Our Garden

This last week James' day off was on Friday and boy was it a beautiful day! We decided that it would be the perfect day to get the garden ready since it's about time to start planting! And can I just say it was a lot of hard work but I am very proud of us and the hard work we put into it and the finished product. Can't wait to start planting and being able to enjoy or fruits and veggies again. Yippee! 
I should of taken a picture before we started so you could see the real before but I din't think about it so this is what you get.. the big piles of weeds and crap that we raked and pulled up. James and I were out in the garden for about 5 hours. So you can imagine it was a mess. I'm hoping this year since we've got a good head start we will be able to keep up with it!

This is how our garden looks now! So pretty and clean. I'm so excited. Like I said I can not wait to be able to plant all sorts of things in it! YAY! Right now we are trying to decide what exactly we would like to grow. I will for sure be better at updating about our garden because I am a billion and a half times more excited for this round. Maybe we'll do better than last year. Ha ha hopefully! Hope all our hard work pays off. Can't wait to see.