The Best Kind Of Presents

On Monday James and I ventured on down to Utah once again. This time it was to celebrate Christmas with our families. Unfortunately James most likely has to work on Christmas. So we went down a week early. (That's also the only time he could get off..) I'm just glad that we were able to make a trip down and celebrate with our families even if it was early! I didn't take a ton of pictures.. I've really been slacking at that ha. But, I did get a few.

On Thursday my mom and I went down to my sisters place of living to watch my niece Chloe sing. It was so much fun. She did very well. Especially at the dancing part. It was also good to be able to hang out with Nico and Seth for a little bit since I won't see them again for a little while.

Later that evening we went on a double date with my parents to see the lights at Temple Square. They were so beautiful like always. This is a fun tradition that James hope to keep. It actually wasn't too cold but it was cold enough that we got some hot chocolate to warm us up. It was very yummy. James and I both burnt our tongues though ha ha.

One of James mission buddies found a drink from their mission and shared it on Facebook so Wednesday James called up to the store  (it was in Salt Lake) and had the very lovely lady put the last few on hold. We picked them up on Thursday before we went to the Temple. Needless to say, James was one happy dude to have his Alvaro. I tried it and it was actually pretty good. Now if the lady would just order some more.

On Monday before we left to go down to Utah we got a package from James grandparents who are on their mission in Nauvoo. The sent us a very fun and cute ornament. I think we got it because I'm obsessed with their dog.. ha ha. They also were very cute and sent Max his very own Christmas present and signed it from Grandpa and Grandma. I thought it was adorable. Max really wanted to open it up once I showed him that it was his. He's so cute.

Nico and Seth (Niece & Nephew) were so cute and kept giving James and I things that they had made. Nico made us the cute stocking that now hangs on our back door along with the cute poinsettia that Seth made us. It makes our home look so much more festive!

They also made us these awesome ornaments. They look fabulous on our tree. I'm excited to be able to put them up each year. I sure do love my nieces and nephew. 

It was a short trip down to Utah but it was so much fun! Everyday was filled with a fun adventure. I was even able to snap a few pictures of the Timpanogos and Provo Temple for my photography! Which totally made my entire life ha ha. I'm so blessed to be able to take pictures of such a beautiful and sacred place. I really am enjoying my talent of photography.