Yard Sales Are A Girls Best Friend!

As many of you know I love yard sales. It is my happy place and where I find most of my deals and steals. Yard sales are one of my favorite ways to be able to decorate my houses and make it look super cute. So recently while down in Utah I went yardsale shopping with my mommy (one of our favorite things to do together!) and we well I found some pretty amazing things! And of course I'd love to share all my finds with you! So first thing I'd like to share with you is not pictured but that's because I'm using it for a craft so you will see pictures of it then. But I got an old window at one of the many yard sales that I went to. It was priced at $5.00 but I got them down to $3.00 on it because the glass was really broken and I will have to remove it. But I'm so excited to do my craft with it. Hopefully it turns out like I want it to ha ha.

These two things are from two different yard sales but they were easier to take a picture of together ha ha. The yoga mat is BRAND NEW! And I got it for only $2.00! I am so excited because I have wanted to start doing yoga. Now all I need is to actually start doing it ha ha. The colorful balls and all that other stuff I got for only $3.00! I was so excited because it is going to help bring some color into my home. Yippee! And I couldn't believe it was only $3.00!

As you might know I love decorating for holidays or just decorating in general and I also LOVE Mary Engelbriet. So when I went to this one yardsale and this lady had A TON of stuff because she was moving I was so excited. The two Christmas pictures were .50 cents a piece and they are Mary Engelbriet and the Mary Engelbriet tray was only $1.00! The Santa and reindeer pillow was .50 cents (I think.. might of been $1.00) and the pumpkin with the candle and leaves was only $2.00 and it looks practically brand new! (I will be using it all fall long as a table centerpiece!) I couldn't believe how cheap all of this stuff was.. I was in heaven. 

My absolute FAVORITE yard sale find was this beautiful yellow lamp that now sits comfortably in my living room. It was marked at $20.00 and my mom and I got it down to.. wait for it.. ONLY $8.00!! Now that is a STEAL! I was so excited it was just what I was looking for. It looks so cute in my living room and it has helped bring in a ton of happiness and beautiful bright colors! Yay!

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