1..2..3.. CHEESE!

I have to admit, I am pretty lucky when it comes to a husband. He is always so willing to let me take pictures of our family. He even lets me pick out his outfit so we match ha ha. So I guess you can figure out what this post is about now. Yes, we took some more family pictures!
We went up the "gap" because I was really hoping for some pretty fall colors.. which we had two weeks ago and I waited way too long. I was kind of bummed but it was alright at least it was still pretty and made a beautiful background.

We decided to take a quick few of just us before we added miss Maggie. Truth be told.. she is a pain and doesn't really care for pictures. I mean come on.. be a good dog. Ha ha. Just kidding. We just bribed her with some treats of course.

In the end we got three really good pictures of the three of us. Good girl Maggie! And that's a wrap.. well until we take pictures in our Christmas sweaters that is. 


New & Exciting Things!

Miss Maggie finally had surgery! If you didn't know she had melanoma under her eye. A lot of people thought it was just a mole. But hey what do you know it was cancer. We got her about 6 months ago and many of you are probably like why did you wait so long to get it taken off? No it wasn't the cost. Ha ha! Our vet actually told us that she wanted Maggie to get used to us first and there were a few things she needed to get comfortable with. We didn't want to traumatize her. I was so excited for her to finally be able to get it off. It was getting bigger and was starting to finally bother her. She looks so much better and now we don't have to answer the question we always got asked which was what is that on her eye? And the follow up question, why haven't you gotten it taken off? Ha ha. I'm happy for my pup and I think she feels so much better now. Although she is really taking it in that she had surgery and is being a boob. But hey, I'll let her be a boob all she wants.. more puppy cuddles and loves for me!

More exciting news.. I finally took a BIG step in my life and decided to adventure into the world of Etsy and opened up my very own shop. My shop is going to have a little bit of everything. Handmade cards, Scroll Saw Art, Ornaments, (scroll saw, wood & others!) Coasters & Trivets, Banners, Pioneer games and other fun games, (pegs & jokers for example) Hand Scrubs, Body Scrubs and hopefully face masks! Like I said a little bit of everything. I had the hardest time coming up with a name but finally decided on Simply Chelsey Lynne. Why? Well, I like simple things and I am Chelsey Lynne ha ha. If you'd like to check out my shop here is the link: Simply Chelsey Lynne 

Here is an example of a few of the cards that I am selling on my shop so you get an idea. Each card is handmade and one of a kind, they even will come with their own envelope and will be packed carefully and of course with love!

This is the very first hand/body sugar scrub that I have came up with. It took awhile to come up with the texture and scent that I wanted. BUT, I have finally got one that I think is a winner. I am working on a few other things before this will be up for sell but be expecting it shortly! The scrubs will be made to order so the tag may be different. 

The last exciting thing is... remember when my finger swelled up so bad that I had to get my rings cut off? **Didn't see that post? Check it out here!** Well, I finally got a replacement ring! I am so excited. Not having my ring makes me feel sad and weird almost like I am naked ha ha. I am so excited for this ring. The only bummer is that I have to wait about a week for it to shop up because we had to order my size.. but hey I can be patient and at least I'm going to have a ring again! 

So many great and exciting things have been happening to James and I lately and I can't wait to share more of them with you as they are finalized.. trust me you WON'T want to miss the next exciting post.. and you will know what it is.


Easy Navajo Tacos

What you need:
1 lbs of ground beef 
1 taco seasoning packet 
1 can of chili (14 oz)
1 pack of Pillsbury Grands! Original Biscuits (8 count)
And enough oil to cover the bottom of the pan
EXTRAS- for the top: Salsa, sour cream, shredded cheese, lettuce, olives

