefully and of course with love!

This is the very first hand/body sugar scrub that I have came up with. It took awhile to come up with the texture and scent that I wanted. BUT, I have finally got one that I think is a winner. I am working on a few other things before this will be up for sell but be expecting it shortly! The scrubs will be made to order so the tag may be different. 

The last exciting thing is... remember when my finger swelled up so bad that I had to get my rings cut off? **Didn't see that post? Check it out here!** Well, I finally got a replacement ring! I am so excited. Not having my ring makes me feel sad and weird almost like I am naked ha ha. I am so excited for this ring. The only bummer is that I have to wait about a week for it to shop up because we had to order my size.. but hey I can be patient and at least I'm going to have a ring again! 

So many great and exciting things have been happening to James and I lately and I can't wait to share more of them with you as they are finalized.. trust me you WON'T want to miss the next exciting post.. and you will know what it is.

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