4th of July

 On Thursday I headed to Utah so I could spend the holiday with my family.  My aunts were throwing a family reunion. Which was awesome. On Thursday night my mom and I went swimming with my aunt and uncle. It was a blast! At the end of swimming we were going to go get Hawaiian Ice but unfortunately my uncles car broke down so we had to deal with all of that. Total bummer! 

On Friday I was able to get the nieces and nephew over to my moms so we could have a sleepover! Of course we went swimming. It was so fun. They impressed me so much with their awesome swimming skills. 

My mom had bought some new tubes so of course we needed to model them! They were so fun! She got them at Target if you're going to be looking for them ha ha. 

On Saturday (the 4th) we went to my aunts house to party! I was sad that the hubs wasn't there. It was still fun but it would of been so much better if he was there. But.. we did get a family picture with most of us. This picture was pre our awesome t-shirts that my cousin made for everyone a the reunion.

This is what our t-shirts looked like. They were pretty cute! Thank Seth for being a good model of them. 

Our aunt went all out for our 4th of July party. She even had delicious snow cones! I think Miss Nico had like five. ha ha! And nothing is better than having a yummy snow cone and a very fun swing.

And of course we can't miss Chloe being Chloe. She loves pictures and to pose and model. She is adorable. I love my nieces and nephew so much! They are some of my best friends. Don't know what I would do without them. They are the best!!

At the 4th of July party it was filled with yummy food, great company and amazing fireworks! It was so good to visit with the family and to meet some family I haven't ever met before. It was a total blast. I'm so grateful to be apart of such a wonderful family.  And there you have it, a summed up version of what my 4th was like. Hope you all had a fun time!