Serving: 4-8
Prep: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 15 minutes
Total time: 20 minutes
Brown ground beef and drain, once cooked and drained in the same pain add taco seasoning packet and 3/4 cups water also add in the can of chili
Stir all ingredients together making sure there is no clumps of taco seasoning
Cook until chili is warm so about 5-10 minutes
You can either cook completely and set aside before the next step or you can continue cooking while you do the next step
In another large pot pour enough oil to cover the bottom of the pan
On a cutting board place all eight biscuits and squish them down so they are flat
Once biscuits are squished and made flat place two at a time or one whichever fits best in the bottom of the pan with the oil
Turn on the stove to low to fry the biscuits once you see the bottom starting to turn a golden brown flip over and fry the other side
Once biscuits are fried and the meat is cooked place a biscuit on a plate and pour as much meat mixture as desired on top adding whatever toppings you would like
Refrigerate any leftovers much make sure you eat them within a day or too or they will go bad
When heating up the biscuit scones do it in a microwave for only 20 seconds

Have leftover biscuit scones but no meat or you'd just like a scone? Here is an easy honey butter recipe:

What you need:
1 stick of butter or margarine 
2 tbs of honey
1 tbs of vanilla
1 tsp of cinnamon
What to do:
Mix all ingredients together in a mixing bowl using a hand mixer until all ingredients and butter are smooth and fluffy


Oh Hey Family...!

For Labor Day weekend my family came up to visit us instead of going camping. The reason behind it was so that James could join us in the fun since he is always working and misses all the the fun things we do usually. They were here Friday to Tuesday, well at least my parents were my brother and his wife left on Monday because my brothers wife had school the next day. But we sure did pack a lot of fun things into the weekend while they were here!

Day 1 - Friday:
My parents arrived first and they got here about 2:00 pm. I helped them unload their car and after that was done my mom showed me all her deals that she got James and I at Kohl's. We each got two pairs of shorts. And since my mom is an awesome deal finder we got 4 pairs of shorts for about $10.00 a piece! Not bad mom, not bad! 

After that was done James was home so he helped my dad put on our new headboard that my father made for us out of pallets! He is so talented and I was so excited! It looks awesome on our bed and I love it so much especially because it was made by my dad. I think it completes the room and makes our bed a bed.. I just love headboards ha ha.

Once the bed was put back together we made some dinner and then let my parents (more my dad) catch up on their favorite home makeover shows since they don't have cable. After awhile is was bedtime for James because he has to get up pretty early to go to work, my dad followed his lead not long after. My mom and I stayed up talking and watching more TV and always waiting for my bother and his wife to show up. They finally arrived about 10:30 pm. Once they came we all headed to bed because we knew we had an early morning ahead of us.

Day 2 - Saturday: 
On Saturday James went to work until 3:00 pm and my brother and dad went golfing while us girls went to the big city of Pocatello to go to some yardsales and to the Real Deals store. There weren't very many yardsales unfortunately! Normally Pocatello has a lot of them and they are pretty good.. but of course since I was actually going and I had family with me they would be not very good. But! I shouldn't complain too much because I did score a 10 gallon fish tank with all the stuff that you can see (besides the fish..) for ONLY $10.00! Wahoo! We have needed a bigger tank for a year now since our fishies had babies. They look so much more comfortable and a lot better in the bigger tank. Crystal got two things, something for someone (I wont say!) and a really nice like canning pot that was brand new for only $5.00! WOWIE! My mom didn't end up purchasing anything which I think she was bummed about especially since she saved up all of her change. But that change came in handy later on. At the Real Deals store I was the only one to purchase something. I got a nice pair of stretchy pant that are a navy blue. They are so comfy and super cute. They were only $19.99! I was excited since I love comfortable pants, I'm not a big jean person but I will wear them if I have to.

After we were done at the yardsales and my dad and brother were done with golfing we all met back at my house and ate us some yummy lunch which was sandwiches and Crystals homemade salsa! She makes some of the best salsa out there. Don't worry! I have asked her for a recipe so I can share it with you all. Trust me you WONT be disappointed. Once we were done with lunch we were hoping that we would be able to float the river over in Lava Hot Springs but the weather wasn't cooperating. So instead we just had James meet back at the house and we decided that we would hang out for a bit and then head over to Lava to play some Bingo! The only ones who had played Bingo before was my mom and Crystal the rest of us were newbies. It was so much fun! We also were sitting at a table with a couple who were hilarious and made us feel very welcome. None of us won money but the other couple won $25.00. We all cheered and hollered when they won. If you're ever in Lava on a Friday or Saturday I recommend going and playing Bingo. It is a super cheap date too! We were going to go to the Hot Baths after but they were super crowed so we decided to wait until the next day for that.

