Zoo Date!

Last week James surprised me with a fun date to Idaho Falls. And boy oh boy does this man know the way to my heart. He took me to the cute little zoo, shopping to my favorite stores: Kohl's, Target & Seagull Book. He also took me to lunch at Chick-Fil-A and then to dinner at Texas Roadhouse. Like I said he knows me so well. Cute and fun animals, shopping for deals and of course delicious food!

The zoo was small but actually just the right size. They had it very well landscaped and there was awesome sculptures everywhere. Of course Mr. James got a picture next to the lion sculpture and the lions. They remind him of Africa.. or maybe Lion King. Perhaps both. Anyways he likes lions. And I like this pictures because daaang he is good lookin' mhmm.

They had A LOT of baby animals at the zoo. They were all so cute. But, I think all baby animals are cute. It was so much fun to be able to see them all. But my favorite was for sure the baby zebra! She was so adorable. Zebras are pretty cute and cool anyways but a baby.. even better!

I mean look how cute she is! I wish that I could have her for a pet. Except there would be a problem.. I'd want it to be kept inside and let it sleep in my bed. JUST KIDDING, about the sleeping in my bed part. Anyways, the zoo was such a blast!

I'm so thankful for my husband and that we were able to go on such a fun date. I love you James! And you gave me the therapy that I needed to help cheer me up and put me in a better mood. You're the best. I'm not so sure how I got so lucky. 


Ribbons, New Pets & Garden Surprises!!

So as many of you know I entered a billion pictures into the local fair where I live. I picked them up at the beginning of this month. (Yeah way behind in blogging!) And I was so excited because I got a ribbon for every single picture except one. It was nice to make a little bit of extra cash too. Yippee.

These are my third place ribbons. Thank you to my lovely model friends and to beautiful Idaho for helping me receive these!!

Next is my second place ribbons. Most of these are from my travels. Nauvoo, Seattle, Laguna Beach, Chicago and then two from my backyard ha ha. 

Last of all my first place ribbons! Yay. I was so excited when my favorite picture of all time (the sunset) had received a blue ribbon. I'm going to frame it and put the ribbon on the back because I'm so proud of it. Yeah, that sounds very self centered but oh well ha ha. 

So now it's time for a story.. While my sister and her family were here James and I adopted a kitty. This was not planned at all but he would of died if we didn't bring him home. He is very full of energy and a lot of fun. Maggie and him get along great. So now I would like to introduce you to Ollie Popsicle. Yes, the middle name comes from my niece helping me name him ha ha. 

Last of all.. James and I were weeding the garden and we're surprised by our onions! I was so excited. I ended up cooking with them the same day we picked them. Yummo! I love onions. 


I want to hear from you!!

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Review: Summer Cotton Candy

One thing you should know about me is that I love, love, LOVE cotton candy. It is my most favorite thing ever. So I thought it would be fitting to do a cotton candy review of two fun summer flavors: S'mores & Pink Lemonade. The brand is FUN Sweets and I bought mine at WinCO Foods. (VIA my brother and sister in law.) 

The first flavor I tried was S'mores. It was interesting to say the least. It had a very strong chocolate taste with a mixture of marshmallow fluff. I probably would not buy this again. It wasn't my favorite thing in the world or a must have. It did not taste that great. My aunt on the other hand loved it and thought it tasted wonderful. So who knows, maybe this would be the right flavor for you. All in all, I am glad that I decided to try it.

The second flavor I tried was Pink Lemonade. This one tasted so yummy! I will definitely be buying again soon. It didn't have an over powering taste. It was simple and delicious. It was a hit all around for everyone I had try it. I highly recommend it to any cotton candy lover or if you're new to this wonderful treat!


Hey Sister!

My sister and brother in law came a few weekends ago to pick up their children but they also spent the weekend with us and went exploring to all the fun places that small town Idaho has to offer.
The first full day that they were here we went into Pocatello the Flea Market. It was actually pretty good. I was able to get James a few Christmas presents that I hope and think that he will really like. The girls each got an apron that their mommy bought them. Chloe bought some Barbie shoes and she bought her little sis a barbie horse. Seth got a sea shell that his mom bought him and he was so excited for it. 

The next day we went exploring over to Soda Springs. I took them to see the geyser. The kiddos were so excited because they remembered how much fun it was the last time. The came back from jumping in puddles and they smelt like rotten eggs. Yummy.. 

We also went and toured the park to see all the fun things they had there. The kids really enjoyed and got their pictures taken a billion times. It was lot of fun.

The next stop was to taste the delicious soda water. Me personally, I did not like it at all. It tasted like iron. It was pretty cool to see though. It was some of the cleanest water I have ever seen! And it bubbled up just like soda. (Obviously!) But it was pretty cool to see it in a little man made pond and to hear the sizzle of the bubbles.  

Little miss loved the soda water. She kept wanting more and more. So finally we got a couple bottles and filled them up. My sister and her husband put a few drops of Mio in theirs and they said it made it very yummy. I didn't dare try it though because I already didn't like the way just the plain water tasted. It was a very fun day and I'm so glad that we were able to go exploring and see new things.

I'm very glad that my sister and her husband and their children were able to come up and visit for awhile. It is always fun to have visitors especially family. I had a blast with them and can't wait for them to come and visit again.


Nieces & Nephew Up For A Visit

After we went camping we were lucky enough to bring back three little cuties with us for a short visit! They were so excited and I think we were just as excited. 

Of course we stopped by the Idaho sign and took an awesome picture. I also sent it to my sister and told her that this is where I had left her kids and I hopped that they would be there when her and her husband came up. I'm such a nice sister aren't I? But of course, they convinced us that we shouldn't leave them there so we brought them to our home.

