Oh Maggie!

Maggie has been SO clingy lately it's crazy. But I will admit I am enjoying every single minute of it. I love getting all these cuddles. It's a nice change, normally she is crazy and always want to lick my face and climb all over me. I prefer this so much more ha ha. But like I said, I am enjoying these moments. I love my Maggie girl!

This is Maggie being mad at me after I got mad at her for attacking me and not listening to me ha ha. She tends to pout if she doesn't get her way. Which I think is pretty darn cute. She's a little stinker! 

Last of all, Miss Maggie got herself a nice haircut! She looks so much better. Makes me happy. I believe she likes it too. I was SO excited because we were able to FINALLY get her nails clipped and she did so well. We are slowly making progress with her which makes me very happy.