Flowers & Maggies Tunes

Last week when James came home from work he surprised me with these beautiful flowers! He is such a sweet husband. When I asked him why he did that he said, "because I wanted to." It made my entire week. He's so kind. The best part is these flowers are still alive and well! LOVE IT!

When I get ready every morning I listen to music. The other day Selena Gomez "Naturally" came on. Maggie ran into the bathroom and squished her way in to watch me get ready and listen to the music. This has happened on multiple occasions whenever she hears the song. I've decided she loves Selena Gomez especially that song. It's pretty darn cute. 


Because HE lives.

Because he lives I was able to marry my best friend and eternal companion and because of that I am able to be with my family past this life. Because of him I am who I am today. Because of him I know that I am never alone, he is my consent companion. Because of him I am able to enjoy life and meet many amazing people (friends & family) and learn to love them as he does. And because he lives I can live too and try my best to follow his amazing example. I love him, I believe in him and I hope to be like him. 


Our Garden

This last week James' day off was on Friday and boy was it a beautiful day! We decided that it would be the perfect day to get the garden ready since it's about time to start planting! And can I just say it was a lot of hard work but I am very proud of us and the hard work we put into it and the finished product. Can't wait to start planting and being able to enjoy or fruits and veggies again. Yippee! 
I should of taken a picture before we started so you could see the real before but I din't think about it so this is what you get.. the big piles of weeds and crap that we raked and pulled up. James and I were out in the garden for about 5 hours. So you can imagine it was a mess. I'm hoping this year since we've got a good head start we will be able to keep up with it!

This is how our garden looks now! So pretty and clean. I'm so excited. Like I said I can not wait to be able to plant all sorts of things in it! YAY! Right now we are trying to decide what exactly we would like to grow. I will for sure be better at updating about our garden because I am a billion and a half times more excited for this round. Maybe we'll do better than last year. Ha ha hopefully! Hope all our hard work pays off. Can't wait to see. 


Meet Miss Maggie

Last week James and I went down to Utah for his check up on his ear. (It still has the hole so we'll go back in May...) But before we went down we started semi looking at dogs/puppies. So we kept joking with James' aunt and uncle that we were going to be coming back home with a dog. (HA HA jokes on us!) I has been praying that God would place the perfect dog for James and I and that I would know when I saw it and when the time was right. Well down in Utah James and I both were like lets just go look at the animal shelter. As soon as we walked into the room I saw Maggie and started crying. I knew that she was my dog and she was supposed to be apart of our family. James on the other hand was trying to be practical.. and well that didn't work. SO now I would like you all to meet Maggie!

This is how Maggie looked when we first got her. She was shaggy and all matted and definitely  needed some TLC. So therefore..

We took her tot he groomers to get a nice new hair do. She looks and feels so much better.. and personally I think I prefer her with short hair. Although she is way cute either way.

Maggie has loved being in good ol' Idaho from the beginning. She was so excited the first day to see where we live in the light. I opened all the windows and she ran all over looking out each one. It was pretty adorable. Looking out the window is still one of her favorite activities.  

From day one Maggie has been very loving, cuddly and WAY clingy. But I am loving every moment of this. She is everything and more that James and I asked for. She is so friendly and is by far the most perfect dog and fit for our family. She has definitely healed the cracks in our heart from losing Mr. Max. Although we still miss him and love him, it's nice to not be sad anymore. And I'm pretty sure Max was a BIG part of this decision. 


Easter Came Early!

This year I have been so excited for Easter.. so I skipped a holiday just so I could have Easter up for longer. I was way excited to decorate so I made sure that I made some cute decorations and that I actually had some so I could be proud of myself ha ha. My favorite part is definitely my banners.
This is how I decorated above the stove. The bunny banner was a pain in my butt but it was totally worth it! It turned out way cute. My inspiration was Pinterest ha ha. I also made an egg garland which was much easier. At first it was going to be my banner but then I decided it would look better just wrapped around stuff. The Easter basket my mom and dad made for me when I was a wee little one. I love it! The rest of the stuff I've already had/made and found on Pinterest ha ha. And there you have it the majority of my Easter decorations.

This is the other banner that I made. It was way simple! It hangs above my kitchen sink. It makes me happy! I decided this time to just put the "word" above the banner instead of it being the banner. 

I also have one more decoration that I put up and it's a bunny tea set that my Grandma gave to me. I have a picture but I can't find it and I'm being lazy and not feeling like taking another one ha ha. But it's way cute and I love it! And there you have it.. my Easter ha ha.

Crescent Pizza Rolls

What you need:
1 Pillsbury original crescent rolls
1 package of pepperoni
1 jar of pizza sauce
1/3 cup butter or margarine
1 teaspoon garlic flakes
1/2 teaspoon garlic salt
1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese 
Servings: 2-4
Prep: 5 minutes
Bake Time: 8-10 minutes
Preheat oven to 350
In a microwaveable bowl melt butter/margarine
Once melted add garlic flakes, mix together & set aside
On a baking sheet unroll Pillsbury crescent rolls
On each roll place 4 pieces of pepperoni & sprinkle on some mozzarella cheese
Roll crescent rolls up like normal
On top take the the butter & garlic flakes mixture, use a pastry brush and spread evenly on top of each roll 
Place in oven and bake for 8 to 10 minutes (check at 8 minutes) 
Warm up pizza sauce in bowl and use as dipping sauce (you don't have to warm up)


Where have I been?

