Ribbons, New Pets & Garden Surprises!!

So as many of you know I entered a billion pictures into the local fair where I live. I picked them up at the beginning of this month. (Yeah way behind in blogging!) And I was so excited because I got a ribbon for every single picture except one. It was nice to make a little bit of extra cash too. Yippee.

These are my third place ribbons. Thank you to my lovely model friends and to beautiful Idaho for helping me receive these!!

Next is my second place ribbons. Most of these are from my travels. Nauvoo, Seattle, Laguna Beach, Chicago and then two from my backyard ha ha. 

Last of all my first place ribbons! Yay. I was so excited when my favorite picture of all time (the sunset) had received a blue ribbon. I'm going to frame it and put the ribbon on the back because I'm so proud of it. Yeah, that sounds very self centered but oh well ha ha. 

So now it's time for a story.. While my sister and her family were here James and I adopted a kitty. This was not planned at all but he would of died if we didn't bring him home. He is very full of energy and a lot of fun. Maggie and him get along great. So now I would like to introduce you to Ollie Popsicle. Yes, the middle name comes from my niece helping me name him ha ha. 

Last of all.. James and I were weeding the garden and we're surprised by our onions! I was so excited. I ended up cooking with them the same day we picked them. Yummo! I love onions. 

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