This Year's Nativity & Ornaments

This is James and mine second Christmas together. Last year we started a fun little tradition. We decided that every year we will get a new nativity to decorate our home during Christmas and to make sure that we are keeping in mind what this season is all about. For this years nativity we went with something a little different than the normal nativity that people get. We went with a decorative pillow. I saw it an immediately fell in love, it reminds us why we celebrate Christmas and it makes our home look that much more beautiful. I love it.

My Grandma Jean loves buttons and collects them and I started to do more crafts with buttons so she gave me a huge bag full of buttons. This cute little dog which looks like Max was in there. So I thought to myself this would be such a cute ornament to make for Max! He loves it too. When I first showed it to him he sniffed it and gave it a good lick. He even watched me put in on the tree. I placed it on a lower branch so he could see it. I know I'm a dork and treat my dog like a tiny human, but he likes it. He checks on his ornament every now and again. It's so fun to watch.

My Ornament this year is Miss Piggy! James did such a good job picking this ornament out. She is very cute. I love her so much. She makes our tree have a little spunk and of course my personality.  

James ornament is Mickey! I saw this little guy this year at the Hallmark store and knew he would be perfect for Mr. James. He loves Mickey Mouse. He looks very nice on our tree. He was for sure a cute addition this year.