These last few weeks have been CRAZY! The Mr. and I haven't really been home too much.. we've been here there and everywhere! We've had some exciting and not so exciting events happen lately. So, this blog post is going to be a little here and there. Just to catch up. And I promise I will get back to blogging regularly again ha ha.

Event #1: Trip to Utah & Valentines Day
One of James' Christmas presents was tickets to the BYU VS Saint Mary's basketball game. (It was on February 12th.) This is the main reason we were down in Utah. The game was a lot of fun especially since they won! I think James was very pleased. Another reason why we were down in Utah was for James' doctor appointment. *A little back story* James about a month ago had a really bad ear infection. It exploded while he was at work and left him def in the left ear. So when we went to his doctors appointment they found a hole in his ear and they did a hearing test and he couldn't really hear in his left ear. So we have another appointment next week to see if the hole has healed and to see if James can hear any better. So wish him luck and keep him in your prayers!

Also while down in Utah we went down to Utah late so I could get some pretty awesome pictures for my photography Facebook page. (This is the last picture I took of Mr. Max..) Max loved being down at the beach and this is one of my favorite pictures that I have of him. He was just so happy! I was also way excited because I think I got some pretty pictures. 

This is one of the many pictures that I took. It is one of my favorites!

This year I made a few Valentines cards. This one above is the one I made for my Grandmother. I figured she would like it because she loves buttons and the buttons I used are some that she handed down to me. It was fun to be able to make my grandma such a special card. I just love her.

This Valentines I was feeling more crafty so I made a few decorations and decorated a lot more. Valentines isn't my favorite holiday but it was fun to decorate for it. I made this wreath for $3.00! It was way easy to make and I think it's super cute. 

Event #2: Mr. Max & Kevin
On Wednesday it was James Aunts birthday so we went to our new Cinnabon at the gas station to get her a yummy birthday cinnamon roll. Which seems like she enjoyed. We also went to lunch with her and her husband to Red Lobster. It was very yummy! James tried Lobster for the first time and he said it was really good. Me on the other hand.. I don't like sea food so I just got a hamburger and James uncle made fun of me the entire time. Oh well! It was a fantastic hamburger. Ha ha!

On Wednesday Mr. Max passed away suddenly. It was such a sad ending to our day. He hadn't been feeling well for awhile so we decided to take him to the vet. He was hospitalized due to them finding out he was anemic. They started him on some medicine but he threw a blood clot and died shortly after. He did feel any pain which was good. I sure do miss my little buddy though. On Thursday James went and picked up his body and we found the perfect spot to put him. Wiley made him a box that we could place him in and then we all had a small funeral for him and put inside the box all of his favorite things. After that I felt a lot better and not as sad. But I think I will always miss him.

On Saturday we headed on up to Idaho Falls for something special with James' family. Before the special event James, his father and I went to the Temple so I could get some wonderful pictures before they make some changes. We aren't sure if the outside will change also or if it's just the inside. So I wanted to get a few pictures just in case. It was so peaceful. I love being at the Temple even if it is just taking pictures. I was able to get a few beautiful pictures that I am very proud of. 

Also on Saturday James' cousin Kevin was baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints! It was such a special day and the spirit was so strong.I am so excited for him. It was good to see all the family and to be able to support Kevin. He is such a special spirit. I'm glad that I get to be related to him. He was also confirmed a member on Sunday and that too was such a special day. The spirit then was also so strong. It made me feel peaceful and very happy. I was glad that I was able to be apart of something so special. 

Event #3: Back to Utah
James and I headed back down to Utah again this last week. My best friend Sabrina's grandfather passed away. So I went down to attend the funeral to be a support to her. James was going to come but had to head back to Idaho for work on Wednesday. But on Monday he went to the Utah Jazz game with his awesome brother Ryan. He said he had a blast and it was a way fun game to go to. I stayed home and pigged out on cotton candy ice cream. Surprisingly it actually wasn't too bad.

On Wednesday before James left for home we went to the Utah Hogle Zoo! It was free so that was a bonus! I loved the new layout of it and everything. It was a blast. My favorite part of course was the giraffes. I made a new friend.. the one above my head. He was so cute and I wish I could of taken him home. Maybe one day I will own a giraffe. 

*Summary of the rest of the week because I didn't take any pictures.. don't know why!*
Thursday was the day of the funeral. It was so sad to see my best friend and her family so heartbroken but I was so glad that I was able to be there for them. Later that night after the funeral Sabrina and her dad came and picked me up and Sabrina and I had a sleepover like old times.

On Friday we hung out all day went shopping and pigged out! It was amazing. I actually do have a picture of that because Sabrina took one ha ha. We also had another sleepover on Friday but this time it was just us in the home and we stayed up super late watching this hilarious show and pigging out of course. 

On Saturday my mom came and picked us up. Before we dropped Sabrina off at the airport the three of us went to the outlets. Sabrina was the only one who bought anything. But boy did she get a killer deal! She got a skirt for only .60 cents! Yeah, that's right ha ha. After the outlets we dropped Sabrina off at the airport and said goodbye. It was so sad to say goodbye but I was grateful that we were able to have girl time and hang out. Shortly after dropping Sabrina off my mom met James in the middle to drop me off. It was good to see my husband again but it's always bitter-sweet to say goodbye to my mommy cause she is also one of my best friends and I love her a lot. But boy, it sure does feel good to be home again. But next week we will be at it again.. and after that I just want to be home for awhile ha ha.