No trip to where we live is complete unless you head over to Lava Hot Springs and get yourself a square ice cream! Yum, yum. And they didn't go too crazy on the flavors either.. you know they got play doh, bubblegum and I can't remember the other flavor.  All I know is they truly did enjoy. The best part for them was probably that they got to go shopping with their $5.00 that Uncle Vince gave them. And boy did they get some pretty awesome goodies.

The came up good timing because it was the county fair over in Downy. So of course we made a stop to enjoy in all the fun events. The girls got their faces painted, Nico- a cute but scary dino, Chloe- An adorable white and pink kitty cat. Seth went and learned how to do some pretty nifty yo-yo tricks and he even got a yo-yo to keep! They each got to pick out a book to take home that the library had donated and they of course got lots and lots of candy. They also got to go on a train ride and even a wagon ride. We had such a fun time!

I must say they did get spoiled. We made sure we went to A&W for FREE ROOTBEER FLOAT DAY! And we of course got our picture by the cute little friendly bear. The floats were a total hit. And they got them all sugared up and hyper just in time for their parents to come and join the party.


Winnie The Pooh Campground: PART TWO

At the campground they had a creek that ran right down below our camp spot. Which was awesome because it was perfect for when we wanted to cool off. I should say for when we wanted to freeze. The water was so cold! But that didn't stop the nieces and nephew from getting in their suits and splashing around and having a ball of a time. 

They squirted each other with water guns. Of course they made sure to "accidentally" get each other in the face. But that was okay they giggled and had so much fun. 

They also played in a floaty and tried to paddle around. But that didn't work so they pretended that they were stuck on an island and their cell phones weren't working. But don't worry big brother was there to help save them. What a nice gent.

And of course this cutie was up for me taking lots of pictures and posing. Isn't she just adorable.

We went on a lot of walks to try and find wild turkeys and deer. We were very successful in both of those departments. They were so excited because we were able to get pretty close to a few of them. Of course not too close though.  

The campground was so much fun and very beautiful. I hope that we get to go there again soon. And if you get the chance I hope you all can go there and have as much fun as we did. We loved the camp spot, it was very clean, the camp hosts were super friendly and awesome. It was a great camping experience and I'm so grateful I was able to share this time and make such special memories with the people I love. 


Winnie The Pooh Campground: PART ONE

After the family reunion we headed to another camp ground to enjoy a few more days. The camp ground we went to was the cutest little place ever! There was a fun little place where the kids could play called Pooh's Hundred Aker Wood. It was adorable! 

At the beginning of trail there is a giant tigger and pooh bear stuffed animal to welcome you into the 100 aker wood. As you can tell we were very excited to get in there and run around and have some play time.

We hung out with Mr. Roo first. He was very soft and cuddly. We hopped around like kangaroos and made sure we didn't wear out our welcome so we hopped on over to the next friends house.

But we first needed to stop at Pooh's thinking spot. He was in deep thought but was kind enough to let Miss Nico and James join him in thinking. They thought long and hard and decided on our next spot to visit. 

We stopped by Christopher Robbins house to see if he could play. Nico rang the bell but he hollered at us as he ran out the door to go to school. We were so bummed that Christopher Robbin wasn't able to play. Maybe next time.

The last person we visited was Mr. Eeyore himself. He was so friendly and let us all squish into his wonderful home. Him and Seth had a fantastic time and got along really well. 

In the 100 aker woods they also had Rabbits garden, Owls house, Pooh's home filled with all his honey pots, Tiggers house and of course Piglets house. It was a lot of fun and I am so glad that I was able to spend it with my nieces and nephew. We had a ball. 


Reunion 2015

Every year in August my extended family all gets together for a family reunion. We all go camping at a different camp ground. Sometimes there is lakes sometimes there isn't lakes. This year we went to Huntington State Park in Utah. My amazing cousin Suzie was in charge this year and did a wonderful job with everything! We had a dance party at night with glow sticks, a brunch, skits, hilarious games and of course our annual raffle. It was such a fun reunion. I just wish I would of used my camera a lot more than I did.. oops! 

Huntington State Park is such a beautiful place. The lake was just the right size and not too crowded and we were surrounded by such beautiful views. The camp spots were clean, large and awesome. The lake also had a huge blow up slide which was free to use. James, my brother and I all went down it a few times. It was a lot of fun. I just wish we would of had more days that we could of hung out at the lake and swam. But I'm glad we at least got one day!

My cousin Issac came to the reunion this year. He is such a fun person! I loved being able to talk with him and to see him again. I just wish that I would of had a little bit longer to talk and hang out with him. But unfortunately he wasn't feeling too well and we were lucky that we got the time with him that we did. I wish I would be able to see him more.

My brother and sister in law also came which was awesome! It was great to see a totally different side of Crystal that I hadn't seen before. And can I just say, she knows how to dance. Phillip and Crystal also brought me a present camping.. delicious pink lemonade and smores cotton candy. They know me all to well.  

This was Miss Maggie's first time camping. At first she wasn't so sure about it. I don't think she really enjoyed having to be chained up the whole time and I'm not sure she was so sure about being outside all day long. But she sure did get used to it. She was pretty good for the most part! I'm pretty sure her favorite part was when we went fishing and she was able to go on the beach with us. The water part she couldn't decide if she liked or not though. It was pretty funny.

I'm so very grateful that James and I were able to attend the reunion this year and see all of our family and friends. It was a total blast and Suzie did a wonderful job at making it so much fun and helping make lasting memories. Love you Suzie!!