Day 3 - Sunday:
On Sunday we went to a few places to go exploring and to see the beautiful world that God has created for us to enjoy. We went to Soda Springs, Montpelier, Paris, Bear Lake, Logan, and back to Lava Hot Springs.
First stop was Soda Springs. We were going to just drive through but we decided to stop by and see the actual soda spring. None of us tasted the water because we all have had soda water at some point. As for James and I we have tasted the spring water. It is not very good like I've said before. 

After Soda Springs we headed on our way to Bear Lake but of course made a couple of stops before we got there. One stop was in Montpelier at the Oregon Trail museum. They were having a quilt show at the museum which was pretty awesome to see. There were so many beautiful quilts and I wish I had $400-$800 bucks to throw down on one. People are so talented. We all bought a few tickets for the raffle they were doing for one. But, I don't think any of us won. BUMMER! At the museum they had a lot of cool pictures that displayed the different areas around Idaho that are apart of the Oregon trail. In the basement was the actual museum part there was a lot of stuff that they had either found or was donated to them. It was a pretty awesome place. I would like to go back sometime soon. 

Our next stop was in Paris. Not the Paris you're thinking of.. but good old Paris, Idaho! We stopped to eat some lunch. We had a picnic at a park which was nice. My mom had brought all sorts of yummy stuff. We had chicken salad sandwiches, pickles, pringles, watermelon, olives and carrots. After we ate lunch we walked over to the Tabernacle for a quick tour. The building was so beautiful and we found out that it kind of looks like a castle. We also found out that they still use it to this day. Pretty neat! The tour guide was very nice.

After we got done at the Tabernacle we headed on over to Bear Lake. It had been YEARS since I had been to Bear Lake I couldn't even remember what it looked like. I was so excited to go. It was such a beautiful place to see. I couldn't believe how blue the water was!

I was so excited that we were able to walk down to the beach! None of us got into the water to swim because it was a little windy and we thought it would be too cold to go swimming but we did roll up our pants and took off our shoes and walked on in. The water was actually pretty warm! Which was nice. It was very lovely to be able to just walk out and look around. It was just so beautiful. 

Around the beach and on our way back to the car Crystal and I took pictures of garbage. We have an inside joke and maybe something coming up in the future about our garbage pictures. So I won't say much but it was just too funny to not mention! 

We spent a little while in Bear Lake we even got some Raspberry Shakes except for me since I can't have ice cream, so I got cheese fries. I heard the shakes weren't that great and the fries weren't that good either from the place that we went. Which was a bummer. After we ate our shakes and I ate my fries we headed up the canyon towards Logan. The view from up there was so pretty and you could see part of the town and the lake. My dad pulled over for me so I could take a few quick pictures. I was so thankful for that because the view was just stunning!

We made it to Logan and stopped just to have some dinner. We went to Chili's and the food was pretty good except that I wasn't feeling too well so I didn't really eat much. But hey at least I could take it home and have some leftovers for later. I love the drive home from Logan it is very pretty and there is a lot of history. On the way home from Logan we all had a very nice chat.

Day 4 - Monday:
 Monday morning James, my brother and his wife and my dad all went golfing over to the course in Lava Hot Springs. My mom and I stayed home and just talked and of course we watched some home shows. Once they were done golfing we all ate some lunch and then my brother and his wife packed up and headed home back to Utah.

My mom, dad, James and I then headed up to Idaho falls. We first stopped at Kohl's so both my mom and I could return a few things that didn't work and we of course looked around and both ended up spending more money. Kohl's is one of mine and my moms favorite store ha ha! After Kohl's we went over to Chick Fil A for some dinner. Boy do I LOVE that place. They have some yummy food. 

After we ate we went over to the Falls. That is one of the prettiest views of the Idaho Falls Temple that I have ever seen. I wish I would of brought my camera with me but thankfully I had my phone. It was so peaceful and such a gorgeous view. Especially with the leaves starting to change. Oh I love fall! I'm hoping to head back up there soon so I can get some better pictures with my camera. 

