New Kicks!

The hubs and I decided it was time to get some new kicks! Well, we had a good reasoning behind it. We're going on vacation the end of this month and we will probably be doing a lot of walking so it makes sense to get new shoes! ALSO there were a lot of deals going on.. buy one get one half off plus they were on sale too! Can't pass up a good deal. Right??

I got a new addition to my fairy garden! This little fairy needed something to hold onto but I had no idea on what it should be. But, the mr. found this at Shopko for me! Awe, he's so sweet. It looks awesome!

Can I just say, I am LOVING all these beautiful blossoms everywhere. Spring is my favorite seasons and for good reason! I love flowers so it's only fitting that I love Spring ha ha. There are so many colors with all these blossoms that I think my camera is starting to hate me. We have a lot hate relationship when it comes to this time of year ha ha. But what can I say.. I'm addicted to taking pictures of flowers. MY favorite thing of all time to take pictures of. Too bad there isn't a good business for taking pictures of flowers ha ha.

Anywho.. this blog post was just a little bit of everything because I feel like I need to blog more ha ha. Besides, by doing this you get to know me just a little bit more!