Phillip & Crystals Wedding

Last weekend on Friday James and I had the privilege of attending my brothers wedding. It was so beautiful and I'm so glad that we were able to see them get sealed for all time and eternity. It made me so happy to see my brother so happy. And I am so excited to have a new sister-in-law! 

The Luncheon:
The luncheon was done so lovely. My mother put a lot of work into and the ladies that helped set everything up did a wonderful job. There was yummy old fashioned soda's, (a TON of flavors!) delicious salads, tasty cookies and fantastic sandwiches! They went all out.

The decorations were so simple and cute. Good job mom & Whitney! Each table had a different word around the mason jar. Underneath the mason jar there was burlap & fabric and yummy mints around the mason jar. The mason jar had very pretty white daisies. Made it perfect for the whole vintage theme. 

This was above the food table. My mom and I made the banners and I personally think they just turned out to be so dang cute! My dad made all the wood crates and all that fun stuff. He did a fabulous job. Very talented he is. 

This is what one of the food tables looked like. You can kind of see what the decorations looked like. It was a very nice luncheon and looked awesome! 

The Reception:
Crystal put a lot of work into the reception. Whoever did the cupcakes and their cake did a fabulous job! The cupcakes tasted so yummy. At the reception they also had old fashioned soda's. 

This is what Phillip & Crystals cake looked like. It was so pretty! 

The decorations were so vintage and pretty! There was also some yummy mints for us all to enjoy! I think the kids enjoyed them the most ha ha! 

This is what Crystal used to put the cards in. It was a very smart and cute idea! The flowers that you can see Crystal made them all! She is so talented. 

The theme of the reception was vintage. She did a very good job at making everything look so vintage! The decorations were just so lovely and spectacular. 

This is Crystal's wedding bouquet. She made everything! It looks like it would be heavy but it was so light weight. She did such a wonderful job. It looked so pretty. She is so so talented!

The wedding, luncheon and reception was just so well put together and it was just such a beautiful day! Congratulations again Phillip and Crystal! Welcome to the family Crystal. We couldn't ask for anyone better for Phillip to marry!!

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