Bath & Body Works Shopping Haul

It was that time of year again.. Bath and Body Works Semi-Annual sale! They have this sale twice a year and it is the best! This is where I stock up on all my hand soaps because they don't cost and arm and a leg and my first born. Okay yeah, that was a bit dramatic but they do cost a lot other than this sale but I love them so much! I also stock up on hand sanitizers and lotions and body washes. So I hope you enjoy this post and my haul!

This time around I got twelve hand soaps. I got all the fun summery ones and one winter scent but it is not pictured because I sort of forgot about it. Oops. Anyways, I got three of my FAVORITE scent of all times which is Island White Pineapple. It smells delicious.. and since I'm allergic to pineapple this gives me a way to smell it's delightful scent and wish I could taste it ha ha. I got two Georgia Peach scent, which is heavenly. I also got two Pink Grapefruit and two Maui Mango Maitai. Both of these scents are fantastic! I really love the smell of mango's and the grapefruit doesn't smell half bad either. I would highly recommend any of these scents if you're in the market for a delicious soap. 

I also got these two. Boardwalk Vanilla Cone and Watermelon Lemonade. I am currently using Watermelon Lemonade in my bathroom. It smells so good, I kind of wish that I would of bought more than one of it. It makes me want to make watermelon lemonade actually ha ha. The other scent I got which isn't pictured is Twisted Peppermint. I cannot wait until Christmas to use it! Smells very good and is perfect for Christmas! As you can tell I like to use the soap that has the little beads in it because it helps my skin not be so dry. Each of these soaps that I got only cost about $2.00 a piece. Which is a fantastic deal because normally they cost $5.50 a piece.

The next things I bought in this haul were five different hand sanitizers. I got them for $.75 cents a piece. They are normally $1.75 a piece so I got a killer deal on them. I got Coconut Cooler, Pure Paradise, Caribbean Escape, Vanilla Berry Sorbet and Safari Mango! These are so handy to have in your purse, car or just around the house. They are one of my favorite go to things. They also make the perfect stocking stuffers, Christmas presents or birthday presents. They are just AWESOME!

Another great item that Bath and Body Works sales is their aroma therapy items. They come in lotions, body wash/ bubble bath, hand sanitizers and candles. I personally really like the lotions and body wash/ bubbles baths (I use them as bubbles.) This time around I got three lotions, Energy-Lemon Zest scent, Sleep - Lavender Vanilla scent and Boost- Tangelo Woods scent. And I got two body wash/bubble bath. Stress Relief- Vanilla Verbara and Sensual- Jasmine and Vanilla. These all work really well and they smell so yummy! I got them for $4.00 a piece which is a stellar deal because they are normally $13.00 a piece! Wahoo!!

Well that is my haul for this time! Don't worry there will be another one coming in January! I just can't stay away when they have these amazing sales. I am obsessed with Bath and Body Works. 

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