Nieces & Nephew Up For A Visit

After we went camping we were lucky enough to bring back three little cuties with us for a short visit! They were so excited and I think we were just as excited. 

Of course we stopped by the Idaho sign and took an awesome picture. I also sent it to my sister and told her that this is where I had left her kids and I hopped that they would be there when her and her husband came up. I'm such a nice sister aren't I? But of course, they convinced us that we shouldn't leave them there so we brought them to our home.

No trip to where we live is complete unless you head over to Lava Hot Springs and get yourself a square ice cream! Yum, yum. And they didn't go too crazy on the flavors either.. you know they got play doh, bubblegum and I can't remember the other flavor.  All I know is they truly did enjoy. The best part for them was probably that they got to go shopping with their $5.00 that Uncle Vince gave them. And boy did they get some pretty awesome goodies.

The came up good timing because it was the county fair over in Downy. So of course we made a stop to enjoy in all the fun events. The girls got their faces painted, Nico- a cute but scary dino, Chloe- An adorable white and pink kitty cat. Seth went and learned how to do some pretty nifty yo-yo tricks and he even got a yo-yo to keep! They each got to pick out a book to take home that the library had donated and they of course got lots and lots of candy. They also got to go on a train ride and even a wagon ride. We had such a fun time!

I must say they did get spoiled. We made sure we went to A&W for FREE ROOTBEER FLOAT DAY! And we of course got our picture by the cute little friendly bear. The floats were a total hit. And they got them all sugared up and hyper just in time for their parents to come and join the party.

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