Hey Sister!

My sister and brother in law came a few weekends ago to pick up their children but they also spent the weekend with us and went exploring to all the fun places that small town Idaho has to offer.
The first full day that they were here we went into Pocatello the Flea Market. It was actually pretty good. I was able to get James a few Christmas presents that I hope and think that he will really like. The girls each got an apron that their mommy bought them. Chloe bought some Barbie shoes and she bought her little sis a barbie horse. Seth got a sea shell that his mom bought him and he was so excited for it. 

The next day we went exploring over to Soda Springs. I took them to see the geyser. The kiddos were so excited because they remembered how much fun it was the last time. The came back from jumping in puddles and they smelt like rotten eggs. Yummy.. 

We also went and toured the park to see all the fun things they had there. The kids really enjoyed and got their pictures taken a billion times. It was lot of fun.

The next stop was to taste the delicious soda water. Me personally, I did not like it at all. It tasted like iron. It was pretty cool to see though. It was some of the cleanest water I have ever seen! And it bubbled up just like soda. (Obviously!) But it was pretty cool to see it in a little man made pond and to hear the sizzle of the bubbles.  

Little miss loved the soda water. She kept wanting more and more. So finally we got a couple bottles and filled them up. My sister and her husband put a few drops of Mio in theirs and they said it made it very yummy. I didn't dare try it though because I already didn't like the way just the plain water tasted. It was a very fun day and I'm so glad that we were able to go exploring and see new things.

I'm very glad that my sister and her husband and their children were able to come up and visit for awhile. It is always fun to have visitors especially family. I had a blast with them and can't wait for them to come and visit again.

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