The Falls were very pretty and so fun to see. I was very happy I got to spend some time there with my husband and my parents. Thanks mom for the great idea!

On the other end of the falls there is a place that is a garden. It was very peaceful and super pretty to walk around. We were there perfect timing because the sun was starting to go down and the sunset was just gorgeous. I didn't capture it very well but I still thought the view from here was just stunning. 

Day 5 - Tuesday:
My parents headed home on Tuesday but before they left my dad helped me set up the new fish tank and get it all ready for the fish. They also stayed a little while and just chatted with me which was nice. I love having visitors especially when it's family. I love my mom and dad so much and I am so thankful for them and all that they do for me and the support that they show me. I also love my brother and his wife a lot too and I was so happy that they were able to come up too and spend some time with us! I have the best family ever and I am so grateful for them.


Hey Gramps!

A couple weekends ago my grandpa, aunt and cousin stopped by to pay me a visit! They were all going on a short trip through Idaho and thought that they would come visit me and they were even kind enough to let me tag along with them over to Lava Hot Springs. In Lava we went to lunch at the very yummy Chuckwagon restaurant, walked around the town and learned all about the hotels which my grandpa has stayed in and they even hit up the square ice cream shop! 

We also stopped by the oh so cute museum that they have there with all of their history and the close by towns histories. If you ever visit Lava Hot Springs I do recommend going there it is pretty fun. While there my grandfather found himself a pretty little lady. They were awfully cozy and even shared a kiss. Ha ha! I love my grandpa and his sense of humor.

After hanging out in Lava for awhile they headed to Pocatello to check into their hotel and to rest for a little bit. But they invited James and I to go to the hot baths with them later that night. At first grandpa wasn't so sure that he was wanting to go but my cousin can talk him into anything. I think he was glad that he ended up coming.

I'm super glad that they came back to Lava to go to the hot pools and that they invited us because than that way James could get a chance to see them and hang out with them for awhile. It was a lot of fun and I'm so thankful that they let me spend some time with them and grandpa. I love my family very much and I don't get to see them all that often so it's always so great to be able to see them and spend quality time with them. This short visit was filled with memories that will last a lifetime. 


Review: Stephen's Organic Hot Chocolate

First things first. I am SO excited to be able to do this review. But let's back up a little bit.. on Facebook Stephen's Hot Cocoa was doing a giveaway to win a can of their new Organic flavor. So I decided I would try my luck and enter. What they said was, "Raise your hand if you'd like to win a can of our new Organic flavor!" So I decided to get creative with my reply and I also just really wanted to win! 

YAY! I won!! I was so excited once they wrote me and told my I had won. I felt like the luckiest person alive. I love hot chocolate especially Stephen's. You can't see what I said but I said, "My hand is raised!" And of course posted a picture of my hand raised. Surprisingly I was the ONLY one who actually took a picture. What can I say, I'm pretty darn cleaver. ha ha. 

And last week on Wednesday the awaited package finally arrived! I was so excited to receive it. They even put in a cute little note. I opened it up as soon as I brought the package inside to see what it smelt like. Not bad at all, it smelt just like their normal hot chocolate. So I figured that was a good start. 

I waited a few days to try it because it was so warm outside so when there was a cooler morning you bet I popped the can back open and made me a nice cup of hot cocoa. At first I wasn't so sure what I thought about it. It had a different taste. It was a lot stronger than normal hot chocolate. But after taking a few sips I decided that it actually isn't that bad. I even had another cup the next day but this time I added some vanilla coffee creamer to it and oh boy! That made it taste just delightful. But I love vanilla everything. Anyways, I recommend this hot chocolate. Especially if you're into all the organic stuff. You can buy it on their website for $8.99 here. Also, it will be in stores soon if not yet. So keep and eye out! I say it is at least worth the try.

I want to just say thanks so much to Stephen's Gourmet for the giveaway and especially for picking me to be a winner! I'm so glad that I was able to win and to review this awesome product.